Mycle Compact – Easily Foldable & Portable E-Bike!

Mycle Compact – Easily Foldable & Portable E-Bike!

The Mycle Compact is a fun electric bike for quick commutes and is excellent for climbing hills. The Mycle Compact Electric Foldable Bike is a powerful and simple fold commuter bike that is smaller and lighter than Mycle’s Climber and Classic models. It offers two battery options that allow you to travel 20 or 30 kilometers on a single battery charge (a modest but respectable range for a bike in its price range), and its 250 watts 36-volt brushless electric motor ensures that you won’t fall behind when tackling those inclines. It is portable and simple to fold up for transport, making it ideal for use in tiny residences and when taking public transportation.

With only a touch of a button, the pedal assists rapidly offering you an extra kick for your ride. However, because of the bike’s compact frame and lack of suspension, lengthy rides will be difficult for you.

But we did like that the Mycle Compact’s paint job could be customized to give it a unique look. You can choose a standard black bike or one with a combination of colors, like cream and brown on the leather seat and green or yellow on the frame. Even though it won’t be the determining factor when selecting a new e-bike, this feature is a nice addition.

Design of the Mycle Compact

The Mycle Compact Electric Folding bike is perfectly made for both stowage and commuting. It has a distinctive and appealing appearance thanks to its lighter weight of 17.5kg (about the same as the MiRider One) and smaller, lower chassis than those of the Climber or Classic. The battery is stowed away out of sight and is housed in the adjustable leather saddle, which glides in effortlessly as well.


The leather seat can be painted in one of three colors, and the aluminum frame can be painted in any one of five colors. In addition, you can choose between a dark walnut brown or black for the handlebars and tires.

The bike can be folded down into an extremely small space because of the compact tires, which have a diameter of just 20 inches. However, they had trouble on more difficult terrain (as is frequently the case with many foldable bikes).

The Compact can be folded in just 10 seconds, as claimed by Mycle, and this is true. Once the seat has been removed, it is simple to unlock, swing into position, and fold the handlebars.  The right handlebar’s LCD shows important riding statistics like speed and distance, and a USB port allows you to charge your smartphone as you ride, making it convenient to use for navigation without using up the battery.

Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike

Performance of the Mycle Compact

The Mycle Compact is delivered completely assembled and prepared for use right out of the box. Just a couple of hours of battery charging later, it is ready to move. The battery can either be removed from the seat post of the bike or charged outside of it.

The Mycle Compact’s motor can only be activated while you are pedaling, much like all e-bikes that are permitted for use on public roads in the UK and EU. You can ride this bike like a manual model, shifting gears when you encounter hills if you want a decent workout (or to save battery life). However, its pedaling assist is engaged with just one button press.

With five settings, it can quickly accelerate up a minor incline or soar up the steepest of slopes with just a few pedal rotations. They were able to reduce the short commuting time by five minutes thanks to the bike’s respectable motor as compared to a regular cycle. It did, however, have trouble on rocky ground.

You feel every pebble or bump as you ride over them because the tires are thinner and smaller than those of several other electric bikes, and the frame lacks a suspension fork, so it’s better to stay on flat, well-paved roads if at all possible.

Additionally, we advise maintaining a close eye on your pedal assist level. Five is ideal for cycling up steep hills, but remember to lower it on flat roads as you’ll accelerate much more quickly.

As you ride, the bike’s frame, pedals, and tires all work together to give you a safe and comfortable ride.  The pedals are robust while in use and fold away for improved storage, and the saddle is not only comfy but also simple to adjust and made for a variety of heights. However, be careful to clip everything in tightly.


In regular use, we discovered that the battery on the test bike lasted 20 to 25 kilometers before needing to be recharged. The LCD alerted them when the battery was becoming low. The Mycle Compact is an excellent bike for shorter journeys overall, allowing you to shorten your trip and arrive at work feeling rested.


If your journey to and from work is brief, the Mycle Compact is the ideal bike for you. You can mix and match the colors to create the ideal bike because it is fully customizable. With its pedal assistance engaged, you may easily ascend slopes of any incline by pressing a button. When you get home, the bike folds up quickly and is ready for storage. On more rugged terrain, though, you’ll find it to be a bumpier ride without suspension.

Buy the Mycle Compact if-

You travel a short distance. – The Mycle Compact is ideal for brief distances. You’ll be at work in record time because it is quick and convenient.

Your storage space is limited. – Even in a tiny home, you can simply put this bike in a cupboard or tuck it away because it is lightweight and, as its name suggests, compact.

You desire to alter your design. – You may customize the Compact by choosing from a variety of paint shades and saddle and handlebar styles from Mycle.

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