Renault Zoe Electric – Features, Design & Performance with Pros & Cons

Renault Zoe Electric – Features, Design & Performance with Pros & Cons

It is obvious that we are heading towards the world of electric cars and Renault proved their bravery by putting initial steps towards this biggest known change in the automobile industry with their latest launch named Renault Zoe Electric.

Renault Zoe Electric is a French manufactured five-door mini car, which was Europe’s top-selling electric Car for consecutive years 2015-2016 which proves its value in the category of the city car. This five-door Ford Fiesta-sized hatchback can comfortably go nearly 200 miles on a single charge, costs less to buy than most rivals, and comes with numerous standard features, including a home-installed 7kW charger.

The Renault Zoe Electric car has a driving range of about 239 miles with a 52 kWh capacity, is ideal for long trips, and is safe for driving. It has two electric motors R11 and a larger motor R135. It provides an effortless torque with fast acceleration which creates an overall smooth driving experience. The Renault Zoe Electric is well equipped with advanced driving tools to help you in performing different functions like helping with blind mirror spots and an easy parking assist system.

Interior of Renault Zoe Electric

Renault Zoe Electric 2022 Interior

When it comes to the interior, the two generations of Renault Zoe Electric have a slightly different approach. The cabin is finished in light colors with little contrast, which is a departure from the typical dark grey shades. The earliest cars were clearly designed to look different from conventional cars, so the cabin is finished in light colors with little contrast, which is a departure from the typical dark grey shades.

The Renault Zoe interior remains distinct from that of regular automobiles. Because the battery pack is beneath the floor, you sit high up, most people should have little trouble getting comfortable inside the Zoe, though keep in mind the high seating posture created by the battery pack located beneath the floor.

Renault Zoe Electric Interior

The exterior of Renault Zoe Electric

Although appearances are subjective, we find Zoe’s design to be boring. It’s comparable to the less priced Renault Clio, which starts at £15,895 (the hybrid model at £20,995) and doesn’t stand out among its rivals. It’s not as distinctive as the Honda e, for example.

Renault Zoe Electric

Glacier White is the only color option that costs nothing extra. Highland Grey, Titanium Grey, and Diamond Black will set you back £560; Zircon Blue, Quartz White, Flame Red, Aconite, and the featured Celadon Blue will set you back £660.

Battery and Charging in Renault Zoe Electric

It has a li-ion battery. Lithium battery is power efficient and the best entertainer in blistering and chilly climates. These batteries are more steady. In addition, they are eco well disposed, lightweight, minimal and in particular, have low upkeep.

Renault Zoe EV Charging

Regardless of whether at home, around, at the general store, or on the motorway, you can re-energize your Renault Zoe anyplace, whenever. A CCS Combo connector guarantees the vehicle is viable with the most remarkable charging stations in Europe, for example, the quick and fast chargers found on thruways, as well as a Type 2 connector for ordinary charging terminals.

The Renault Zoe Electric powertrain has grown and improved over time, with several enhancements that have boosted performance and range. The Zoe had only one variant at the time of its launch, with a 90PS electric engine and a 22kWh battery, giving it an official range of 130 to 150 miles on a single charge.

Renault Zoe Electric Engine

Charging time and recuperated driving depends on :

  • Temperature
  • Battery wear
  • The power conveyed by the station
  • Your charge level


The Renault Zoe Electric is a five-entryway supermini electric vehicle delivered by the French producers Renault. The Zoe’s reach: 150 genuine kilometers in 2012, 300 km WLTP in 2016 (Z.E. 40 battery), and 395 km WLTP today (Z.E. 50 battery). The Renault Zoe Electric is along these lines the benchmark multipurpose electric city vehicle for the market. Furthermore, this key selling point adds to its business achievement. With strong low-speed acceleration and relatively low noise levels, the driving experience is typical of an electric automobile.

Pros in Renault Zoe Electric:

  • It’s delightful to drive with good acceleration.
  • Noise levels are low, and the ride is smooth.
  • It is simple to live with a good standard specification.

Cons in Renault Zoe Electric:

  • Early models had a limited range.
  • If you buy new, it’s still a costly option.
  • In 2021, the Euro NCAP safety grade is concerned.

What makes Renault Zoe Electric different from other electric cars?

If you’ve by no means pushed an electric-powered vehicle before, you’ll possibly climb out after a check force pondering just how regular the Renault Zoe Electric feels, even after a surprisingly brief quantity of time in the back of the wheel. It’s a vehicle developed to optimize variety, simplify charging and deliver a driving experience assembling the best standards in safety and luxury.

The fresh lithium-ion Z.E. Forty batteries evolved by Renault function in an innovative era that doubles its capability without growing in length. Renault Zoe’s range is a standout characteristic; properly, all Zoes come with a 52kWh 400v  lithium-ion battery, which offers an authentic variety of 245 miles. 

Final Thoughts

The Renault Zoe is a Fiesta-sized electric-powered automobile, tremendously low-priced,  especially capable, and having been the primary mainstream EV to go on sale in Europe. Renault Zoe Electric car is made with lithium-ion batteries that are situated under the seats having 71 kW power. It was estimated that if the car would be charged at a conventional 230 volts socket then it would have a range of 160 km at a speed of 145 km per hour.  However, the Renault Zoe lacks a driver’s feel as well as an inspirational interior and exterior design, but it is otherwise the ideal vehicle for young families. It’s extremely practical, with seating for up to five people and a range of nearly 200 miles on a single charge.

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