Revolt Rv400 Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

Revolt Rv400 Review – Specs, Performance & Price in India

It is known globally that Electric Vehicles are evolving as an alternative to vehicles that are run by petrol or diesel.

Engines running on gas were also a good option lately. But, EV’s have begun a revolution in the automobile industry by intruding in almost all sectors of the automobile industry. Even India was not spared by the revolution created by these EVs.

Presently, the Indian automobile market has also started to adopt this EV culture.

EV’s have a lot of benefits attached to them. Such as:

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Can be charged anywhere like home, office, and EV charging stations.
  • It produces the same power as petrol and diesel engines.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Eco-Friendliness and so on.

These electric vehicles have two categories,

1.Battery electric vehicles-In this the electricity is stored in the Battery Pack.

2.Plug-in Hybrids- They have a large Battery, but they combine with a petrol or diesel engine.

The existing scenario EV’s include electric busses, Cars, Motorcycles, and scooters. It is estimated as this industry is going to develop its EV segment by 60% in the next 2years.

Elon Musk has also confirmed to introduce Tesla to the Indian market in 2021.

Let’s talk about the Indian EV industry. In India, Electric scooters have been already introduced a few years back and were also accepted by the buyers to some extent.

But the electric bike industry is taking up its arms since the year 2020. Yes, indeed the covid19 had created a financial crisis situation

But, the Revolt RV400 has evolved as a decent option for Indian bikers.

The Revolt RV400 is a low weight electric bike that can be used as a great commuter for city usage. The Founder of the startup ‘Micromax’, Mr. Rahul Sharma is also the founder of Revolt Motors. He claims to provide a product to the Indian market which is an unseen package for the involving Indian biker generation.

Revolt Rv400 Review India

The Revolt RV400 has to offer a lot in its package.

Design of Revolt Rv400 

Revolt Motors have successfully created a striking design for its naked street straphanger.

It has a muscular chest tank and the huge tank extensions give it a manly look.It has a lightweight single cradle frame. The design helps to maintain a proper upright posture of the rider.

It offers good ground clearance and a person who has a height of 5.5 inches can also ride it comfortably. The seats are low and help the rider to touch his feet on the ground. As far as the chassis is concerned at the rear it has a Boston subframe that is attached to a one-piece seat. 

Revolt Rv400 Review India

Headlamps of Revolt Rv400

The Revolt RV400 has Full led headlamps which supply a great amount of illumination up to 150m of light on the road.

Taillamps of Revolt Rv400 

RV400 has a digital taillamp with an extraordinary design. When you apply those brakes the girls will surely go wow! It also comes with digital indicators.

Digital Meter in Revolt Rv400

The bike is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster which illustrates the different modes on which the bike is running. These modes are Eco, Sport, and City.

Mobile in Revolt Rv400

The bike comes with an inbuilt 4g card that connects with the revolt server. This card can be connected to the mobile with software provided by Revolt Motors which can be downloaded from play store.

Revolt Rv400 Sounds

Now, this bike has something different. You can choose amongst 4 sound types or even no sound. Now, how’s that!

Revolt Rv400 Sound

Weight of Revolt Rv400

In a motorcycle, weight plays a vital role as far as controlling, swinging through potholes and physical strain is concerned. The RV400 has a curb weight of 108kg. With this weight, Even the girls can have an invigorating ride on this electric beast.

Tyres of Revolt Rv400-

The front tyre size is 90/80-17 and the rear tyre size is 120/80-17 and both tyres are tubeless. Users commented that these tyres possess great braking capacity, even at high speeds.

Suspension in Revolt Rv400

RV400 has a front upside down and rear mono-shock suspensions. The rear mono shocks are adjustable, what more can you ask for?

The battery of Revolt Rv400

Now, the main part. This electric bike comes with a 3kwh motor. The motor produces 5kw of power and 50nm of torque. A 3kw Lithium battery is provided with an unlimited kilometers range.

Revolt Rv400 Engine

Topspeed in Revolt Rv400

RV400 runs at 85km/hr in sport mode with a range of 90kms. While in the city it runs at 65km/hr With a range of120kms. Whereas in the eco mode the bike can touch the speed of 45km/hr with a  range of 156km.

Pricing of Revolt Rv400

The bike two color options and two variants, the colors are black and red and the variants include the low one at 1,29,463rs and the top variant at 1,47,963rs.

Revolt Motors has offered an EMI plan as well. It includes an offer of 3999rs for 37 months, which is attracting potential buyers. With so much to offer Revolt Motors is creating its place in the market.

As far as the Revolt Rv400 product is concerned you should give it a try at your nearest showroom. Maybe you will join the revolution.


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