Kollegio Electric Scooter – Design, Features, Performance & Price

Kollegio Electric Scooter – Design, Features, Performance & Price

The Kollegio electric scooter is one of Kabira Mobility’s nine products available in India. There is only one version available for purchase, which is costs Rs Rs 45.99K. The TVS XL 100 and the Hero Electric Flash are two of the main competitors. Kabira Mobility Kollegio can reach a top speed of 24 kilometers per hour. The following are certain features of Kellegio that might be fascinating. 

Design of Kollegio Electric Scooter

The Kabira Mobility Kollegio electric scooter has a stylish ergonomically designed language with different styles of LED headlight setup and a stylist rearview mirror. The single seat allows the rider to sit comfortably and is ideal for school, college, and everyday use. For a comfortable riding experience, the seat has been meticulously designed. This will allow for light air resistance. Its advantage is soft and breathable ergonomic sponge saddle seat with widened design makes riding comfortable and enjoyable. This feature will help the scooter to move faster and allow less interference of sir resistance. The use of a seat is especially appealing to anyone who finds it difficult to get around on foot for various reasons. Muscle aches and pains, mild disability, and so on. Additionally, for those who frequently travel in a wheelchair, an electric scooter with a seat is a viable option. It will be far more convenient, quick, light, and cost-effective than a wheelchair. 

Kollegio electric scooter Ergonomic Seat

Features of Kollegio Electric Scooter


Kollegio has the feature of geofencing. In recent years, e-scooters have gained popularity as an innovative and user-friendly mode of transportation in urban areas around the world. However, incorporating them into urban road networks is difficult due to legal, social, and technical issues that frequently arise when they are used. Micro mobility operators often create ad hoc geofences to create virtual geographic boundaries, restricting parking or access for users, because official regulatory frameworks are often lacking. 

DeltaEV Hub Motor

Hub Motors for Electric Scooters are ideal for low to mid-range electric scooters. These Hub Motors are available in 48V – 96V infrastructure and provide best-in-class performance and power delivery. These Hub Motors can be configured to produce up to 3000W of power, allowing for higher speeds and power output. These motors are water-resistant up to IP67, allowing the rider to use them in all types of weather and terrain. These motors are capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h and producing a torque of up to 95 nM.

Kollegio electric scooter DeltaEV Hub

Telescoping Suspensions 

Telescopic Suspension is required for the Kollegio Electric Scooter for two reasons: a smoother ride and a safer ride. Also, the ability to safely accelerate, brake, and change direction around corners. When the sliders are driven upwards by changes in the road surface in a basic telescopic suspension setup, the spring compresses to absorb the energy. However, when the coil must unwind and release the energy, its rebound action encounters oil resistance. The centering bush is pushed to the bottom by the spring’s tendency to retract back into its original state, which pushes against the oil below it. 

Kollegio electric scooter Telescopic Suspensions

Performance of Kollegio Electric Scooter

Kollegio will give its top speed of 24kmph as mentioned earlier. The Kabira Mobility Kollegio has claimed the impressive long riding range offering, which can travel 100 kilometers on a single full battery charge, with the range varying depending on the electric scooter’s riding conditions. The standard regular charger takes 4 to 6 hours to charge a lithium-ion battery pack. The electric scooter has a top speed of 24 kilometers per hour. The spring-loaded suspension setup at the front wheel handles the suspension duties. For better handling of braking duties and a safe ride on the road, the braking duties are handled by disc brake setup at the front and drum brake setup at the rear with a standard braking system.

Disc Brakes in Kollegio

Alloy steel disc brakes allow smooth braking at all times. Kollegio Electric scooter disc brakes offer increased stopping power and control, allowing the rider to slow down or stop while on the move. It also maintains braking power even when wet, making it a safe choice for riders traversing a variety of terrains. Furthermore, when damaged, this type of brake is simple to adjust, upgrade, or replace. 

Kollegio electric scooter Disc Brakes

Battery in Kollegio Electric Scooter

Kollegio’s battery capacity is nearly 48 V, 24 Ah with one year warranty. It has a lithium Ion battery, which lasts a long time, has a high power frequency, and is inexpensive to produce. The advantages of lithium-ion batteries include their ability to be recharged and their portability. It also has a low battery indicator. It has a high-speed charger which takes nearly four hours to charge. It ranges up to 100 km/charge. 

Kollegio electric scooter Specifications

Availability and Price of Kollegio Electric Scooter 

Kollegio electric scooter is available in India for Rs. 45.99 K, with the 48V, 24 Ah variant being the least expensive. Kollegio’s most expensive model is the 48V, 24 Ah, which costs Rs. 45.99 K. Its Ex-Showroom Price in India is ₹ 45,990 and its On-Road Price in New Delhi is ₹ 47,968. RTO costs in New Delhi are 2% for bikes and scooters under Rs 25000, 4% for bikes and scooters between Rs 25000 and Rs 40000, 6% for bikes and scooters between Rs 40000 and Rs 60000, and 8% for bikes and scooters above Rs 60000. 

Color- Choose your favorite colour from the wide range of appealing colors available at Kabira Mobility Kollegio. Examine the various color options and pick the one that best suits your style and personality. Kollegio electric scooter comes in three vibrant colors: black, white, and yellow. Examine the entire range’s lookbook and choose the color for your daily ride. 


Kabira Mobility has a large network of bike showrooms located all over the country. As of April 2022, there are approximately 18 Kabira Mobility bike dealers in India. Kabira Mobility bike showrooms can be found in 7 states and 16 cities across India, and they include both established and new Kabira Mobility bike dealers. You can find the addresses and contact information for Kabira Mobility bike dealerships. 

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