Propella V4.0 – One Of The Best E-bikes Under $2000

Propella V4.0 – One Of The Best E-bikes Under $2000

The “bike” in “e-bike” is highlighted in the Propella V4.0, as we have seen while reviewing it. When you’re riding it, it primarily feels like a regular bicycle with an added boost for hills and acceleration. The riding sensation is comparable to being physically at full strength while cycling into a tailwind. The aid does a terrific job of completing the ride experience rather than taking over the whole thing.

The Propella V4.0 is an excellent alternative for you if you enjoy cycling, don’t like the thought of a too-powerful e-bike, and don’t want to spend much money.

The 630mm bar will keep you stable at pace, while the 250W motor offers steady and smooth engagement. If you’re interested in e-bikes but don’t want to spend over $2,000 on one, this is a wonderful option.

Additionally, the V4.0 is a modified version based on years of research and feedback thanks to its predecessors; it has more puncture-resistant tires, a 4th generation battery, and a smaller charger than the outgoing model.

Frame of the Propella V4.0

Propella V4.0 - One Of The Best E-bikes Under $2000

The aluminum alloy frame of the V4.0 has very clean, simple lines, and the welds are so low profile that you have to look hard to even see them. Additionally, the frame has rack mounting bosses on the chain and seat stays, and water bottle cage bosses on the underside of the downtube.

Performance of the Propella V4.0

The V4.0 can reach a top speed of 18.5 mph, which it effortlessly maintained while operating at maximum assist. The V4.0 also accelerates to its highest speed quite rapidly, which We believe is primarily a result of the bike’s 35 Nm of torque and fast-rolling tyres.

Despite having a somewhat slower top speed than some of the rival bikes, the average speed is rather comparable. It can’t move at speeds of up to 20 mph on its own, but it can easily hover in that range. Even though they have a theoretical top speed of 20 mph, some e-bikes actually travel closer to 15 or 16 mph unless you really push them. However, the Propella V4.0 has no trouble keeping its top speed

It seemed to us that it could push a little bit faster if it were programmed to, but the Propella team regulated the pace to assist extend the battery’s range. The 18.5 mph top speed strikes a fair balance between speed and range without being overly slow.

Handling of the Propella V4.0

Propella V4.0 - One Of The Best E-bikes Under $2000

The V4.0 does have a smooth, economical ride, is quick to turn, and rolls quickly.

Whether moving quickly or slowly, the Propella V4.0 was simple to control, and We believe this was large because the larger handlebar added stability and balance to the bike. The tires on this bike are a good choice; they are thin but still substantial enough to smooth out rougher surfaces. The tires have ample of traction at high speeds and are wide enough for the occasional dirt road.

Someone would Definitely enjoy the bigger bars and tyres on the V4.0 because the stability they offered enhanced our confidence while riding fast and made the ride more comfortable overall.

Ride Comfort in the Propella V4.0

The handlebars did vibrate a little, but It wasn’t very frightening. In fact, despite the fully solid frame, road wheels, and tires, the vibration isn’t nearly as awful as originally anticipated. The chatter is greatly reduced when riding gloves are worn.

Given that this bike lacks suspension, comfortable touch areas are essential for a satisfying riding experience.

The motor of the Propella V4.0

Propella V4.0 - One Of The Best E-bikes Under $2000

There is a 250W Bafang geared hub motor in the Propella V4.0.

The tuning felt like a fantastic balance to get up to speed quickly without burning a lot of battery life, and the motor was incredibly quick to start. This motor adjustment seemed effective and suitable for the commuter-esc design and capabilities of the V4.0.

We spent the majority of my time riding the Propella V4.0 on pedal assist level 4 or 5, where the motor performs best. Without exerting oneself excessively, You can travel above 15 mph on both of the aforementioned aid settings, and the motor only appeared to have trouble going up the steepest of slopes.

The battery in the Propella V4.0

The battery pack was one of the first features of the Propella V4.0 that We noticed. Propella appeared to accept the presence of an external battery pack on the frame and appear to have fashioned it to resemble a huge triple AAA battery. The outcome has a striking Tron-esc style.

So, does the battery’s performance mirror its good looks?

Overall,  it does. Designers achieved 33.51 miles on a single charge during our evaluation of the minimum assist range. This, in our opinion, is more than enough given that the Propella V4.0 is a commuting bike.

Display of the Propella V4.0

The LCD display’s modest size and low brightness fit the Propella V4.0’s low-profile design.

If you don’t want to look at it, the LCD display is not bothersome and is not apparent. When We ride e-bikes with displays that mirror iPhone screens, we catch ourselves staring at the screen more often than we should be.

Even while those screens are sleek and stylish, they rarely offer any further features beyond the ones found in the V4.0. The finer displays may be able to show off their color palette, but other than that, they typically don’t offer much else.

Price of the Propella V4.0

The Propella V4.0 comes in at $1099.

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