Matter M1 – India’s First eBike with Manual Gearbox

Matter M1 – India’s First eBike with Manual Gearbox

The first electric geared motorcycle in India has been presented by the tech startup Matter called Matter M1. The bike has now been made to be used on both roads and trails. The business claims that it was internally developed and created from the ground up. Additionally, the electric vehicle will be produced in the company’s Ahmedabad factory and sold in all major cities. The business announced that it would shortly begin accepting reservations.

The first liquid-cooled electrical motorcycle in India has been unveiled by Ahmedabad-based Matter in advance of its debut in 2023. But this Matter M1 e-bike is cool for more reasons than just that, The information on this intriguing product is as follows:

Gearbox in the Matter M1

Matter M1 Geared Electric bike

One of this bike’s most intriguing features is the Matter Drive 1.0. Its mid-mounted liquid-cooled 10.5kW motor is linked with Matter’s Hyperdrive 4-speed gearbox, which has variable torque output and throttle response and is touted to generate 520Nm of torque at the wheels. The motor was even created by the firm to resemble an ICE engine, complete with a transparent material on the side where the clutch would typically be. You can clearly see the motor moving through the transparent cover.

A 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack that supports this motor is said to provide a range of 125 to 150 kilometers, depending on the model. The regular charger offers overcharge protection and charges in less than five hours. Additionally, the battery complies with safety regulations including AIS 041 and IP65 water resistance.

Features of the Matter M1

Matter Energy Treats India With First Geared Electric Motorcycle: -

Auto-canceling indicators, a 7-inch LCD touchscreen dashboard with integrated navigation, and keyless start. All of the features are present in Matter’s first electric bike. Furthermore, thanks to its extensive networking features, the bike won’t just automatically answer calls while you’re driving; it will also alert your contacts when an accident is detected. Thanks to its dedicated smartphone app, you can check the bike information like charge state, and location, and even show ride metrics and analysis.  The system is also supported by a 9-axis IMU.

Chassis and Performance of the Matter M1

Matter Energy Revealed India's First Geared Electric Motorcycle

A four-speed sequential transmission is linked with the Matter bike’s 14bhp electric engine, which is the first for an electric bike in India. It generates an astounding 520Nm. Additionally, it receives a liquid cooling system that, according to Matter, will properly cool the motor. Additionally, a dual cradle frame and front and rear disc brakes with ABS are included to enhance the bike’s handling characteristics.

Design of the Matter M1

Matter Unveils India's First Geared Electric Motorcycle with 125 Km Range.

Though it boasts a futuristic style, the Matter electric bike doesn’t look odd. It has a dual-purpose LED projector headlamp with LED daytime running lights. Compact sequential LED indicators surround the tail light on either side. The indicators are built into the tank shields at the front, giving it a more upscale appearance.

The Matter electric bike’s hardware is also rather good. While disc brakes at both ends supported by the security net of multi-channel ABS drop the anchor on this electric bike, a conventional fork and dual gas-charged shocks take very good care of suspension responsibilities.

Overall, the Matter M1 electric bike appears to be fairly close to going into production, and we should start seeing the EV in dealerships soon. Split seats, higher clip-on handlebars, and a split grab rail for the pillion are all features of this bike. There are four color options for the bike: red/black/white, blue and gold, and black and neon grey.

Price of the Matter M1

Tork T6X Electric Motorcycle

Bookings for Matter Energy’s first product will begin in the initial quarter of 2023. The first deliveries are anticipated to start in April 2023. The electric bike will be introduced at the Auto Expo and will be available in three variations. The name of the motorbike and its price are currently a mystery. As new details become available, keep an eye on this area.

Around Rs. 1.50 lakh is the estimated price of the Matter M1 EV Electric Bike.


The latest trend on the market is the Matter M1 electric bike, and for good reason. It is a fantastic form of transportation that not only gives you a wonderful workout but also lowers your monthly expenses.

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