Renault Morphoz – Futurist Robotic Concept Electric Car

Renault Morphoz – Futurist Robotic Concept Electric Car

Renault has a history of launching concept cars, including the Trezor two-seater coupe at the 2016 Paris exhibition, the RS 2027 futuristic F1 car at the 2017 Shanghai show, the Symbioz self-driving concept at the 2018 Frankfurt show, and a trio of electric vehicles at the 2018 Frankfurt show.

According to François Leboine, Renault’s Design Concept Cars Director, in an interview with Pocket-lint, the Morphoz is the fifth automobile in this concept series, with an emphasis on “offering exactly what you need at the time you need it.

The Renault Morphoz is based on Nissan’s co-developed CMF EV modular platform, which represents version 2.0 of the company’s electric cars. Of course, the Renault Morphoz won’t be seen on the road for a long time, if at all, but it is based on genuine technology used in future Renault and Nissan automobiles.

Interior Design of Renault Morphoz

The Renault Morphoz’s interior is adaptable. This statement is accurate regarding the internal area that the space may expand and the seating arrangement. At the stroke of a button, the passenger seat may be turned, allowing passengers to sit next to each other. Because driving is still high on the French agenda, the driver’s seat is always in its original position. Because the Morphoz is capable of level 3 autonomous driving, the driver should still take control.

Renault Morphoz Interior

It’s also possible to make the entire instrument panel vanish, rendering all buttons and digital displays useless. According to Renault, it is essential since it diverts our attention away from the situation on the road. But, according to Renault, this stems from the notion that smartphones and digital screens are taking over our lives and should be limited. The Morphoz, in its way, is a gathering spot for families to begin on a trip together. As a result, it’s strange that the car also has audio technology that allows each passenger to listen to their music through advanced speakers that can only focus on one person at a time, allowing them to disconnect from the rest of the passengers for a bit.

Exterior Design of Renault Morphoz

The Morphoz has a futuristic look that is unmistakably Renault. A continuous light unit is found on the back, and while this is a trend among many automobile manufacturers, it also suits the French. The nose is adorned with a famous diamond that is part of the renowned family face. However, the proportions of this electric vehicle are strikingly similar to those of a gasoline-powered car. The Morphoz features a lengthy and high nose that appears to have room for many combustion engines.

Renault Morphoz

Renault chose this shape because the large nose gives the car power and status. But the future EVs should lead the way when it comes to design within the model range. This idea means that they ‘determine the direction’ and that cars with combustion engines will follow those designs. If a model also comes with a variant with a (probably small) petrol engine, there must still be room for it.

Engine & Battery of Renault Morphoz

Level 3 autonomous credentials are also included with the Morphoz. Artificial Intelligence is also used for numerous creature comforts and equipment. The range supplied by the powertrain ranges between 350 and 600 kilometers, depending on the battery pack. Renault has also implemented a dual-use battery pack. When not in use, the Morphoz may utilize an intelligent charging device and V2G (vehicle to grid) bidirectional technology to power items in the house or nearby region. Different battery packs can be employed for automobiles in the future, thanks to this battery sharing. With Morphoz’s linked features, Renault also hopes to promote ride-sharing.

Renault Morphoz Concept car

The Morphoz is a standard crossover with a 4.4-meter length and a 2.7-meter wheelbase. It has a 40-kilowatt-hour battery and a single electric motor.  So Renault thinks there’s plenty for a day out in town.

Features & Specs of Renault Morphoz

The Morphoz delivers a secure, tranquil, and welcome experience for its passengers by combining artificial intelligence, networking, and other intelligent technologies. The vehicle is occupied with level 3 autonomy, and the idea improves road safety by reducing over 90% of human mistakes; the technology also allows the driver to remove the steering wheel and control the vehicle.

Renault Morphoz Back View

Price of Renault Morphoz

Twizy, Zoe, and Twingo, together with corporate cars, are presently the only electric vehicles available in that market. Still, the business plans to expand swiftly into the B and C segments. The Renault Morphoz demonstrates that Renault can produce a variety of automobiles with various sizes, battery packs, and engines using a modular chassis (CMF-EV). Within those possibilities are front-wheel, four-wheel, and rear-wheel drive.

Other details regarding price, location of manufacturing, official introduction to the public as an on-road vehicle are unknown. Let us hope that it will hit the roads soon and pave the path for the forthcoming electrical vehicle trend.


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