NIO ET5 : Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Design, Features & Spec

NIO ET5 : Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Design, Features & Spec

NIO ET5 is a Chinese model car presented by the company named NIO. A mid-size Sedan, NIO ET5 features a sporty look, yet claims to feel like a living room on the inside. The ET5 will be competing with global mid-sized electric cars such as Tesla Model S and the Mercedes C-Class EV.

According to Chinese testing standards, NIO ET5 hailed to be the game-changer for its expected range of more than 1000 km. After the company’s flagship ET7, the ET5 is the second Sedan and NIO’s fifth production model. ET5 is the compact version of the ES6 SUV and ET7 saloon.

Design of NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

The ET5 presents a pure and precise exterior design. The design is highlighted with organic and human touches. The ET5 personifies NIO’s supercar DNA and the concept of design for AD. NIO ET5 shares many similarities with the NIO ET7. Most prominent are the silhouette and the taillight. Adding to the fluid silhouette of ET7, ET5 effortlessly combines the high-performance autonomous driving sensors into its pure yet progressive body lines.

NIO ET5 - Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan

The supercar NIO EP9 has inspired the muscular haunches of the ET5. Furthermore, the sharp creases have greatly accentuated the youthful and dynamic image of the ET5. Also on the top, there would be a 1.28 m2 all-glass roof that does not let the rider miss an inch of the sky. In the front are the headlights that outline an imposing look.

The interior of the ET5 is sophisticated with a warm touch as it carries on the concept of the second living room. The cockpit of the ET5 is panoramic and immersive due to the technology of PanoCinema.

The exterior of NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

The fluidic Sedan showcases a low profile, futuristic front with dual-beam vertical headlights, separated double dash DRLs concave nose, and trapezoidal lower grille. ET5 has muscular haunches inspired by the EP9. The sharp creases and flush door handle greatly enhance the sporty feel of the car.

NIO ET5 - Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Design

Reflecting another style from the ET7, the crystal-like heartbeat tail light illuminates the rear of the ET5. The tail light has drawn attention to the beauty of the car for its slim yet structural look. The bumper features sporty and diffuser style.

The roofline connecting to the eye-catching dual-tail spoiler is done in a streamlined fashion mostly because of the pronounced shoulder look it possesses. On top is the all-glass roof that protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just like the ET7, the LIDAR system is situated on the roof of ET5. The windows appear to be frameless with flush door handles just below. The wheelbase of the electric mid-size Sedan is 2,888mm.

Interior of NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

The imprints of ET7’s DNA can be seen on the interior designs as well. The dashboard and the center console are designed contemporary to that of ET7. The biggest flex of ET5 is that it aims to replicate the ambiance of the living room.

Compared to the traditional Sedans, the invisible air vent helps the interior look cleaner. The ease and convenience of entering the car are all due to the UWB digital key. To improve the acoustic performance of the cabin, cleaner and sustainable fabrics have been used. The fabric helps the rider feel relaxed during their ride. PanoCinema is the panoramic and immersive digital cockpit on the new technology found in these cars.

NIO ET5 - Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Interior

Advance technology

Continuing with PanoCinema it features AR and VR technologies. NREAL, an innovative AR device company, has formed a partnership with NIO to jointly develop AR glasses exclusive to NIO. This technology will protect an effective screen size of 201 inches or 6 meters. The VR glasses of ET5 have been developed by Nolo as NIO collaborated with this company. The VR glasses are made with ultra-thin Pancake lenses, presenting a binocular 4k display effect. The vividness of images is further boosted by a 10.2-inch HDR instrument cluster.

This technology also features all-new 256-color curtain ambient lighting and a Dolby atmos 7.1.4 surround sound system. This allows for continuous software development and content creation. PanoCinema is an exclusive space allowing users to indulge in all their senses.

Safety first! NIO ET5 comes with the latest NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD). Safety and satisfactory autonomous driving experience can be achieved with NIO Aquila Super Sensing and NIO Adam SuperComputing.

NIO ET5 - Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Features

NIO is also working to operate on a network of battery swapping stations in China and has partnered with Shell to expand both battery swapping and conventional charging infatuation.

Luxury that appeals in NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

Riding with comfort and style is what ET5 is all about. The idea of having a second living room inside a sporty car will make the ride appeasing too many. The view from the frameless windows and the sight of the open sky will further enhance the experience. The ET5 comes with a range of 9 color options, among which are the Sunbathe Yellow and First Light Kiss are said to be exclusive of this model. On the other hand, Airspace Blue is the NIO color of 2022.

Battery and charge in NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

The rare 3 set of batteries that comes with NIO ET5. A 75kWh Standard Range Battery, 100kWh Long Range Battery which when combined gives 700km. The third one is a 150kWh Ultra Long-Range Battery which gives over 1000km.

NIO ET5 - Mid-size Smart Electric Sedan Exterior

Other features in NIO ET5 Smart Electric Sedan

The power generated from the batteries allows the ET5 to cover 100km in 4.3 seconds. The in-house-developed high-performance 4-piston fixed calipers with aluminum casting allow NIO ET5 to have a braking distance from 100 km/h to a complete stop at 33.9m. The ET5 boasts an ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body engineered to meet the five-star C-NCAP and Euro NCAP standards.


NIO ET5 is set to be released in September of 2022 China. In the spring of 2023, the NIO ET5 is also set to arrive in overseas countries such as Norway. In Norway, NIO has already been planning battery swapping stations soon. In Germany, TUV has been certified for the battery swapping station. This is the first step for Germany.

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