OLA Launches EV Category In London

OLA Launches EV Category In London

OLA, one of the world’s largest ridesharing companies has successfully set up an EV segment in London. These EVs will be available to people as regular rides. The EVs will cost the same as the comfort segment.

OLA currently has 700 drivers across London in EVs. The number of cars and drivers might grow soon. OLA’s move to an electric means of transportation is awe-inspiring for start-ups and other major ridesharing companies in the vicinity.

More In-Depth On The OLA EV Category

OLA EVs charging at a charging hub.

As the world is moving towards a greener and sustainable future, OLA, a major ridesharing or ride-hailing company introduced an EV Category for its customers who reside in the UK.

This new category is called OLA EV. This feat is a first for OLA, as it will be the first time that they used EVs for ride-hailing in the world. As, OLA does not operate EVs in other locations, but, one can assume that OLA might make a move to electrify all across its locations.

Ola EV in London

This category is also expected to grow quickly over the months in London. As per the UK, MD for OLA, Marc Rozendal, “The launch of Ola EV is another great example, offering riders and drivers the opportunity to play their part in the journey to emission-free rides… I am excited to launch this category as a global first for Ola and while Ola EV will start in London, we can’t wait to begin expanding it across the country and cities around the world”.

As per the company, this move is one of the first steps to make OLA into an all-green transport network. This intention of making green transportation networks, zero-emissions goes hand in hand with the Mayor of London’s plans to improve the air quality across the capital city.

How Will OLA Accomplish It?

all-new OLA EV sector

To accomplish this goal, OLA plans to incentivize drivers who are a part of the OLA EV category. Meaning that OLA will take 0% commissions from the journeys that the drivers undertake for the first 3 months. This incentive is sure to encourage drivers to convert to an all-electric transport vehicle.

After the launch, OLA also intends to give out offers using partnerships to make this all-new OLA EV category easy, accessible, and affordable for both the rider and the driver. These incentives help in the gradual shift of riders and drivers to fully electric vehicles.

This driver-centered approach is similar to other companies too. But, at its base, this approach will help in amplifying the number of drivers and Private Hire Vehicle. Also at the same time allows riders to go green for their trips and journeys using OLA.

Ending Note

The move from OLA is great. It shows a sign of human acceptance of the overuse of the resources we have. Granted, we might not know how successful the endeavor will be, but we can be hopeful.

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