Pure ETrance Plus Preview – Design, Features & Price

Pure ETrance Plus Preview – Design, Features & Price

These days, a boost can be found in people’s interest in electric vehicles. The reason for this is the rising prices of fuels like petrol. This surge in the requirement for electric vehicles can be seen in India as well as in other parts of the world. Many new electric vehicles are being introduced in the market. The Pure ETrance Plus is one such electric scooter that has been recently launched.

The versatile electric scooter, Pure ETrance Plus, has been launched in India by IIT-Hyderabad-incubated start-up, Pure EV. This is the seventh battery-powered scooter launched by this company. Pure  ETrance Plus is the entry-level e-scooter for the firm with its product line comprising bikes/cycles, mopeds, and scooters.

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 1.25 kWh
2 Alloy Wheel Size 10 Inches
3 Top Speed 55 KM / Hr
4 Range 90 KMs
5 Charging Time 4 hrs
6 Price 56,999 Rs.

Design of Pure ETrance Plus

The eye-catching design of the Pure EV ETrance Plus is very enticing. Along with this attractive design, the scooter has flat seating, a blackened grab rail, and 10-inch alloy wheels. This scooter is designed specifically for your needs. It comes with an all-LED installation for lighting purposes. It also has a digital device console and comes in four colors, Red, Blue, Matte Black, and Grey. The new electric scooter houses underneath the seat, the battery storage, and standard storage space.

Pure ETrance Plus Price

Engine Options in Pure ETrance Plus

The ETrance Plus scooter is powered by an electric motor and also has a portable battery to supply the electric power. A 250W brushless hub motor is used by Pure EV ETrance Plus, which is powered by a 1.25 kWh portable lithium-ion battery. It guarantees a range of 90 kilometers with a single charge and has 55 km/h as the maximum speed. The complete charging of the battery will take around 4 hours. Once the battery is completely charged, the scooter can travel a distance of about 90 KMs without stopping. This is indeed a great feature of this e-scooter.

Pure ETrance Plus Design

Safety Features in Pure ETrance Plus

The Pure EV ETrance Plus is fitted in front and rear wheels with drum brakes. E-ABS and renewable braking are also available. Telescopic front forks and a double shock-up on the back handle the suspension responsibilities of the e-scooter. The scooter is safe to drive as the wheels are alloy wheels of high quality. The tires provide sufficient grip, which prevents the scooter from getting skid.

Other Features in Pure ETrance Plus

ETrance Plus has a solid chassis design, built-up body components for Indian road conditions, and advanced features like as renewable blocking and e-ABS. The SOC indicator displays the percent of battery capacity that is left. Pure EV adds that the new scooter is available in 4 color variations on a durable chassis and body construction to meet the rigors of the Indian roads. This electric scooter is equipped with e-ABS, a regenerative braking system, and a portable 1.25 kWh battery that can be charged with ease. 

Pure ETrance Plus Features

Why this Pure ETrance Plus e-scooter is unique?

We have seen that the ETrance Plus has a wide range of features including regenerative braking, e-ABS, and SOC indicators that show the remaining percentage of battery capacity. All these features and the top electrical specifications make this scooter stand apart from the other electric scooters available in the market.

Pure ETrance Plus Battery

Price of Pure ETrance Plus

The scooter has a price tag of Rs. 56,999 which is not high. Critical components are manufactured at low prices through working with several suppliers. This is responsible for the low cost of this Pure ETrance Plus scooter. In the meanwhile a price tag of Rs. 69,999 is available for the automobile performance version. We can see that the price of this scooter is in the moderate range. People from middle-class families who want to save money on fuels like petrol can opt for this scooter. 


We have seen different features as well as other important aspects related to the ETrance Plus Scooter. We have found that the new ETrance Plus electric scooter has many benefits. Controller, charger, and engine are key components under one-year warranty coverage.  In an overall sense, this is a good electric scooter for people who are tight on budget. Also, the different features provided by this scooter make it a unique scooter in its segment. You can go for this option if you are looking to own an electric scooter that is economical as well as has good performance.

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