Porsche Taycan Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

Porsche Taycan Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

2021 Porsche Taycan (tie-kahn) is one of the demanding electric vehicles that come equipped with the latest technology. This is the first Electric Vehicle under production with an 800-volt architecture and a two-speed transmission. The model sets a new standard in the charging speeds and acceleration times. 

Taycan’s top-spec 750-hp Turbo S is one of the quickest cars when compared with supercars like the 1000-hp Bugatti Veyron. This EV has strength and can make multiple high-speed runs without showing any performance degradation. This Taycan gives you the experience of Porsche’s sports car.

Porsche Taycan Review

Porsche has introduced some changes in its Taycan lineup for 2021 and added new features and battery choices for buyers. The base model, called 4S, now comes with a battery of 79.2-kWh battery as standard, the 93.2-kWh pack is also available. There is no doubt that the smaller-battery models produce less horsepower, but they cost as well. 

Porsche recalibrated the Taycan’s charging system to improve the battery’s service life and reduce power loss during fast charging. Other updates that are worth mentioning here include the introduction of a head-up display, SiriusXM satellite radio, more color options inside and out, and over-the-air software updates that permits buyers to purchase or subscribe to new functions without contacting a dealer.

Exterior of Porsche Taycan

The front end looks classy with the quad-LED headlamps, sculpted bonnet, and muscular front bumper. The rear too looks pretty with its slim wraparound LED tail-lamp and robust haunches. It is a fully electric car with a Cd value of 0.22. Its basic is optimized aerodynamically and contributes to low energy consumption in a long run.

Every Porsche is known for three traits: Puristic, expressive, timeless. This one will take your persona into a new automotive world. The all-electric version of the Taycan is spacious. Its compactsize allows the designer to design its flat bonnet and wings that are common to Porsche. 

The air intakes ahead of the front wheels are called air curtains to improve aerodynamics, guides air over the wheels like a curtain, and reduces turbulence. The highlight of this car is the frontend: four-point LED headlights with matrix beam with all the light functions in a single component. The automatic door handles to open the vehicle interior with its beep. 

Two roof options are available for buyers-one with the contour made of aluminum with an indentation in the middle that makes it look like motorsport. The other option is a panoramic fixed glass roof that provides an open, airy feel. 

The rear design contains a seamless light glass strip and a ‘PORSCHE’ logo with a glass look. Another feature that makes this car, a must-pick is the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) in the form of a three-stage rear spoiler system. Taycan is a car that is the future and the soul of the Porsche.

Interior of Porsche Taycan

Taycan may look sleek from the inside but comes loaded with an advanced tech environment. The design is very simple and is similar to other Porsche models. The interior comes in vivid rich materials and different color schemes to impress buyers in the first instance. 

Porsche Taycan Interior Review

There is a complete list of luxury options, like four-zone climate control, a massager at the front seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats. Every Taycan has 2+2 seating, but you can always add a third spot in the back if required. 

The outside view from behind the wheel is excellent. Taycan may not have a shortage of screens, but a noticeable shortage of physical buttons that attract owners too. 

There is a 16.8-inch display for the gauges, two touchscreens located at the center to control the infotainment system. The 10.9inches top screen is on the dashboard. It gives access to important functions of the car. The 8.4-inch touchscreen below the first one allows users to control the climate settings, see the battery capacity, input navigation details, communicate with Apple CarPlay features, and open and shut down the trunks and charge ports. 

Another 10.9-inch touchscreen is given at the front-seat for passengers, and a 5.9-inch touchscreen is given at the back seat to control the rear HVAC and seat heating. 

Engine of Porsche Taycan

Every Taycan comes with dual electric motors, one powers the front wheels, and the other powers the rears. Both of them produce separate outputs that differ by trim level. The 4S can produce up to 522 horsepower when powered by the standard 79.2-kWh battery and up to 562 horsepower with the optional 93.4-kWh pack. The latter is a part of the standard pack on the high-end models, the 670-hp Turbo and the 750-hp Turbo S. 

Porsche Taycan Engine Review

All three versions have all-wheel drives alongside two-speed transmission to offer a thrilling shift during hard acceleration. Taycan 4S can reach 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds. Turbo S can reach 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds. This version took 10.5 seconds to cover a quarter-mile at 130 mph. Model S reached 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds, but it wasn’t able to change speeds without degrading performance. The Taycan can change speeds without compromising on the performance. The low-slung driving position and accurate steering, are some things that make Taycan different from other electric vehicles. 

The Taycan’s driving range is unmatchable as compared to the Tesla Model S. Model S can cover 400 miles on a charge. The Turbo S can travel 192 miles; the Turbo-201 miles; and the 4S Performance Battery Plus can support up to 203 miles. Every model comes with an 800-volt architecture that has a charging capacity of up to 270 kilowatts. 

Models containing a 93.4-kWh battery can charge from 5 % to 80% in 23 minutes. The are 400-volt DC fast chargers offering 50 kilowatts, which can charge the battery from 5 to 80 % in 93 minutes. Buyers can go for the 150-kW onboard charger to reduce this time. Porsche claims that charging Taycan’s largest battery from 0% to 100% at home with the standard 9.6-kW AC charger need 10.5 hours.

Porsche Taycan Safety Review

Safety in Porsche Taycan

Taycan comes loaded with driver-assistance Technology as a standard part of its offerings. This feature includes a forward-collision warning system, an automated emergency braking system, lane-departure warning system, and lane-keeping assist. 

There are more advanced features in this model that come for a price. The key safety points of this car are an adaptive cruise control system with stop-and-go technology, blind-spot monitoring, night vision, and much more to keep you and your family safe while traveling. 

Pricing of Porsche Taycan

The expected price of the Porsche Taycan is Rs.1-1.25 Cr. The company is planning to launch this model in January 2021.

Porsche Taycan India Review


Porsche Taycan is an absolute delight to ride on the road with the big heart of a sports car. The most important thing is it is a proper Porsche that runs on electricity.

This is great news for electric car lovers. Electric cars are coming whether people like it or not. Porsche never hesitates to embrace electricity – a Taycan Cross Turismo that was expected to arrive in late 2020, followed by an all-electric Macan, and electric versions of Cayenne and Panamera. 

Porsche 911 petrol-powered is the beating heart of this brand. Buyers request the company to turn everything into electricity except this particular one. The company wants to take Taycan into that position over years. 

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