Oppo To Make Electric Vehicles

Oppo To Make Electric Vehicles

Oppo, the Chinese phone manufacturer, intends to start manufacturing electric vehicles. Similarly, Oppo’s competitors, Apple and Xiaomi also mentioned that they will be entering the electric vehicle market.

Oppo is looking to build their vehicles. Tony Chen, the CEO of Oppo said, “Even in car manufacturing, we will focus on areas that OPPO can perform well. If automakers can’t build good cars and OPPO has the strength, we will try it in the future”.

Oppo To Make Electric Vehicles

Reports also suggest that Tony Chen, the CEO has met with CATL. CATL is the company who produce and supply battery for Tesla. CATL’s batteries are one of the best in the world. Their batteries are good and last over a long distance. CATL is also the world’s largest supplier of batteries for EVs. CATL is also major in China, where it provides more than 46 percent of all the EV batteries for the EVs in China.

But it is still unknown to the public officially if Oppo will be software support and partner for an electric car manufacturer or build their own. Similarly, Apple, the American tech giant intends to partner with LG-Magna for manufacturing a self-driving EV.

Xiaomi, another Chinese tech giant, intends to invest almost 10 billion dollars into the EV sector and intends to acquire a stake in an existing EV manufacturer. Huawei also joins the EV segment with the SERES SF5, as Huawei provides software for the EV.

SERES SF5 for which Huawei provides software for

But, Oppo’s entry is also not that fixated too, because Oppo’s entry is not concrete. There is still hope for Oppo’s entry, as Oppo has been making patents some unmanned driving tech, camera systems, and other tech-related to electric cars and cars in general.

The entry of Oppo, if confirmed, to the EV sector will be major. Possibly, other smartphone manufacturers from China might join the EV trend. The parent organization of Oppo, BBK group, also comprises Vivo, Realme, OnePlus, and iQOO. But, all that we can do is wait.

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