Mini Cooper SE Electric – Specs, Performance, Designs & Price

Mini Cooper SE Electric – Specs, Performance, Designs & Price

Technology evolves day by day to make this world more perfect for survival and to replace things with more innovative and budget-friendly things. As petrol prices are a big issue and difficult to afford for daily routines, electric cars are becoming normal in the world to make life easier. Mini Cooper SE electric car is one of those electric cars with a modern look and design. It is an electrified version of its counterpart ICE( internal combustion engine). ICE cars have normal petrol and diesel usage for working. So the company provided an electric car as a counterpart. It will arrive soon as BMW’s group’s first electric luxury car in India.

The Mini Electric (marketed as the Mini Cooper SE in all markets outside the United Kingdom) is a battery-electric version of the third generation Mini Hatch that was launched in 2020. The drivetrain is based on technology that was developed for the previous BMW i3.

Mini Cooper SE Electric Car Performance

Design of Mini Cooper SE Electric

The traction motor produces 181 hp (135 kW; 184 PS) and 199 lb.ft (270 Nm; 27.5 kg m) of torque, taking power from a 32.6 kWh battery, of which 28.9 kWh (93.2 Ah) is usable. The battery is made up of twelve lithium-ion cell packs that are positioned in a T-shape between the front seats and below the back seats. It has an EPA-rated range of 110 miles (180 kilometers) on a single charge, and a 50 kW DC fast charger can charge it to 80 percent capacity in 36 minutes.

The exterior of Mini Cooper SE Electric 

It is impossible to love this car because of its famous round headlights along with wheels at every side and stylish side mirrors. In order to differentiate from the rest of the car, yellow is used to indicate the electric part of the car. Its dimensions include its length which is 151.4 inches, wheelbase is 98.2 inches, height is 56.4 inches, maximum width is 68 inches, front width is 58.5 inches while rear width is 58.5 inches, and curb weight is 3,3153.0 lbs.

Mini Cooper SE Electric Car Charging

The exterior colors include Chilli Red, Midnight Black, British Racing Green, White Silver, and MoonWalk while Mini Yours Enigmatic Black is available when you choose iconic trim.

Styling of Mini Cooper SE Electric

The grille is closed because the car doesn’t need a radiator, and the undercarriage and rear apron have been tweaked to reduce aerodynamic drag. The round style “E”/plug logo that was first devised for the Mini E and continued on the Countryman Cooper S E Hybrid is still used on the Mini Electric. In 2021, the Mini Cooper had a facelift, which reduced the use of bright yellow trim and insignia.

Mini Cooper SE Electric

Interior of Mini Cooper SE Electric car

The whole car is almost of the same design although the standard specification is good across the range. It has an amazing circular center console. It is a 4- seater car. The front legroom is 41.4 inches along with a Head Room of 40.3 inches while Rear legRoom is of 30.8 inches along with the Rear head Room of 36.9 Inches. All models have leather-wrapped steering wheels along with Carbon Black Leatherette Seats.

Mini Cooper SE Electric Interior

As mentioned earlier, this mini cooper SE is almost known as a sibling of ICE with electric voltage, so it looks like its sibling. The main screen of metal bars known as the grille is blacked out. It has various features for outlook like

  • New ‘E’ badge
  • Chrome border
  • Alloy wheels
  • Dual exhaust pipes

While talking about the interior, it is a front-wheel drive featured with an electric motor. This motor is on the front axle and has a 32.6kWh Li-ion battery. This motor provides full power for producing output and torque. This all interior setup forces the car to provide the speed of 150kmph and within 7.3 seconds acceleration of 0-100 is attained. There is also a sound speaker for acoustic presence on the road.

Performance of Mini Cooper SE Electric

This car has horsepower 181,front-wheel drive, and is empowered by the acceleration of 150kmph in 7.3 seconds only. It will be the best entrant as a luxury car competing with Mercedes Benz EQC, Audi Etron, and others like that. It will be the same in line with existing models with a little bit of flare of less or more.

Mini Cooper SE Electric Engine

This car has excellent performance because its acceleration rate is 7.3 per second, Top Speed is 150km per hour, Electric Range is 185km, Total Power is  135 KW, and Total Torque is 270 Nm along with front-drive.

But due to some motor placement and other requirements, it has a thinner body with heavy batteries.  It weighs 300 pounds more than its sibling car. This bigger battery provides it more range and gives fun in its own way.

Charging and Battery Mini Cooper SE Electric

It is charged with a charger of 11kw and 50 kw. Using an 11kW charger 0-80% battery is charged in 2.5 hours While with 50kW it is obtained in 35 min. The vehicle consumes 156wh/km. 28.9kWh is a usable battery with a battery capacity of 32.6kWh.It can be charged at home. You can plug it into the home socket overnight. With the help of a home charger, the battery can be charged in 3 hours and with a fast charger, it can be easily changed in 35 minutes. It has an electrical engine.

Mini Cooper SE Electric charging

Launch Date Price of Mini Cooper SE Electric

Its first lot is sold out before the launch, it costs 50 lacs. The company allowed pre-bookings for the car in October 2021 at a down payment of 1 lac.

The estimated date for launch is March 2022. Of course, it is not the first electric car nor the last. BMW being the parent company announces a complete shift to electric cars till early 2030.

Nowadays cars are the most popular vehicles available on the market with lots of models and varieties. Today is the era of automatic cars, a car that doesn’t require a driver to shift gears manually and uses sensors to shift gears at the right time. Now you have to decide which transmission is good for you and if you are looking for an automatic car then Mini Cooper SE Electric Car will be a good choice for you.

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