Rimac Nevera – The €2 Million Fastest Electric Car in The World

Rimac Nevera – The €2 Million Fastest Electric Car in The World

The Rimac Nevera has been unveiled by Rimac, a maker of electric supercars and a provider of e-mobility technology. The Croatian manufacturer’s second unique model will have a horsepower of 1914 hp. Named after a swift and unexpected Mediterranean storm, the Nevera is the production version of the prototype C Two model that debuted in March 2018.

“This is the car I thought of when I started the ‘impossible’ journey ten years ago. All our hard work culminates in the Nevera – our record-breaking hypercar. This car was made to leave the competition behind and raise the bar, to redefine the standard for sports cars,” said Mate Rimac, founder of the Croatian company.

Interior Design of Rimac Nevera 

The interior of Rimac Nevera is a blend of light brown leather and carbon fiber, as seen in recent revisions. However, this is just one among a plethora of options. The GT, Signature, and Timeless models are available from Rimac. Customers can also completely customize the car according to their preferences. In any case, the passengers are seated in Alcantara-covered carbon seats that can be modified electronically.

rimac nevera features

The digital instruments are linked by a central touchscreen, which is surrounded on the center console by mechanical buttons. Other aluminum dials regulate driving modes and power distribution between the front and back axles, while the speed control dial rests on the left side of the steering wheel and begins the car after a push instruction. The front passenger has its own monitor as well, which shows the current speed and required power. Rimac does not employ a pitman arm in any way. The steering wheel controls the turn signals, lights, and wipers. The ventilation nozzles are matte aluminum, and the entire dashboard is angled slightly toward the driver.

Exterior Design of Rimac Nevera 

Rimac Nevera goes without saying that an automobile of this stature must create a striking first impression. The butterfly doors with their large cutouts also help. However, advancements in aerodynamics are more important in terms of driving dynamics. The efficiency of body parts, diffusers, splinters, and air inlets has improved by 34% in comparison to earlier prototypes in the production model, thanks to the modeling of body parts, diffusers, splinters, and air inlets. Depending on the driving situation, all active aero elements, including the rear wing, change independently of one another. The carbon fiber construction weighs less than 200 kilograms. It is the largest of its kind in the automotive industry and also offers the stiffest structure of a car to date, according to Rimac. Rimac also places this figure at the top of all cars ever built. 

rimac nevera Exterior

Engine & Battery of Rimac Nevera 

Given Nevara’s immense power, that rigid construction is also essential. The latest hypercar boasts a power output of 1408 kW and a torque output of 2360 Nm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds thanks to this. Those who dare can reach a high speed of 412 km/h in a sprint. In 9.3 seconds, the Nevara completes the sprint to 300 km/h. The energy for the engine comes from a 120 kWh lithium-manganese-nickel battery pack designed by Rimac. The battery pack is an integral aspect of the vehicle’s design. According to Rimac, it increases the stiffness of the carbon fiber monocoque by 37%. The Nevera’s low, central floor leads to an ‘ultra-low center of gravity, a 48-52 weight distribution, and the finest possible handling, according to the manufacturer.

rimac nevera

Features & Specs of Rimac Nevera 

Rimac Nevera has a steer-by-wire system without a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels. Here, a control unit forwards the steering commands recorded by sensors electrically. On the central display, all data about the car’s performance may be viewed and, if necessary, transferred to a mobile device. Rimac also includes a smartphone app as part of the whole package. It’s also exciting to see a virtual driving instructor integrated. With data on all known racetracks, the artificial intelligence provides acoustic and optical tips on the best line, braking, and acceleration points in real-time, that is, while driving on the course.

rimac nevera Interior

Price of Rimac Nevera  

Superlatives are hard to come by in the automotive industry for a reasonable price, and the Rimac Nevera is no exception. Mate Rimac, the company’s CEO, wants ₹ 17.5 crores for his innovative electric sports equipment. The limit of 150 pieces, as is customary, contributes to the pricing. It will take five weeks to manufacture a model once series production begins on the new production line at the factory in Veliko Trgovie, Croatia. Four client automobiles will be constructed per month if the plant runs at full capacity. Pre-production, on the other hand, will begin around the end of December 2020. The final tests take place at the same time. On a total of 17 prototypes and ten pre-series cars, the finishing touches in terms of power electronics, aerodynamics, and chassis are being applied; Mate Rimac’s team has also been conducting crash testing with them for some time.

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