Porsche Macan EV’s Interior Revealed

Porsche Macan EV’s Interior Revealed

In the upcoming two years, i.e. either in 2022 or in 2023 a fully electric SUV will be launched by Porsche named as Porsche Macan. Though the car to be launched won’t be related to the next-gen Macan, but it is believed that the car will also have the same name.

The car is expected to offer a better and superior range than the Porsche Taycon sedan and will also have a dauntless fastback body style, which will add boldness to the car’s appearance. Moreover, it is out that the brand will not sell this car as a coupe-SUV.

Porsche Macan EV's Revealed

We have been seeing the spy photos of the car for more than a month, but the latest batch of shots finally gives us a glimpse of the interior of the electric Macan. According to the spy shots, the electric Macan has a curved driver’s display which is quite similar to the Taycan’s interior. The center console of the electric Macon also resembles Taycan. Not only this, even the infotainment screen and the secondary climate control screen quietly resembles Taycan. The digital gauge cluster is located in the dash just as it was in Taycan.

The overall modular architecture of the electric Macan bears a resemblance to today’s Taycan sedan but is more like an SUV. Although the interior of the brand new electric Macan is quite similar to Taycan, but the steering wheel appeared to be angled upward more in the SUV model than in the sedan. There is also a small transmission selector placed high on the dash, which is quite close to the steering wheels located on the driver’s right hand which makes it easily reachable.

Porsche Macan EV's Interior

Porsche wants to keep the two models (*two models here refer to Macan ICE and electric Macan) quite similar. This can be considered for the exterior, but the interior of both cars will be quite different. The dashboard of the Macan ICE will be completely different from the dashboard in electric Porsche Macan, but it will be much closer in its design to the current models.

As of now, the company has planned to sell both models side by side for at least another five years. In the upcoming years, Porsche like the other big brands also wants to get fully electrified, but will not electrify its sports car range. The manufacturer expects that up to 40 percent of the cars it will sell in the next five years from now, will be pure electric vehicles.

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