Lotus Type 132 Electric SUV – Design, Features & Performance

Lotus Type 132 Electric SUV – Design, Features & Performance

The emergence of the Lotus “Type 132” SUV has turned the heads of many. Launching in the spring this year, the black and yellow SUV is said to be a lightweight sports car. This is the first of its kind presented by the Locus company.

Designed in Germany and funded by China, this EV will be manufactured in the heart of the UK. Its promising features such as dynamics, aerodynamics, performance, and design have given a competitive edge to many of its kind.

Falling under the luxury car spectrum the XM plug-in by BMW, Purosangue, and even the Lamborghini Urus which have been on the top for being the sporty luxury car has seemed to be challenged.

Design of Lotus Type 132

The styling of this SUV could be a surprise as it is the brand’s first-ever. Its streamlined forms and striking ‘porous’ design philosophy is heavily borrowed from hypercars. Myriad ducts and vents have greatly made the body lighter than it actually is.

Lotus Type 132 SUV Exterior

Lotus Tech Creative Center in Warwickshire, UK, is leading the design work of Lotus Type 132. This design team is responsible for the brand’s all-electric lifestyle cars. Teasers have been released giving a glimpse of what to expect. Keeping in mind this Lotus model is nothing more than the ones available in the markets.

Similar to Zeeker 001, the Type 132 appears to be stretched out, with a massive wheelbase. Mimicking the sporty design the windscreen has excoriated. The test mules can be seen with 19-inch black-out alloys. The windows appear to be frameless with camouflaged pillars.

The exterior of Lotus Type 132

The Lotus company is the new face in the market of electric cars. Following the teaser, it can be seen that in the front are hexagon-shaped lower grills that sit above a prominent carbon fiber front splitter.  Each hexagon is divided into six triangular shutters that appear to open and close, likely to cool the car’s battery and motors. These active grille shutters also play a key feature in enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. As the Lotus SUV is a pure electric car, the grille shutters are expected to stay shut for most of the normal driving.

Lotus Type 132 SUV Features

Moving on to the body of the car the front of it has a shark-like nose that reflects the aggressiveness and the power the SUV beholds. The eye-catching slim L-shaped headlamps fall under the common design features of the new Lotus family of electric cars. The details can widely be seen on Type 132. The full-width tail underlines the rear of the Lotus Type 132. It also possesses an active spoiler which when needed is elevated automatically and falls back to its resting position afterward.

Interior of Lotus Type 132

Lotus Type 132 SUV Design

According to the image teasers viewed from last year, Type 132 will feature a Lidar system. Lotus claims this to be more reliable than the combination of Radar and camera. The cockpit greets with a lavish feel, yet possesses a sports car characteristic. Further details of the front cabin include compact three-spoke steering with flattened bottom, a hexagonal digital instrument cluster, a large, tilted central display in portrait orientation, and a floor console, although it didn’t seem fully ready to join the dashboard.

The compact three-spoke steering wheel will be flat, giving the driving a sporty feel. The degree of brake energy regeneration is likely to be adjusted due to the presence of paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. In signature Lotus green there would be a thin light band at the top of the dashboard that will likely be a part of the ambient lighting.

Advance technology in Lotus Type 132

Lotus discusses a balanced taste for technology. Technology will be a great surprise that will be seen. Riders will have a choice to either completely get immersed into the tech or they can completely ignore it and enjoy the experience.

Lotus Type 132 SUV performance

The track-level intelligent drive is an intriguing system in development by the Lotus. This new technology will assist drivers to perform at the level of that of F1 drivers on track. The quality driving and the newfound R&D might be the project’s single most exciting aspect.

Luxury that appeals in Lotus Type 132

Lotus is mostly about technology but that is what is attractive about it. An improved driving experience with its stunning black and yellow color combination. Not to forget the sport may appeal to many. With the lack of further insight, nothing can be said.

Lotus Type 132 SUV other Features

Battery and charge in Lotus Type 132

An electric car is nothing without a battery. With twin motors drawing power from floor Lithium-ion batteries, Type 132 is a Cayenne-sized electric SUV. The Lithium-ion batteries are rated between 92kWh and a mighty 120kWh. Fast charging is promised by 800-volt architecture. The cutting edges. Hardware and a standard 5G router will work to futureproof the package via a speed over-the-car update. It will cover 62mph in 3 seconds and possess 700bhp.

Other features in Lotus Type 132

Lotus Type 132 SUV Features

An additional feature to this car would be the 5G connectivity that will enable ultra-fast OTA updates. Lotus would offer autonomous driving functions and for the proper functioning of V2X (vehicle to everything) communications and precision positioning, 5G connectivity is crucial.


To all those who crave technology, this is all for such folks. Although much is to be known about Lotus Type 132 SUV. The Lotus Type 132 SUV is expected to be released in the spring of 2022. However, the Lotus company has not announced a date yet. Only time will tell what new wonders Lotus will bring. Waiting would be worth it.

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