MATE X Electric Bike – Foldable & 750w Terrain eBike

MATE X Electric Bike – Foldable & 750w Terrain eBike

One of the most popular electric bikes produced by MATE since the company’s founding is the MATE X bike. Since 2016, MATE has been a maker of electric bikes. thousands of individuals contributed to a fledgling company that was backed on Indiegogo.

This is a full-suspension, folding, electric fat bike with small wheels. Although it’s less geared toward off-road riding, the Rad Power Bikes RadMini is arguably the closest direct competitor at €1,599. The MATE X comes in a variety of configurations; the bike seen is a 750W, 17Ah, non-road-legal variant; however, the majority of the testing was conducted on a 250W, 14Ah, £1,999 bike.

Design of MATE X Electric Bike

This electric bicycle is without a doubt incredibly beautiful in terms of design. It looks like what a contemporary e-bike ought to look like.

MATE X electric bike

The manufacturer said that this bike had Tektro disk brakes and Shimano 8-speed shifting, which speaks highly of the construction quality.

  • Smart color display: Full-color LCDs are quick and simple to read. Additionally, it gives you all the information you need for tracking your progress both during and after the ride. For planning how far you can stretch the distances of your rides while still having enough power to go home, live battery usage is displayed in percent.
  • Aluminum fenders with full protection: Front and rear custom fenders keep you and your bike dry, clean, and organized throughout the year. complete shielding from mud and rain. (Additional choice)
  • Strong rear rack: Ideal for carrying groceries or for traveling to work. For compatibility with most carrying bags, use standard 16mm tubing. can support 25 kg. (Additional choice)
  • Front and rear lights are both powered by the bike, allowing you to ride well past dusk. A braking lever is used to turn on the brake light that is incorporated into the rear light. By moving the button on your handlebar in either direction, it also functions as left- and right-blinkers.
  • Plug-and-play wiring system -A special MATE invention enables quick, straightforward service of your bike anywhere in the world. makes changing, maintaining, and repairing electrical parts simple!

MATE X Foldable electric bike

Battery and Range of MATE X Electric Bike

The battery for the Mate X bicycle is 17.5 Ah and 48 V. (0.84 kWh). You can reach the bike’s range of about 55 miles if you only use the pedal assist.

MATE X ebike Brake System

You will receive a substantially lower range number if you use a pure battery. similar to every other gasoline- or electric-powered car. Weight will be a consideration. People who are taller, shorter, skinnier, or larger will undoubtedly have an impact on the bike’s maximum speed and range when those figures are used.

Weight of MATE X Electric Bike

This electric bike weighs 29 kilograms (64 lbs)

Top Speed and Handling of MATE X Electric Bike

On flat ground, the top speed is about 35 km/h, which translates to roughly 21 mph. It also has immediate torque, which picks up with the throttle response. For a longer ride, it’s a reasonably comfortable bike; the seat and grips are adequate, and the large tires and suspension undoubtedly assist.

MATE X electric bike Features

The motor’s delay in starting while moving forward from a complete stop is the sole issue. The cadence detector is about average in terms of how long it delays the power starting to kick in, taking a second or two to offer assistance, so you need to make sure you’re in low gear when you stop. Muscling the MATE X away from the lights in top gear without the motor aiding isn’t much fun. The enormous tires also generate a ton of drag, especially when they are smooth and soft to absorb road imperfections or perform better off-road.

The MATE X is advertised as a bike that can travel through difficult terrain, and it can. You can ride the MATE on sand or snow without any issues because those enormous tires can be run at ridiculously low pressures without any danger of damaging the rims and puncturing them. In terms of shape and wheel size, it’s not a bike that’s really made for more tough terrain, but it can handle a good variety of things. The bike has a full suspension design, but like other e-bikes in this price range and below, the suspension components aren’t fantastic, therefore most of the work is being done by the tires.

MATE X ebike Images

Price of MATE X Electric Bike

The MATE X prices range from £1,666.67–£2,499.17


The MATE X ebike’s specific flaws—its weight and suspension performance—are fairly typical complaints; yet, it rides decently and has a very strong motor system. They have a hard time envisioning a usage for which a different, more targeted bike design wouldn’t be superior, therefore that’s more important than that. For the same price, you can get Decathlon’s Rockrider e-ST900 with the top-notch Brose mid-motor if you want a large bike with huge tires for messing around in the woods. Also, you can check this article from where they have explained in detail Why To/Not buy the MATE X ebike.

If you want a folding bike, you’ll need to manage it when folded, thus more or less any electric foldable bike is going to be a better alternative than this. If you want a city bike, there are a lot of Bosch-powered models for less than £2,000 that are far more useful.

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