Renault KWID Electric Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Renault KWID Electric Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

India is seeing a boom in the domain of electric vehicles. The best advantage of using an electric vehicle is that it can help you in saving a lot of money which otherwise you may have spent on costly fuel like petrol or diesel. The brands like Renault are trying to introduce new models in India and abroad. Here in this article, we will have a look at the detailed review of the Renault KWID Electric car and will also discuss key aspects related to this car.

The exterior of Renault KWID Electric

Based on the images that are released by the manufacturer in the auto-expo, one can expect that the front part of the car will be completely revised. That is the new Renault KWID Electric will come with an innovative design for the bumper. The headlights will also be redesigned and will have a new look. There will be DRL wrapping around the headlights in this model. It will help the headlights look bigger and more attractive. The ORVMs will be accommodated with the turn indicators. The cladding on the door, which was found in the normal KWID will be continued in the Renault KWID Electric as well. We can expect new and redesigned taillights as well as a rear bumper in the Renault KWID Electric.

Interior of Renault KWID Electric

The interior of the new Renault KWID Electric will also be different from the regular KWID. A premium digital console will be used in the car, in which different digital devices will be placed. When we talk about the instrument cluster, it will have various readouts including the range, media controls, and navigation. In summary, the interior of the Renault KWID Electric will be much more enticing than the old KWID will all the functionalities based on the state of the art technology.

Renault KWID Electric Review Interior

Engine Options in Renault KWID Electric

The all-new Renault KWID Electric will come with an electric motor of moderate power. It will come with a Tianjin Lishen battery. The battery will be of ternary lithium type and will have a rating of 30kWh. The driving range of this battery will be near 250 KMs. The batter consumed per 100 KMs of driving is about 10.8 kWh. In an overall sense, the battery is a powerful one and will help the users to have a hassle-free electric vehicle experience.

Safety Features in Renault KWID Electric

There are a lot of safety features included in the Renault KWID Electric. You will be able to find high-quality airbags as well as a seat belt reminder system in this model. Along with these features, you will also find a high-speed alert system in this EV. The results of crash tests are also excellent. Thus we can conclude that the Renault KWID Electric is a very safe car to drive.

Renault KWID Electric Review

Other important features in Renault KWID Electric

A lot many features will be provided in the Renault KWID Electric. First of all, high-quality cruise control will come along with this EV. There will be a sunroof as well as rear AC vents in this car. You will also find a cooled glove-box as an additional feature. Many important safety features like airbags, premium seatbelts, and others will be available in this model. In an overall sense, you can consider the Renault KWID Electric as the complete car having all the necessary features that you can think of.

Why Renault KWID Electric car is Unique?

The car is unique in the sense that it is the cheapest EV that you can avail of from the Indian markets. It has all the necessary functionalities of an EV along with other features at a cheap price. So this car differs from the others based on the price range in which you can buy this vehicle. Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 30 kWh
2 Power N/A
4 Range 250 KMs
5 Charging Time 6 hrs
6 Price Less than 6 Lakhs

Price of Renault KWID Electric

The starting price of the Renault KWID Electric will be near 6 Lakhs. It is indeed the cheapest Electric car that you can avail of in India. The benefit of an Electric Car at a price of near 6 lakhs is a win-win situation for the customers. Based on the advantages rendered by the Electric Vehicles and various other features included in this car, the Renault KWID Electric is worth buying a car at this price. People who are fond of electric cars and are tight on a budget should look for this car as this car is the cheapest option in the Electric cars segment.

Renault KWID Electric India


We have seen the different features and advantages of Renault KWID Electric. We found that all the essential capabilities which are found in the EVs are available in this car. Along with the regular Electric Vehicle Features, there are many other extra features that this car offers. Also, the price is on the lower side. Hence we conclude that this car is a must-buy car for people who want to have an EV that is not too expensive.

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