Pure EV ETrance Neo Review – Design, Features Performance & Price

Pure EV ETrance Neo Review – Design, Features Performance & Price

In order to avoid high costs of fuels like petrol and diesel, people are moving towards electric vehicles as an alternate option. There has been a recent surge in the interest of people in Electric vehicles, in terms of both 2 wheelers as well as 4 wheelers. Many new companies have emerged which are in the business of manufacturing electric vehicles. One such company is Pure EV, which has started manufacturing electric bikes and scooters. A new high-speed electric scooter called Pure EV ETrance Neo, is recently launched by this IIT Hyderabad-incubated firm. Here, we will have a look at the detailed review of this e-scooter along with other important aspects related to it. 

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 2.5 kWh
2 Motor Power 2.2 KW
3 Top Speed 58 KM / Hr
4 Range 120 KMs
5 Charging Time 4 hrs
6 Price Rs. 75,999 

Design of Pure EV ETrance Neo

Pure EV Etrance Neo Design

The design of Etrance Neo is new and enticing. The quality of the ETrance Neo plastic panels is excellent. The matte finish gives it a feeling of high performance. The taillights at the back are very elegant. The raised pickup rail also acts as a fantastic backrest. The body of the vehicle looks slim and enhances the vehicle’s overall aesthetics. Headlights are in the form of LEDs and look attractive as well. In an overall sense, the exterior design of this electric scooter is excellent as well as different from the other regular e-scooters available in the market. 

Engine Options in Pure EV ETrance Neo

This electric scooter is powered by a powerful 2.2-kW Peak BLDC motor that uses a 2.5-kWh unique battery pack to extract power from it. The battery used in the electric scooter is of Pure Lithium type. This battery pack is based on lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC). This would result in a very efficient consumption of 2.5 electricity units in the run of 120 kilometers. This battery pack is produced in their Hyderabad plant by the PURE EV team. The battery pack includes the software-developed battery management system (BMS).

Pure EV Etrance Neo Specifications

Pure EV claims an increase in speed from 0 to 40 km / h in 5 seconds and a range of 120 km in the Eco Mode. ETrance Neo is equipped with in-house technology innovations to assure optimum performance and extended life for BTMS (battery thermal management systems).  In this electric scooter, you will get 58 km/h at top speed and an incredible 120 km range. The e-scooter can attain double seat speeds of 50 km/h, even on inclinations.

Other Important Features in Pure EV ETrance Neo

Pure EV Etrance Neo Features

We have seen above the main specifications and features of the ETrance Neo scooter. There are many other important features that are accompanied by this electric scooter. The digital meter shows all the important readings related to the battery and performance. You will get a fully functional SOC indicator as well. The charging levels of the battery, as well as the current consumption of the battery, are shown. The wheels used in this electric scooter are high-quality alloy wheels. The tires are also of premium quality so that your driving experience is completely safe with this electric scooter.

Pure EV Etrance Neo Tyre

Why this Pure EV ETrance Neo Scooter is unique?

This e-scooter is unique in many ways. First of all, the battery that is used in this scooter has very good specifications. Apart from that advanced technology is used to enhance the performance of the battery through the BMS or battery management system. The thermal monitoring of the battery is an additional feature that makes this scooter unique and stand apart from other normal scooters.

Pure EV Etrance Neo Price

Price of Pure EV ETrance Neo

This ETrance Neo e-scooter starts with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 75,999 officially.  With this new model, the company claims to render improved performance. This release is a very solid effort by PURE EV. In the future months, we look forward to more upgrades, but the NEO already delivers amazing money value.


We have seen in detail, different features as well as other different aspects related to ETrance Neo electric scooter. We have found that the price of this scooter is in the moderate range. Hence any person from a middle-class family in India can afford this scooter. The electric specifications are great and hence it is a complete electric scooter to opt for. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter for yourself for a long time then this scooter can be an ideal option for you. This scooter will help you to save a lot of money, which otherwise you may have spent on costly fuel like petrol.

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