JAC iEV7S – Charming Specs, Price And Design

JAC iEV7S – Charming Specs, Price And Design


JAC Motors is up with their new compact electric car titled as JAC iEV7S and is making headlines with their technology stuffed innovation. The five-door electric car JAC iEV7S is a crossover equipped with an electric power plant. It was created specifically for those who want to move in comfort without harming the environment. The makers of the car have achieved zero emissions of harmful substances in this crossover.


The dimensions of the car are 4135 mm x 1750 mm x 1560 mm, the wheelbase is 2490 mm, and the ground clearance is 130 mm. Not only environmental friendliness, but also the style of this crossover will not leave you indifferent. The striking and daring design, with blue sports accents, defies conservative decisions and serves as a reflection of the individuality of its owner.

Interior Design Of JAC iEV7S

The ergonomic and leather interior of the JAC iEV7S provides a pleasant driving experience. The center console features a large 8-inch display as standard, which makes it easy to operate all of the car’s multimedia functions. On the wide dashboard panel you can keep an eye on all the important indicators such as speed, range and consumption. Because the drive battery is located at the bottom of the car, it does not take up unnecessary space in the interior. Thus, the car has a spacious luggage compartment of 250 liters.


Exterior Design Of JAC iEV7S

The exterior looks of the vehicle is pretty basic but studded with features. It is featured with halogen front lights that are capable of tilt adjustments inorder to achieve wider visibility. Front fog lights is accompanied full-time LED lights. Rare windows are heated and are featured with sleek wipers. The rear is further enhanced with the presence of additional break lights that seems very unique on its own.


The door handles are plated with chrome and the roof rails are silver shaded. The overall look is furnished with alloy wheels. The key point is that this car is still not designed to be electric from the ground up – the space for the gas tank hatch is covered with a metal plate, and the two ports for charging the battery have been moved to the slot under the front badge.

Engine And Battery Of JAC iEV7S 

The front-wheel drive JAC iEV7S is powered by a synchronous electric motor manufactured by DY PowerTechnology with a peak power of 115 hp and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. The engine accelerates the electric car to 100 km / hr for 12 seconds and reaches a top speed of 130 km / hr. The JAC iEV7S uses 39 kWh liquid-cooled SinoEv under-bottom batteries. Unlike of the most electric vehicles, the model uses batteries with lithium, aluminum, cobalt and nickel.


This design is leading in terms of energy reserves where the mileage on one charge is 280 km and also the range can be increased to 360 km while driving at a constant speed of 60 km / hr. The 6.6 kW charging converter allows you to charge fully the battery from a 220 V three-phase station (AC current) for 7 hours. In the ‘fast’ mode 400V (DC current) the time is 1 hour. It is also possible to replenish the energy from a household outlet where the process will take about 12 hours.

Specs And Features of JAC iEV7S

A number of new features are introduced in JAC’s new vehicle. The first major update is the battery pack. Liquid cooling has replaced air cooling, which affects the safety during charging and operation, as well as the longevity of the battery. Secondly, this is the first EV with regenerative braking, which increases the range and allows you to drive with only one foot. Thirdly, the rich trim levels add additional safety and driving comfort features such as cruise control and automatic parking although this is not a full autopilot. The new JAC iEV7S scores five stars when it comes to safety. The body is made of high-strength steel, providing reliable protection for the driver and passengers.


In addition to a solid body, the car is equipped with modern passive and active safety systems, such as the ABS system, the brake force distribution system EBD, the front parking radar and the tire pressure monitoring system TPMS. The 360 degree camera detects objects around the car, so you can easily maneuver in narrow parking spaces. The chassis of the car has been tuned by German specialists and uses advanced solutions in many impact protection technologies. This could be related to the recent partnership between JAC and Volkswagen AG in the field of electric vehicles.

Price Of JAC iEV7S

JAC calls the iEV7S the most affordable electric car officially on the Russian market, and it is hard to disagree with it. The assembly of the model for the Russian market is carried out at a plant in Kazakhstan, which is under the control of JAC Motors. The new JAC iEV7S will be presented in a single luxury configuration at a price of ₹ 24 lakhs, which makes it the most affordable electric car among the models officially presented in the Russian market.


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