Maruti WagonR EV Review – Specs, performance & Price in India

Maruti WagonR EV Review – Specs, performance & Price in India

Almost all the automobile and car manufacturers are looking forward to entering the Electric Vehicles Segment. The reason for this is the soaring prices of conventional fuel. People around the world have begun to choose electric vehicles over conventional ones. Maruti, the biggest car manufacturer in the country is not behind. The company has showcased the Maruti WagonR EV in the recent auto expo. In this article, we will have a look at the key features of this car as well as discuss other important aspects related to it.

The exterior of the Maruti WagonR EV

The Conventional WagonR has a boxy design which makes it unique in itself. In the Maruti WagonR EV also expect that the same boxy look will be continued. The overall look of the Maruti WagonR EV is expected to be the same as the conventional WagonR. However, it is expected that different color options will be introduced to make this EV stand apart from the regular ones. You will also find Fog lamps in the front giving the car a very stylish look.

Maruti WagonR EV Review

Interior of Maruti WagonR EV

As far as the interior is concerned, it is expected that the interior of the Maruti WagonR EV will be more attractive than the regular WagonR. It is expected that some colored ascents will be introduced in the interior. As in the EV, the gear knob will be absent there will be extra space in the interior that can be used to carry our different items like refreshment items and so on. The place may also have arrangements to carry mobile phones or other similar electronic devices.

Maruti WagonR EV Interior

Engine Options in Maruti WagonR EV

The Maruti WagonR EV will come with an electric motor. The power rating of the motor is expected to be about 50 KW. It is expected that the EV will come with an automatic transmission so that smooth transmission of power and torque can be achieved. The battery that will be provided with this EV will be a premium quality battery. The range that can be expected out of this battery will be near 250 KMs. That is a distance of 250 km can be covered by the car, once the battery is fully charged. It is expected that the charging time of this battery will be near 6 hours. The battery can be charged to 100 percent in 6 hours through the use of a normal charging socket.

Why Maruti WagonR EV is unique?

The Maruti WagonR EV is unique based on the wide features that will be offered with this car along with the benefits of electric drive. The car has features like a Child safety lock and an anti-theft alarm system. Along with these, all the features that you can think of are available in this car and that too at a moderate price. This aspect makes this car very unique and different from the other conventional cars that are available in the market.

Maruti WagonR EV Interior Features

Safety Features in Maruti WagonR EV

The Maruti WagonR EV will have almost all the necessary safety features that will make it a very safe car to drive. You will find dual airbags for enhanced safety in this car. Along with this ABS with EBD will also be included in this car. As far as the braking system is concerned you will find disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear wheels. The crash test of this car has also rendered very good results. In an overall sense, the Maruti WagonR EV is a car with all the modern safety features.

Price of Maruti WagonR EV

The price of the Maruti WagonR EV is expected to be between 6 Lakhs to 8 lakhs. The price is not high and this aspect makes it the best electric car in the economic range. People will also be able to save a lot of money because of the excellent driving economy of this EV. Hence, if you are fond of Electric cars and have trust in the Maruti brand, buying this car will be a wise decision. The best features of the conventional WagonR and the advantages of the Electric car will all be available economically through this option. Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity N/A
2 Power 50 KW
3 Range 250 kms
4 Charging Time 6 hrs
5 Price Approx. 6 Lakhs -8 Lakhs


We have seen above, the different features of the Maruti WagonR EV as well as its different specifications. We have seen that the price of this EV will be not too high and an average person belonging to a middle-class family can easily buy this EV. The best part is that you will get the trustworthiness of Maruti, which is the most famous and largest automaker in the country.


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