Nissan Note E Power Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Nissan Note E Power Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Nissan has launched its first electrified vehicle Nissan Note E Power that is on the path of being called fully-electric. Available in Japan and all over the world, ePower is going to give tough competition to its rivals.

Nissan Note E Power comes with a petrol engine, electric motor, and a low power Li-Ion battery. The company claims that their hybrid model acts like a fully electric one and drives the wheels but doesn’t need charging from external sources. The battery needs the petrol engine for charging so you can expect to see instant acceleration like an EV and save a considerable sum on fuel bills. The most recent model that received ePower Technology was Nissan Kicks launched by the company in May 2020. 

Nissan Note was launched in developed markets like the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe with the agenda of discontinuing it in a few years. But, in Japan, Note emerged as a survivor and became the best-selling car in the country in 2018 with more than 136,000 buyers. According to data on Electric Vehicles, Note became the second best-selling vehicle in the country. A Big thanks to the e-Power technology that comes loaded with Nissan’s hybrid technology offering 30% better fuel efficiency than petrol/diesel-powered engines of the same power and the torque of a Nissan 2.0L petrol engine.

Nissan Note E Power Review

The first-gen Note was launched in 2006 followed by the second-gen in 2012. The third-gen, almost 8 years later came out with features like striking design, high-tech electrification, and autonomous drive technology. So many revisions bring the Note in competition with other Nissan’s vehicles. 

Exterior of Nissan Note E Power

The overall dimensions of Nissan Note are length of 4,100 m (which may give it the advantage to bring it under 4m category in India), 1695 mm wide, and 1535 mm height, with a wheelbase of about 2600 mm. We can say that this is the size of a premium hatchback in India, something similar to Honda Jazz or Hyundai Elite i20. That means Nissan ePower is expected to fall under the same category. 

The Indian government is promoting electric vehicles in the country. Nissan must focus on the localization of the product to offer affordable prices to the buyers. This puts it before Hyundai Kona which is expected to assemble in India only.

The company is offering ePower in three driving modes-Normal, Smart, and Eco – the Note feels like a regular hatch driving along when the throttle is lifted in Normal mode, feels like a traditional EV in Smart mode, and is environment-friendly in Eco mode. 

Go for Eco mode to save fuel and get the climate control assistance stretching driving to cruising range.

As far as exterior packaging is concerned, ePower comes equipped with leather seat trim, LED Headlights, satellite navigation, and much more to make it a top-spec model. 

Interior of Nissan Note E Power

The interior of power has been designed to increase the space. The high- roof and MPV-like profile give it a spacious feeling inside. The width may look no so generous, but the headroom and legroom are spacious. 

Nissan Note E Power Interior

Nissan’s battery is beneath the front seats, so the company hasn’t compromised on the luggage space. The thing that makes this car different from others is the little gear shifter, similar to the one seen in a Leaf.

The instrumentation system is conventional. Located to the right of a traditional analog speedometer offers computer info in the middle on a large LCD so that the driver can easily access the information like fuel status. 

Engine of Nissan Note E Power

Theoretically, ePower may be hybrid, but it doesn’t work as a conventional hybrid. The internal combustion engine does not drive its wheels. The onboard range extender using 1.2-liter motor functions as a generator to power the battery. The electric motor generates a maximum power of 108 hp and has been designed to drive the wheels. This ensures a low carbon footprint as the motor will generate power for the batteries. The company claims that ePower runs on an optimal level so buyers can expect to see up to 37 km/liter in most circumstances. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t find a plug point near you to charge your Nissan Note e-Power or when you are in hurry and don’t have time to charge it. 

The only problem is that the Nissan Note e-Power is not being fully considered as an Electric Vehicle, but a hybrid. The Indian government doesn’t provide any subsidy for hybrids, and that is the reason Nissan Note ePower can be an expensive affair. The company is trying to justify its point by saying that the Note e-Power is an EV, its wheels are driven by the batteries, so buyers can expect to see it in the market at a reasonable price.

Nissan Note E Power Engine

Safety in Nissan Note E Power

Nissan is known for bringing safe and secure cars in the market. Note EPower is no different. There are tons of safety features inside this car that will make your journey safe and memorable. Features like climate control, automatic cruise control, and others give you a stress-free driving experience.  

Price of Nissan Note E Power

The expected price of Nissan Note E Power is Rs.20Lakhs and the company is planning to launch it in August 2021.


Nissan Note E Power’s hybrid system will help drivers ride without worrying about the charging and plug-in stations, therefore, this car is the best match for the Indian markets, where the super-charging infrastructure is still under development. The company is working on the matter of whether the upcoming Nissan Note E-power will come under fully-electric or the hybrid versions which will decide its final price for customers.  

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