MG Cyberster – A Futuristic Sports Car?

MG Cyberster – A Futuristic Sports Car?

MG used the MG Cyberster concept to show off their vision of a two-seater supercar at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021. According to an Autocar story dated February 7, 2022, MG is trying to fast-track the manufacturing version of the Cyberster to create a ‘cheap sports car’ for enthusiasts to commemorate the company’s centenary (2024).

The news is unsurprising given the fact that an MG electric sports vehicle has been in the works since last year. In April 2021, CarAdvice Australia reported that the intriguing MG Cyberster would go into manufacturing for both left- and right-hand drive markets, however no specific date was given. A spokesman for the company provided the information to the publication.

“The challenge with sports cars is that everyone likes them but not enough people purchase them,” MG’s UK commercial director Guy Pigounakis recently informed about adding the Cyberster to the company’s lineup.

However, MG’s global volume allows it to “afford to invest in sports vehicles and have a longer-term view on when there will be a return on the investment,” and having a sports car “would offer us tremendous PR and marketing benefits,” he added.

Exterior of MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster Exterior Design

Most of the exterior work, from concept to digital mock-up and scale modeling, was completed in the United Kingdom. The London-based team members traveled to Shanghai, China, for the last stage of the design process.

With a long and lower nose, a sharply slanted windscreen, and a rearward interior, the Cyberster idea is a proper European roadster design. The two-door, two-seater electric sports car idea features ‘Magic Eye’ headlights that open when turned on, according to the manufacturer, and takes aesthetic influences from the MGB roadster. The ‘Windhunter’ black grille is a throwback to the past, with the headlights positioned above it.

The electric sports vehicle, according to MG, has a flattened ‘kamm tail’ rear and ‘hacker blade’ alloy wheels.

The hood is also rather long, giving this car a distinct sports car shape. It doesn’t quite match the BMW’s front part in length, but it’s close. The rear end looks a little Polestar-ish, but MG added two outward-facing bolts for added individuality – they’re also incorporated with what appears to be some kind of mesh, potentially an air exhaust for cooling.

Interior of MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster Interior Design

The MG Cyberster has a ‘digital fiber’ cockpit, with the driver and passenger compartments separated by a tunnel connected to the dashboard. The layout is centered on the driver, with a large LED instrument cluster and a second central screen.

The driver’s screen is minimalistic and provides vital vehicle information, while the display in the middle has additional interactive functions. The steering wheel, which is inspired by a game controller, shows music playback and other non-vehicle related information.

The cabin is split by a small portrait infotainment screen located in the center console, via which the driver may access the car’s many 5G services – given MG’s plans to use the technology in the MG4, we anticipate to see this in the Cyberster as well. Two more screens flank the digital gauge cluster, taking video feeds from a pair of wing-mounted cameras.

MG Cyberster Interior

The floating head restraints on MG’s ‘Zero Gravity’ seats are unique. The ‘laser belt’ that runs down the car’s bodywork is reflected in the door panels and red leather grips. Intelligent driving modes, ‘active-upgrading’ technology, 5G connectivity, and level 3 autonomous driving capability are among the other features on the MG Cyberster.

Range, Battery, and Powertrain of MG Cyberster

The concept is said to be based on a bespoke EV architecture, with a range of 497 miles and a 0-62mph time of less than 3.0sec. A single motor, presumably located at the back and using the same efficiency-boosting ‘hairpin’ wiring technology as the MG ZS EV, provides this astonishing performance

MG Cyberster Electric roadster

As the flagship of MG’s new Cyber model, the convertible is expected to be reasonably priced, possibly even competing with today’s entry-level combustion-powered sports cars.

MG hasn’t said anything about the size of the battery pack or the electric motor that might power the vehicle, and it hasn’t said whether or not the Cyberster will become a production model. MG, on the other hand, had shown off the E-Motion four-seater all-electric sports coupe, which was set to launch in 2020 and is expected to arrive soon.

Price of MG Cyberster

The price of the MG Cyberster has not yet been revealed by MG, but the officials have said that by the end of 2023 there will be an update on it.

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