Lucid Air Pure – Design, Features & Specifications

Lucid Air Pure – Design, Features & Specifications

Coming face to face in competition with Tesla, the Lucid Air Pure has attracted many for its impressive performance and range. The company launched in 2016, gave us its first model, the Lucid Air Pure in 2021. Its sleek exterior and interior brimming with technology make this model the master of EVs.

The lucid company has introduced four cars up until now, Lucid Air Pure being the first one to be displayed. This model was presented as the introduction of Lucid’s technology and style in EV cars. The latest model, the Lucid Air dreaming showcases advanced features but let’s stay on Air Pure for this one.

The Lucid Air Pure is one of the cheapest Lucid Air even compared to Tesla’s. The price range starts from $69000. The all-electric 4 door Sedan is a family luxury family car. The car is very spacious and allows a lot of luggage to be stored.

Lucid Air Pure Specs

Style and Design of Lucid Air Pure

The stunning Lucid Air Pure has a whole new look as opposed to what already exists in other vehicles. Although the interior isn’t much different, the technology used is what makes this car a wow factor. In comparison, the size of the Air Pure is about the same as that of the BMW 5-series and Tesla Model S, yet it feels larger and longer on the inside. It is also the world’s most aerodynamic car with a 0.21 coefficient of drag. The exterior is air-crafted inspired. This has allowed the elimination of the gasoline engines and tailpipes creating much of the interior space.

Lucid claims to have a cabin as long as that of the Mercedes S-series. The reclining seats at the back can fold forward allowing continuous space from the trunk. The quality and the design of the seat are similar to that of the first-class airline seats. Continuing from the wide windscreen is the glass canopy giving the riders a beautiful experience. The exterior lighting is another stunning feature. It is in-house giving the car a sleek look.

Lucid Air Pure EXterior

Exterior of Lucid Air Pure

The aerodynamic car with an aircraft-inspired shape. It is long and low with the front and back sharply punctuated whereas the middle is smoothly modeled. The thin headlight and taillight made from an intelligent Micro Lens Array create an uninterrupted look for the lights. The glass canopy that is continuous with the windscreen adds bonus points to its beauty. All of this combined with the aero-style wheels makes the Air Pure look futuristic.

Interior of Lucid Air Pure

Lucid Air Pure Features

The spacious interior was created to allow the riders to stretch out and relax. The seats are comfortable as it shares the features to that of the first-class airline seats. An interesting feature of these seats is that they are massage seats. The rear cabin has room enough for three adults. The upright and supportive position of the driver’s seat is yet very low and carlike and gives a view over a very low hood line. The bed line of the cabin is low and the dash creates a horizontal arch. The materials used are soft and porous which gives it a luxurious feel like that of Volvo and Land Rover, more than Mercedes and BMW. It also provides maximum storage not just in the trunk but also under the hood there is an enormous trunk and both are four-time enormous as other electric cars.

The luxury appeal in Lucid Air Pure

Lucid Air Pure Interior

It comes with a range of five colors that include Stellar white, Infinite black, Cosmos silver, Quantum grey, and Zenith red. The wheels are 19” Aero range wheels and there are also optional 20” Aero-like wheels. The Pure version comes at a price of $77,400. The other versions are more expensive and the price goes up to $169,000. This makes the pure version the cheapest. Although the Air Pure does share the same luxury appeal compared to other versions.

Battery and charging in Lucid Air Pure

The quality of the battery compared to the Tesla may be the same or even better as it can for 4.5 miles per kWh, 0.5 miles per kWh more than that of Tesla.

Lucid Air Pure Features 2022

Lucid Air Pure is mostly recognized for its performance and range. It comes with a battery pack capacity of 88 kWh which is capable of producing 400 to 480 hp. The max charge power on AC is 22 kW and on DC is 300kW. The mileage range provided by this battery is up to 406 miles and can go up to a further 300 miles. There are two types of charging ports available ccs type 1 and 2.

Other features in Lucid Air Pure

Lucid Air Pure Features, Spec & Price

The power train of Lucid Air Pure can cover a speed of 100 km/h in 4.2 s and reach a max speed of 200. This gives the picture of its breathtaking performance. Its air spring and advanced damper technology make it able to hit high speed and hug tight corners granting riders a smooth ride. It is a fully automatic car and is operable under Alexa.


In this drastic changing world, technology also keeps evolving. The Lucid Air Pure has certainly reached the level that of Tesla but the company itself has created a much better version of Lucid and the most famous one being Lucid Air Dream. Due to its low cost and high-tech feature, this model of Lucid is very approachable to many buyers. Lucid states that it will be launching a series of cars similar to that of Dream but with a similar price range to that of Pure. However, nothing can be said for now.

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