Renault Kangoo ZE 33 – Best 100% Maxi Electric Van Review

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 – Best 100% Maxi Electric Van Review

Renault is launching the next-generation Kangoo, an all-electric model that has been offered in Europe since 2011. Even in increasing competition, it remains the most popular compact electric van. The Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Electric, the all-new Kangoo, will be available starting in Spring 2022.

The Kangoo ZE 33 comes in three different lengths: a standard van, a Kangoo ZE Maxi long-wheelbase version, and a Kangoo ZE crew van with seating for up to five people. Electric Kangoos also have their trim level, similar to the standard Business specification seen on diesel Kangoos.

Interior Design of Renault Kangoo ZE 33

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Interior

If you use your work van as a mobile workspace, you’ll need a vehicle that can keep you comfortable and organized. Because of this, the Renault Kangoo has a height and reach adjustable steering column, air conditioning, hands-free connection, and an integrated armrest, allowing you to tailor your workstation to your needs. Interior lights are placed in both the cabin and cargo compartments, and the overhead cabin storage shelf is ideal for keeping invoices and paperwork. When the passenger seat is folded down, the swiveling bulkhead gives an additional 0.6 m3 of load space while shielding the driver, making the Renault Kangoo the perfect mobile office.

Exterior Design of Renault Kangoo ZE 33

Full metal bulkheads are standard on all Kangoo vans. There are, however, alternative options if you desire greater adaptability. A swiveling bulkhead, which, when combined with the folding passenger seat, allows for longer loads while keeping adequate driver safety, and a roof door called the rear roof flap, which will enable you to shove longer cargo out the top of the van, are among the clever features offered in this van. On the other hand, Crew vans have a multi-positional bulkhead that, when combined with fold-flat rear seats, safely expands the cargo area; it’s linked to the back of the chairs and goes forward automatically when folded. In addition, the rear doors are asymmetrical and open up to 180 degrees, whereas all modern versions have at least one side door.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Exterior

Engine & Battery of Renault Kangoo ZE 33

On a single charge, the Renault Kangoo ZE 33 ranges up to 230 kilometers. This is based on ideal driving circumstances, but it also relies on your driving style and outside weather. The performance is excellent, and driving is pleasurable. This is due to the 1-speed gearbox, which means there are just two pedals to worry about and no gear shifting. Immediate delivery of 225 Nm maximum torque is perfect for linear, economical, and unexpected acceleration. The motor is almost silent because it is an electric car, resulting in a wonderfully relaxing interior environment.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Charging

It’s quick and straightforward to charge the Kangoo ZE at home, work, or a public charging station. Through the front grille, you can get to the charging station. Then, remove the branding and plug the charger into the van. The new 7 kW charger takes six hours to charge from 0 to 100% from a wall box, and it can top up 32 kilometers of range in only one hour. Alternatively, you may set it in 7-10 hours by plugging it into a typical domestic home outlet. All Renault Kangoo ZE 33 models come with a battery pack included in the vehicle’s purchasing price.

Features & Specs of Renault Kangoo ZE 33

The Kangoo has many safety features since it is essentially an ancient van design anymore, and the ZE version is no exception. With Grip Xtend, you receive only one airbag as standard, as well as ABS, electronic stability control (ESC), and hill-start assist. Cruise control, a reverse camera, and parking sensors are all options, as is ply lining for the floor and walls. Unfortunately, there is no choice for a tow bar on the new van because it can only draw 374 kg.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Space

Another feature is a heat pump connected to the air conditioning system and generates heat in the compartment as needed. You’ll gain a better range since you won’t have to take power from the battery. The dashboard’s real-time Energy Range Indicator shows whether the EV consumes or recovering energy. Enable Eco Mode to reduce the vehicle’s performance and air conditioning features, allowing you to go longer. When you slam the brakes or take your foot off the accelerator, the Regenerative Braking System recharges your battery. When you need those extra kilometers, it’s pretty useful. When using a Renault charging station, pre-condition your electric vehicle. Even before you get in, set the proper interior temperature. Instead of drawing energy from the battery, the point will be pulled from the charger’s power supply, conserving the range.

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 Battery

Price of Renault Kangoo ZE 33

Prices for the new automobile start at £17,800 if you buy the van with the batteries alone. There are just two body lengths to pick from, and the specification is very rigid. Apart from that, it’s not an awful situation to be in; all of the essentials are covered, and despite its age, it’s still a nice car to be in. The price has increased over the previous generation, but the longer battery life alleviates range anxiety and boosts productivity. The initial expenditure and lease expenses may be comparable to those of a diesel van, but the operating costs should be far cheaper.

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