Ola Electric All Set With Its Hypercharger Network Across The Country

Ola Electric All Set With Its Hypercharger Network Across The Country

Ola Electric claims to be coming up with the densest and the widest EV charging network across the globe. It has made an announcement to be setting up a Hypercharger network in India for the Ola Electric vehicles, however, in a course of the next five years. While these charging stations will be specifically meant for Ola Electric vehicles, they will have a great capacity to charge the vehicles in a fixed time frame.

  • Setting up of 1,00,000 charging points across 400 cities of India.
  • 50% per cent charging capacity for one Ola electric scooter in 18 minutes.

More about the infrastructure details: Beginning with 5,000 stations

It has said that there will be 1,00,000 stations for charging across 400 cities of the country. Moreover, Ola Electric has said that as part of the Hypercharger network, the starting will be done with five thousand charging points across hundred cities in the first of the five years. Again, while this capacity is to increase with time, it is expected to double up.

Ola Electric All Set With Its Hypercharger Network

Ola Electric –  quickest two-wheeler network

This Hypercharger network is going to be the quickest two-wheeler charging network as per the Ola Electric. It will cost them $2 million. As said, within a span of 18 minutes, the electric scooter tank will be half full. This will take it 75 km far whichever direction it goes.

The setting up of these stations finds its base in the places frequented by people. These can be malls, hospitals, complexes, cafes and IT parks where we usually find a good population of people for most of the time. So we will be seeing these hypercharger stations at high-density areas. Automated, multi-level charging and parking systems are also expected to be built.

Again, this is not going to be tough by any means for the public to use. It will just require the connection between the charging point and the electric scooter. When this is done, you will get the charging done too. Also, it gets online where you will be using your smartphones to check the battery level. This will be through the Ola Electric application that you would have downloaded on your smartphones. The app can be further functional for payments for the units consumed.

Ola Electric All Set With Its Hypercharger Network India

So what’s the purpose behind all this Ola Electrci Hypercharger network?

Ola Electric says that such setting up of hypercharger network for its electric scooters will help address the current issue in the country related with the paltry EV charging infrastructure. And people will be more tended toward getting electric scooters in the near future. Range anxiety is one of the key barriers in EV that has been preventing people from buying such electric vehicles.

Ola Electric is yet to come up with its scooter that is expected to get launched in 2021. The revelation regarding the same has been recently made. The EV making will be done at Tamil Nadu’s new factory. The company says that this has got the largest capacity for electric scooter manufacture in the whole world.

Details on mileage and price have not yet been disclosed.

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