Ola S1 Air – Affordable Electric Scooter From Ola

Ola S1 Air – Affordable Electric Scooter From Ola

The Ola S1 Air is Ola’s third and most economical S1 model, following the Ola S1 Pro and Ola S1. Electric scooters are now available at a reasonable price thanks to the S1 Air. It is listed at Rs 79,999 as an initial price (ex-showroom). This scooter is now more reasonably priced because of adjustments made to S1 Air.

“The End of the ICE Age is closer to being a reality than ever before, according to Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Ola. Prior to our foray into electric mobility, we were selling 4,000 units a month. Today, EVs account for 15% of the whole scooter marketplace, and in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune, that percentage is much higher at 40%! The S1 Air is a key step in the right path for India’s EV revolution to become a mass movement that ends the age of ICE automobiles.”

“The everyday scooter has been upgraded from being merely functional to a complex and technologically cutting-edge product with the newest MoveOS features with the release of the Ola S1 Air. By 2025, our goal of having all 2Ws in India be electric will have been accomplished, “said Aggarwal.

Ola’s USP is that it’s economical, but it hasn’t compromised on providing its customers with a fully equipped vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about the Ola S1 Air‘s price in India, features, and more.

Design of the Ola S1 Air

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The design differs from its sibling in that it makes more use of black, adds a conventional pillion grab rail, and simplifies the seat. Despite this, the floorboard is flat, and there are five different color options available. Storage capacity has marginally decreased compared to the S1 and S1 Pro. Drum brakes, even as an option, are offered to save expenses. Five different color variations are available. They are Coral Glam, Neo Mint, Porcelain White, Jet Black, and Liquid Silver.

Features of the Ola S1 Air

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Regarding features, the Ola S1 Air dominates the competition in the sub-Rs 90,000 price range. It is the only electric scooter built in India that has a 7.0-inch touch TFT display and Bluetooth functionality. It contains features including hill-hold, proximity unlocking, various rider profiles to prevent passcode sharing, and even “moods” that alter the display’s themes. It is powered by the most recent version of Ola Move OS3, version 3.

Suspension of the Ola S1 Air

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The Ola S1 Air sets itself apart from its more expensive siblings in large part thanks to the chassis. The S1 Air’s chassis is supported by a traditional telescopic fork and two shock absorbers at the rear, as opposed to the single-sided fork and mono-shock system of the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. You may recall that there have been a few internet reports of the S1 Pro’s single-sided fork collapsing after hitting some particularly large potholes. The decision to give the S1 Air a telescopic fork may have been made to make it tougher because poor roads are widespread in India.

Top speed of Ola S1 Air

In the interest of pricing the S1 Air competitively, Ola has opted for a simpler, more affordable hub-mounted motor. It makes a peak power of 4.5kW, giving it the capability to reach a claimed top velocity of 85kph. More importantly, the scooter can sprint from 0-40kph in 4.3sec. As for modes, there are Eco, Normal and Sport, each altering the acceleration and top speed of the scooter. There’s also reversing functionality, a feature common in most electric scooters these days

Range Similar to rivals

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The Ola S1 Air’s 2.5kWh battery is smaller than that of its siblings, giving it a claimed range of 101km in Eco mode. This range is comparable to that of the competition. Ola estimates that it takes 4 hours and thirty minutes to fully charge a battery that is at 0%.

Price of Ola S1 Air

The new Ola S1 Air is Ola’s most economical vehicle and has been introduced in India for Rs 84,999, ex-showroom. The S1 Air will compete indirectly with a variety of electric scooters from Okinawa, Hero Electric, and other EV players even though it has no direct competitors in India.


The Ola S1 Air’s competitive price is its key selling point. Ola is selling a sleek, fashionable e-scooter with useful features and a respectable range for Rs 84,999. However, you may buy electric scooters like the Ola S1 with a larger battery and a better range by spending an additional Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

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