Poise NX120 Electric Scooter –  Price, Images, Mileage, Specs & Features

Poise NX120 Electric Scooter – Price, Images, Mileage, Specs & Features

If you are looking for the best two-wheel eco-friendly electric vehicle, the Poise NX120 has been introduced with all the features for your safe, comfortable, emission-free journey. In recent years, electric vehicles have seen a significant increase in demand and growth in India. These electric vehicles are environment-friendly, and the rising prices of fuel and dangerous emissions from vehicle engines have increased the demand for electric vehicles.

Poise is an Indian-origin manufacturer of automobiles which provides a variety of electric scooters with a top speed range of 50-90 km/h and highest mileage of 110-140 km with eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries which can be recycled. Poise NX120 electric scooter is one of the electric vehicle (EV) scooters that Poise has launched recently. The other one is Poise Grace.

The NX120 is a functional bike. It gives safety to the rider. It is a model of modern technique. It can be ridden by people of all ages. The Poise NX120 electric scooter can ride easily because it has a combined braking system. It is a mileage scooter. Its speed range is 55-110.  Its charging time is 4-5 hours. Its power is 2200w and the motor type is BLDC. It has a digital clock and speedometer.

Design of Poise NX120

The Poise NX 120 has a stylish design with a dual-LED headlight setup, stylish LED DRLs, an LED taillight, and the best mirror view. The Poise NX 120 provides you with a smooth, comfortable, and long seat. It has a backrest for the passenger, a footrest, and a one-of-a-kind seat. alloy, wheels, and tubeless tires. The front tire size is 110/70-12. It measures 1900 mm in length, 730 mm in width, and 1110 mm in height.

Poise NX120 Features

The design and appearance of the NX120 are like sports bikes. Its sharp cuts and glossy finish give it a sporty look. It has a very comfortable seat structure with a single wide seat and back support. NX120 is available in one variant, i.e., NX120 STD with five colors which include midnight black, matte blue, racy red, porcelain white, and nimbus grey.

Battery and Charging of Poise NX120

Two lithium-ion-based batteries power the Poise NX 120. You have the option to charge the batteries through the scooter or take them home and charge them like a mobile phone battery. In both cases, plug the battery charger into a 220V power socket. The capacity of the battery is 0.24 kWh. The battery life is 5–6 years.

Poise NX120 comes with a swappable lithium-ion battery having capacity of 72 V/20 Ah, which is easy to remove and can be charged like other home appliances. The charging time for a battery is 4-5 hours which gives a top mileage range of 110-140 km when fully charged.  The dual battery system makes it different from others. It comes with a removable configuration of two batteries. You can also charge the NX 120 Li-ion batteries through the scooter.

Speed and Performance of Poise NX120

The NX120 scooter has a maximum speed of 55 km/h. The EV scooter contains a brushless DC electric motor and powertrain of 2200 watts with automatic transmission. The company provides 2 year warranty for battery and 1 year warranty for motor. The Poise NX 120 has a high-speed range of 110 km to 140 km. It offers a top speed of 55 KMPH. It works on a 2200-watt BLDC electric motor.

Poise NX120 Details

Bluetooth connectivity in Poise NX120

You can also access the multimedia features of the Poise NX 120 scooter. The new Poise model has Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging ports, and an effective front and rear braking system. The Poise NX 120 also comes with a digital instrument cluster, a digital display system, an FM radio system, a push-button start, and a remote start.

Other features in Poise NX120

It is equipped with a digital speedometer, tubeless tyres and disc brakes. It possesses a combined braking system having disc brakes at both front and rear wheels. Poise NX120 has a remote start or push-button start feature with a side stand ignition lock. The additional features of EV scooter include FM radio, USB port and Bluetooth speakers which provides mobile connectivity. The EV scooter is provided with LED head and tail lights and turn signal lamp in addition with daytime running lamp (DRL). With these exciting features the ex-showroom price of the EV scooter is Rs. 1.24 lakh.

Price of Poise NX120

The price of a poise NX120 electric scooter starts at Rs.1,24,000. The poise NX120 is available in five colors. Racy red, porcelain white, nimbus grey, midnight black, matte black, and blue


Electric scooters have become very necessary in our daily routine for travelling. A scooter that has many functions at a suitable price, is a dream of everyone. Poise NX120 is the most attractive electric scooter which fulfils all your requirements. The Poise NX120 is a famous styling product of the Poise India company. It is a reliable and comfortable scooter for riding. The Poise NX120 also provides smooth riding during your tiring journey. The Poise NX 120 comes in only one version with a price of Rs 1.24 lac.

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