Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e : Specs, Performance and Price

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e : Specs, Performance and Price

Maruti Suzuki has launched its Auto Expo 2020 showcasing the new Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Coupe-SUV concept. The new concept is a design study of next-generation travel solutions. It previews the world-famous design language of a segment of popular used cars. The Maruti Futuro-e concept is the first design of the Coupe-SUV model, designed and considered in the Indian market. Futuro-e is a design study that combines new-gen design and technology.

Maruti Suzuki has been examining and analyzing its electric vehicles in India for quite some time. There were lots of rumors that the new EV will be based on the body type of the new generation Waggon R and is likely and predicted to come with a HEARTECT platform that can be marginally modified and altered to accommodate its batteries. The concept of Future -e holds the shape of an SUV-ish with a coupe-like roof. It will be accompanied by a petrol and electric powertrain.

The Maruti Futuro-E will be competing with safari, Taigun, and Hector companies.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Design

The new Futuro-e possesses a coupe-like design. Regardless of having sharp lines all across its body, the design of the Futuro-e glides and swirls from front to back. Maruti has said that this new and prodigious Futuro-e idea will work as a design study for its impending utility vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Design

The front of the car looks aggressive with a wing-shaped bump, sharply designed headlights with a sweeping crossbar design, line-up attachment patterns, and a high bonnet.

If you go from a side profile, you can see the shape of the SUV-ish and the bold creases with a coupe-like roof. Adjustable wheels with hybrid wheels enhance its side profile. The Maruti Futuro-e concept features stylish tail lamps and a bright rear bumper.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e  Exterior

We are expecting that the front of the Futuro-e will possess a split headlamp design alongside  LED Daytime Running Lamps that will be located above the headlight cluster. The car has a big and bold front that gives the car an aggressive look. The lower half of the bumper will consist of fog lamps while there will be no radiator grille in the car. The car will consist of the alloy wheels formerly derived from the Ignis. It will have the same steering wheels and AC vents as the current generation Waggon-R possesses.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Electric SUV

In the front of the car, there are a lot of elements that are really like a conceptual model such as it has angular LED  headlamps, a curvy bonnet, and a dynamic coupe roofline.  Underneath there is a front bumper area of the vehicle.  From the side view, you can notice that it is an SUV format type car.  On the rare side, there is the “Futuro-e” logo.

Futuro-e has a coupe-like design. Despite having sharp lines all over its body, the design of the Futuro-e flows from front to back. Maruti said the Futuro-e concept would serve as research into the design of vehicles for future use.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Interior

The innards of the Futuro-e contain a blue and alabaster theme. Some screens govern the various characteristics on offer. The two front seats can whirl around to face the passengers sitting on the  rear seats; it permits the driver to take leverage of independent and self-governing driving tech.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Interior

From inside the theme of Futuro-e is blue and ivory. there are screens for specific controlling purposes. It is a 5-seater SUV.  There are no analog gauges in the car. It has only digital gauges. The Futuro-e concept is painted with a Silver Nebula Matte colour scheme. Inspired by geo-organic structural forms, its interior looks “new and strong”. Includes flexible seating seats and a console. There is a bright green colour scheme of the future and a high-quality Ivory colour.

The dashboard of the Futuro-e incorporates the Smart Play Audio System of the newest generation, which will come along with the Android Auto and the Apple Car Play. The car also contains fully automatic climate control within itself. Maruti Suzuki will also provide regenerative braking as it will help to recoup and redeem the energy lost while applying brakes. The interior of the Futuro-e exquisitely revolutionized itself to suit the driving environment with a play of clarity and mood colors.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Concept Car

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Battery Life

It is expected that the Maruti Futuro-e will use a 72 V system along with a 25 kWh battery pack that will tend to provide us with a range of about 130 kilometers from a full charge. The Batteries will have both standard DC and AC fast charging as well. The Battery is expected to charge up to 80% within an hour. The fuel filler cap will be replaced by the charging port in the new Futuro-E.

The car will come with a  hybrid engine. The fuel type of the Maruti future is electric and it has a manual transmission type, Probably, it has an electric vehicle option.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Launch

The notion of the Futuro-e was revealed at the Auto Expo 2020. Its body type is SUV and has a seating capacity of 5. In India, it is expected to launch in the mid of February 2022. Maruti has also announced plans to launch its first electric vehicle, the WagonR in the year 2024.

Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Price

The price of the Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e is likely to revolve around Rs 15 lakhs.

The automaker says the Maruti Futuro-e concept combines the generation of a new generation with the technology that represents the kind of values ​​they can achieve in the future. The new concept features a unique coupé silhouette with a sloping roofline. Powertrain data is still being packaged. Although, the production version of the Maruti Futuro-e concept will be compatible with the fuel engine and electric powertrain.

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