Komaki Ranger – The Cheapest Electric Cruiser ?

Komaki Ranger – The Cheapest Electric Cruiser ?

Two electric two-wheelers from Komaki have been released in India: the Venice electric scooter and the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser. The price difference between the two is Rs. 1.15 lakh for the e-scooter and Rs. 1.68 lakh for the cruiser. At this time, these goods are accessible at all Komaki dealerships.

The Komaki Ranger is the first electric cruiser made in India. It has a classic cruiser-style design with comfortable ergonomics, lots of chrome, and tan seats. Another distinctive element of the electric cruiser bike is a false exhaust that lights with a “flame effect” and emits noise. The switchgear also has a classic appearance.

Let’s examine the attributes, features, and other details of this appealing Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser bike.

Design and Comfort of Komaki Ranger

When it comes to style and appearance, the car closely resembles a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which falls into the cruiser motorcycle category. The only electric cruiser bike on the market in India right now is this one.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser ebike

In order to protect the rider from windblast and dust, the bike has a large windshield on the top. The projector-led headlamp is one of three lights at the front. The other two lights are indicator lights. The bike is shielded from rough roads by a very large telescopic suspension on the scooter. The front tire of the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser bike is a 17-inch tubeless tyre, and to prevent a wheel lock, it has disc brakes and a combi braking system with a wheel rotating at a speed of 200 revolutions per second. While only weighing 580 grammes, this device combines performance and safety in all riding situations. The CBS gives the motorcycle an additional layer of safety similar to applying rear suspension and front brakes at the same time, making it safer to ride on public roads. This bike’s advantage is that it has almost 4-5 crash protection guards, which improves safety and security.

Both the rider and the passenger will find the seats to be rather wide and comfy. The pillion passenger has additional safety thanks to the pillion backrest. To put it simply, the riding position on this cruiser bike is quite pleasant.

Features and Specs of Komaki Ranger

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Features

The bike mixes authentic tradition with cutting-edge technology to provide power, style, and a riding experience that is uncompromised whether riding on city streets or rural roads. There are three different color possibilities for the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser.

A sound system, Bluetooth, reverse cruise control, parking switch, and many switches are all combined on the handlebar. The bike’s good feature is a sensor that emits a beep sound while we are on the indicator switch, providing additional protection in the event of a turn alarm. As extra built-in features, the cruiser bike also includes USB charging, a digital speedometer, a front Body Guard, Turbo Mode, a Rear Protection Guard, and a Gear mode. The bike has three riding modes, and when the Supermoto mode is used, the rider’s torque is increased. The music control buttons that are positioned on the handlebars of the motorcycle are another distinctive characteristic of this machine. The handlebar’s faux exhaust buttons will simulate the feeling of riding a gas-powered motorcycle. If we talk about the riding modes, the bike will give you three options. You can go at a high speed of up to 50 km/h in the eco mode, 75 km/h in the sport mode, and 85 km/h in the cruiser mode. On the top side, there is a fuel tank that serves simply as decoration and is not functional. On this bike, there are non-working switches and buttons as well. This bike’s bigger foot pegs under the battery pack make it more comfortable for the rider to pedal for extended periods of time.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Design

Battery and Charging of Komaki Ranger

The bike’s battery, which is mounted just below the gas tank, is the next major component. A 4 kWh Lithium-Ion battery with a 72 volt, 15 amp hour capacity powers the Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser’s 4000 W BLDC motor. We may anticipate a real-world range of 180–190 kilometers, which is rather impressive for this cruiser bike given the bike’s claimed range of 200 kilometers on a single charge. The bike has a 200–220 kg payload capacity and a curb weight of 140–150 kg.

Price of Komaki Ranger

The starting price for a Komaki Ranger ex-showroom in Kolkata is Rs. 1.68 Lakh. Only the Ranger STD model of the Komaki Cruiser is offered at the moment.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Price

On the official Komaki website, you can reserve a Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser by first choosing your state and then the electric automobile manufacturer.


We believe the cruiser bike has all the necessary safety features, battery capacity, and cruiser electric bike appeal in India. There is currently no competition for the Komaki Ranger on the Indian market, the cycle can’t be compared, and users have no other options.

However, given that the market for electric cruiser bikes is expanding rapidly, we can anticipate bigger firms like Bajaj, TVS, and Honda to start developing them shortly.

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