Which is Best Electric SUV – Mercedes-Benz EQC Vs Jaguar I-Pace

Which is Best Electric SUV – Mercedes-Benz EQC Vs Jaguar I-Pace

Mercedes-Benz EQC vs Jaguar I-Pace are the two electric SUVs, occupying high standards of the Indian EV market. Let us see which of them comes out to be better for the users. As we all know, Mercedes-Benz EQC launched in India in October 2020 and it has so far been one of the costliest offerings in the country. Six months hence, we have a competitor for the same in the form of Jaguar I-Pace. Jaguar I-Pace launched on March 23, 2021, here in the country.

Let’s begin with some comparisons to find the best Best Electric SUV.

The two models Mercedes-Benz EQC and Jaguar I-Pace SUVs are almost similar in size. They even match in size with other electric SUVs that are on sale in the country itself. With minor differences, the EQC finds itself a bit longer and taller when compared with its counterpart. Jaguar I-Pace, on the other hand, is wider while it sits on a longer wheelbase too.

Mercedes-Benz EQC Vs Jaguar I-Pace

Things that really matter

Coming to more important factors about the two models, we have the EQC and I-Pace with some commonalities too. They can be found with similarities in the twin-electric-motor setup and in the all-wheel drivetrain. They also match each other when it is about the standard and fast charging options.

Furthermore, you’re going to find the EQC with some more grunt on its tap and a little slower off the line. Against this, the Jaguar I-Pace will show the edge both in tops peed as well as the 0 to 100 kmph sprint time. And this will be in spite of the less grunt it has when compared with EQC. I-Pace runs longer on one single charge, thanks to its larger battery pack.

Comparison between  Mercedes-Benz EQC Vs Jaguar I-Pace Charging features

Again, both of the SUVs may seem to have similarities in their charging times. But this is when we are using a 50kW fast charger. When we begin to charge the EQC’s with a new 11kW charger, things will take a new turn. It will turn the time to about half that of the I-Pace. This was introduced in November 2020. The I-Pace comes with merely a 7.4kW charger in the country. However, it then holds some other benefits. It has the advantage of an extensive charging network. The credit for the same goes to Tata Motors giving their complimentary 7.4kWh home charging box. That’s as a part of the tie-up with Jaguar.

Further features and comparisons between the Mercedes-Benz EQC Vs Jaguar I-Pace

Both EQC and I-Pace come loaded with features such as connected car tech and a large touchscreen infotainment system along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both consist of premium audio as well as wireless charging. Again, the twist comes when we find that I-Pace comes with that slight edge over EQC due to a better climatic control system. Not only this, but it also proves better due to a 16-speaker Meridian sound system, when compared to the 13-speaker Burmeister of the EQC. Jaguar I-Pace further comes with a head-up display along with improved adjustability for those powered front seats.

Against all that we discussed above. EQC consists of a slightly bigger touchscreen, 64-color ambient lighting, and an electric sunroof too.

Safety features in the Mercedes-Benz EQC & Jaguar I-Pace

Neither of the two seems to have made any compromises when it is about the safety aspect. Both SUVs offer multiple airbags, where the EQC comes with nine, while the I-Pace with six. Both have ABS with EBD and park assist, cruise control as well as 1 360-degree camera. While the EQC has an automatic park assist, the other one has adaptive cruise control.

Again, I-Pace makes a leap ahead of its competitor with its essential as well as innovative edition, that is of a Driver Condition Motor. This is an effective system for detecting when the driver feels drowsy and it then issues warnings accordingly. It can make the detection through an analysis of the steering inputs, throttle pedal activity, and also the brake.

Affordability and the rest of the features discussed

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is a more affordable option, however, it is also limited to just the one 400 MATIC variants. The model further misses out on some features, but then again comes out with more number of airbags for the safety of the passengers, as discussed. Talking of the Jaguar I-Pace, it comes available in three variants. They can be named S, SE, and HSE. It further brings more performance on tap and range and has some more features.


Having discussed basically all the important features of the SUV models, one seems to choose the right one based on personal needs and wants of specific features. Lastly, it is time for the launch of the Audi e-Tron as well as e-Tron GT in India. This is expected to happen around June 2021. It will be a time to see how the launch rivals our above two discussed SUV models.


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