Oben EV Scooter Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Oben EV Scooter Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Here in this article, we will have a quick review of the Oben EV Scooter and also see key aspects related to it.

People around the world are worried due to the increasing fuel prices. It is for this reason that people are now moving towards electric vehicles, where the cost of traveling is negligible as compared to the cost of petrol and diesel. Many companies in India and abroad have planned to manufacture electric vehicles in the coming year. Along with big and renowned auto companies, many new start-ups are also coming forward in this field. One such start-up is Oben, which is a new start-up in India and which plans to launch Oben EV Scooter in some time. 

Design of Oben EV Scooter

The design of the Oben EV Scooter is a very attractive one. The scooter is very attractive and comes in different stylish colors. You can find very smooth contours on the body which provide a very enticing look. Also, the size of this scooter is larger than the conventional scooters that are available in the market. The material on the body of the Oben EV Scooter is a premium material and it is sure to make an impact on you when you first see this EV. The design of this scooter is very unique and it stands apart from the other conventional scooters based on the lovely design of this scooter.

Features in Oben EV Scooter

This scooter comes with many other features that make it very convenient to drive. The scooter has a sophisticated digital meter that reads different parameters which are useful. All the useful electric parameters are also measured and shown in the meter. You will be able to measure the charging status of the battery as well as the range of the battery. The wheels used are alloy wheels and are of premium quality. The tires used in the scooter are high-quality tires that have a very good grip so that you can ride on this scooter without any fear.

Oben EV Scooter Review

The engine of the Oben EV Scooter

The Oben EV Scooter is an electrically driven scooter. It has an electric motor along with the battery pack that is used to power the electric motor. The top speed of this Electric Scooter is about 90 Km / Hr. The range of the battery that comes with this EV is near 130 KMs. That is once the battery of this scooter is completely charged, you can travel a distance of 130 KMs without charging the battery again. The range of 130 KMs is a good one and will help the users to use this EV in a hassle-free manner.

What makes Oben EV Scooter unique?

The Oben EV Scooter is unique based on the unique design of the scooter. The scooter is designed in a very different way and it is way more attractive than the normal scooters that are offered in the market. Also, this scooter is taller than the normal ones. The components used in this scooter are high-quality components, which make this scooter a very different scooter from the available ones. The above features make this scooter stand apart from the regular ones.

Pricing of Oben EV Scooter

The exact price of the Oben EV Scooter is not yet declared. However, based on the views of the experts, the price of the Oben EV Scooter will be less than 1 Lakh. This scooter is a very special type of electric scooter as it has very good electric specifications and almost all the features that you can think of are available in this scooter. Hence the price of this scooter is a moderate one and you can think of buying this scooter if you are looking for a sophisticated electric scooter. In an overall sense, this scooter is worth buying scooter at this price. You will also be able to make considerable savings based on the wonderful travel economy of this scooter.


We have seen various different features and benefits of the Oben EV Scooter. We found that although the price of this scooter is on a higher side there is a wide range of features offered with this EV. The best part is that this is a very different scooter from the ones that are available in the market and has the best electric specifications. For people who are fond of Electric Scooters and want to have considerable savings on the fuel used to travel, this scooter can opt. If you go for this scooter, you will be delighted by the performance of this vehicle as very high-quality components are used in this scooter.

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