New Nexzu Roadlark – The Heavy Duty Super Bike

New Nexzu Roadlark – The Heavy Duty Super Bike

Recently, the revolutionary Nexzu Roadlark series of electric bikes was introduced by Nexzu Mobility. What to anticipate from this pretty unique product is listed below.

Let’s start by stating that bicycles are really popular right now. People have switched to cycling because the Covid-19 outbreak has made gyms and exercise classes unavailable. As a result, India now offers a wide range of new models. Due to its rising popularity, today, June 3, has also been designated as “World Bicycle Day.” The electric bicycle is another item that is rapidly gaining popularity. There are several brands on the market right now, but this time we wanted to remind you about Nexzu Mobility’s Roadlark.

Design of the Nexzu Roadlark



The Nexzu Roadlark appears to be any other high-end bicycle at first glance. But if you pay close attention, the distinctions are obvious. The bike has a steel frame, and the paint is of a high caliber. Although they have adhered to the frame, the decals and stickers appear stylish. The front end has a straightforward suspension system, and the front and back fenders are both very large. However, the paint quality on the fenders is not as nice as that on the frame.

There is a basic LED headlight available. A control panel for the various settings and a battery level indicator are located on the handlebar. Two buttons are located right next to it; one controls the light, and the other activates the built-in horn. We must admit, it’s quite practical. When the user wants to go entirely electric, they can utilize the right-side handlebar grip as a throttle. The seat has a rapid-release mechanism and is comfy. ┬áThe Nexzu Roadlark is equipped with relatively large 26-inch tyres. They will undoubtedly be useful when traveling on Indian highways.

Battery and motor of the Nexzu Roadlark

Roadlark battery

Dual batteries are included with the Nexzu Roadlark. A 5.2AH battery pack installed in the frame needs three hours to charge completely. It cannot be taken out, but it may be recharged by plugging it into a tiny socket that is built into the frame. The second battery is a detachable 8.7AH battery that is located beneath the seat.

The secondary battery may be charged in five hours and is detachable. The business has also provided a lock to prevent the battery from being taken. One should press a lever underneath the seat to cause the seat to flip up in order to remove the battery. The battery may be lifted out and charged using a handle.

The external battery is also charged by the same charger that charges the inside battery. Additionally, a little switch to cycle through the batteries has been given by Nexzu. Its positioning, however, is uncertain. The switch is located under the frame and is open to the debris that the front tyre kicks up. This is true even though the Roadlark has a set of mudguards that are quite huge.

Modes and range in the Nexzu Roadlark

The Roadlark may be driven in Pedelec or Full Electric modes, just like its rivals. In Standard mode, the electric motor only performs 65% of the aid functions, compared to 80% in Power mode. 50% of the distribution is in the economy mode. Overall, there is no need for electric pedaling┬ábecause the Roadlark can easily cruise at its top speed, which is restricted to 25 kmph. According to the manufacturer, the Roadlark’s range will be 100 km in pedal-assist mode and 75 km in electric mode.

Ride comfort in the Nexzu Roadlark


At first, moving the Nexzu Roadlark seems a little difficult. The two batteries and steel frame are mostly at blame for this. However, once on it, the heaviness is barely noticeable. The ergonomics are good, and the seat is cozy. The motor in Pedelec mode offers a reasonable amount of boost in medium settings, and as a result, acceleration is quick. The last thing you feel in power modes, where everything moves even more quickly, is the weight.

But when the electronic aid is turned off, the weight is felt. There is a slight delay between turning the throttle and accelerating while the vehicle is in full electric mode. Overall though, it’s a useful feature to have because the throttle response is almost instantaneous.

Price of the Nexzu Roadlark

The Nexzu Roadlark comes in at INR 42,000.


The Nexzu Roadlark is more of a utilitarian commuter vehicle. It is intended for those who prefer to pedal to work every day or must lift large objects. The cycle is made to last, and that is what we anticipate. The Nexzu Roadlark is a bit pricy at Rs 42,000, but when you consider that you are obtaining a dual battery system and the type of range it delivers, riding it is actually less expensive than walking.

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