Pravaig Extinction MK2 Preview : Design, Performance, Price And Launch Date

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Preview : Design, Performance, Price And Launch Date

India has got another pride moment of witnessing the launch of a luxury sedan electric car that is completely made in its hometown, India. This pompous automobile is the result of the toil that a Bangalore-based automobile manufacturer, Pravaig Dynamics has vested and this proud venture is their first-gen concept which is now two years old. Currently, it has only been given as a prototype to give the opportunity to drive in Bangalore city. Many have noticed that unlike other precursor models this one comes with a completely styled body, but is easily noticeable as a garage project.

As the present one only has two doors, the company has got high claims and new features like four doors, high roof, 5-star tank like safety, rapid charging as top brands like Tesla and Mercedes has guaranteed, however, it has got public attention due to these claims and their sales target. Because Pravaig has decided to manufacture 2500 units of electric cars per year and also hoping for the highest Euro NCAP star rating. It is planned that Pravaig Extinction MK2 will be released exclusively as a lease version with the company and also to introduce chauffeur services to compete with the top leading sedans like Hyundai Kona Electric, MG ZS EV Electric, Tata EVC Electric, Nissan Area, Mahindra XUV 300, etc.

Exterior Design Of Pravaig Extinction MK2

Pravaig Extinction MK2

Pravaig Extinction MK2 is a huge car with a length of 4820mm, the width of 1934mm and it proudly sits at a height of 1448mm weighing 1153kg. The body frame of both prototype and production car is structured with aviation-grade, fiber-reinforced plastic. Hence, it is strong enough to give an aggressive contour. In between, its broad, flattened, hefty shoulder upon the rear alloy wheels flashes a muscular and aerodynamic quality. It is told that the smooth and shiny front end will be shorter whereas the bonnet that covered up the hood is massive enough to veil that scantiness. The intention behind attributing short dimensions in the front part aims at giving ample passenger area, especially in rear seats. Many reviewed about the rear end that it sketches an impressive angle along with the unique lettering of the brand name, ‘Pravaig’. Effective coupe styling is fulfilled with an inclined roof, body styling lines like the razor-sharp edges at the top of the rear bumper. The sinistral and dextral sides are neat and smooth without any elements other than the turn indicator and pulpy door handles on two doors that interrupt the clean and sleek flow on it. Even, the charge flapping is not in the sides, rather hidden behind the number plate of the rear side.

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Design

The taillights and turn signal indicators mounted on the bumper are circled of edges of acrylic sheet that seems to pop out of the trellis. Extinction runs on alloy wheels of 16 inches and with a ground clearance of 165mm. The front end is embroidered with two projectors LED headlamps and a continuous LED strip, whereas LED bars of lights are housed on the tail end. Only three color options are available on the paint palette that are Pearl White, Copper Gold, and Grey.

Interior Design Of Pravaig Extinction MK2 

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Interior

We can’t judge its present interior styling and facilities as nothing can be seen in the cabin now. But, still, the lounge-like interior gives impressive rear-seat legroom even though Pravaig has claimed that the production car will come with more extended legroom and headroom that gives magnified comfortness to the rear seat passengers, yet it is relaxed to be seated on the leather seats with reclining quality. In the final model, they are aiming for a 160 degree reclining angle with a slight knees-up position, but at present, the left rear seat will recline to around 165 degrees. A large center armrest is there between the passenger seating that can’t store anything, but the production one will get ample cargo space, especially the airline-style fold-away tray that can place a 15.6-inch laptop.

The dashboard and panel are furnished with machined silver plates designed with laser-cut slits. The non-powered and weighty steering wheel will make big trouble while driving, but still expect a lighter and advanced one in the high-end sedan. Additionally, the lack of gear lever is filled in by an automatic gear shifter technology. As the presently available one is only aimed at evaluating the powertrain and suspension, we can’t blame the lack of a cooled and roomy cabin because it is already mentioned that the production car will be loaded with an air conditioner, windows, and onboard HEPA air filtration system with a PM2.5 filter.

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Designs

Other Features Of Pravaig Extinction MK2

In this price range, Pravaig is offering an array of decent features that includes automatic climate control, multi-function steering wheel, voice control system, built-in 4G connection capability, etc. It is claimed that the passengers could avail well-ventilated air vents, privacy screens, 12 inch illuminated vanity mirrors, etc. The control panel in-built in the roof (that will be upgraded to a high roof) is stuffed with buttons that direct for a motor cooling fan, electrical kill switch, etc.

The 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system backs up the connectivity of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, also we can enable a wireless phone charging facility. Pravaig lends a smartphone app to check the charge status of the swappable battery pack. Extinction is even featured with a high-end audio system that enhances the sound quality. This premium one is the outcome of the tie-up of the company with a France-based Devialet audio technology company.

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Launched

It offers 360 degrees of security features highlighted with the configuration of 8 airbags and various drive modes. As usual, we can avail an autonomous driving system in it along with the emergency braking system. It is also backed up with hands-on proPilot support, intelligent forward collision, and the rear autonomous emergency braking operation.

Battery, Range, And Charging Of Pravaig Extinction MK2

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Charging

The electric motor fed electricity from a lithium-ion battery pack that is endowed with a swapping feature, to ensure ease while replacing the consumed battery to a replete one. This battery pack of capacity 96kWh is placed at the bottom that claims a driving range of 504 km in a single charge. This current battery has the highest life cycle of ten lakh kilometers. Pravaig has made a huge claim regarding its charging that merely 30 minutes can juice the charge up from 0 to 80% that can run the hatchback at a rate of 400km. Even all these limitless claims they made are beyond the belief, it have to be tested. It also provides a DC quick charger in which plugging the car into it can surge at a capacity rate of 250kW. Basically, most of the electric chargers in Europe are assumed to be of a capacity of 50kW and in such a case, Pravaig has topped with an effective battery pack.

Engine And Performance Of Pravaig Extinction MK2

Pravaig Extinction MK2 Features

Pravaig Extinction MK2 is bundled with an electric motor that generates an output of motor power at the rate of 150kW or 240hp and also produces torque at the rate of 300Nm. With the assistance of full operational power, Extinction can reach a peak acceleration from 0 to 100mph in just 5.4 seconds and it has a single-speed transmission other than a multi-speed gearbox in order to achieve higher revs than that of fuel engine vehicles.

There are left and right buttons on the dashboard to operate the motor that automatically helps to twist the wheel. Also, basic motor-assisted system is offered but its operational algorithm has to be developed and looking for that in the production car. Still, Extinction has peppy powertrain performance and fiery speed like supercars. It also lends astounding riding experience and handling balance. The four variant drive modules also collaborate to avert the chances of squatting and bumping under sudden braking and hard acceleration. Currently, the prototype Extinction is functioning at 65% of its operating capability.

Price And Launch Date Of Pravaig Extinction MK2

Pravaig Extinction MK2 is expected to be of a price range from 30 lakhs to 35 lakhs in India. At this higher price tag, this luxurious sedan is offering extraneous features and qualities that could suffice your expectations. It is told that the launch date is estimated to be in the third quarter of 2021 and the sale will begin from Bangalore and Delhi.

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