Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle – Design, Features, Range & Price

Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle – Design, Features, Range & Price

The Ryvid Anthem, a revolutionary new electric motorcycle, will soon be available on the US market for electric motorcycles, shaking up the sector. Additionally, the company intends to accomplish it at a price that will encourage cyclists to climb hills rather than flee them. Ryvid has unveiled the Anthem Launch Edition, a new electric motorcycle with a $7800 price tag, a reported weight of 240 pounds, a top speed of over 75 mph, and a range of up to 75+ miles. Gearheads from the aerospace sector formed the American-based Ryvid firm. The company’s name is derived from the combination of “rhythm” and “avid,” motion and feeling components that characterize riding.

The new electric motorcycle business Ryvid has been working covertly on a cutting-edge light electric motorcycle. Given the lack of US-based electric motorbike producers, any newcomer is sure to cause a stir. However, Ryvid isn’t your typical new electric motorcycle startup. A group of engineers and designers is merging their lifetime love of motorbikes with their extensive knowledge of the automotive and light aviation industries.

Exterior of Ryvid Anthem

The bike’s frame is made in an entirely unique fashion, to start with. The Ryvid Anthem is a super-lightweight and simple-to-assemble unit that uses folded aluminum and stainless steel sheets in place of a standard tubular frame.  The bike even has some cutting-edge shape-shifting technology, such as the ability to adjust the seat height by up to four inches (10 cm) in order to alter the bike’s geometry and fit for taller and shorter riders. Since the seat’s actuator can lift several hundred pounds, it can even be modified while the rider is on top. Thus, the saddle height of the bike can change from 30′′ to 34′′.

Ryvid Anthem Design

Ryvid was able to incorporate many mounting places for the suspension and head tube thanks to the inventive frame design. Altering the bolted head tube angle or suspension mounting locations is as simple as altering how the bike feels and rides. Additionally, it makes the bike future-proof, enabling simple swaps for new components and upgrades.

Weight of Ryvid Anthem

Although the 240 lb (108 kg) total weight of the bike is already relatively modest for an electric motorcycle, the low center of gravity makes the vehicle feel much more maneuverable.

The 65 lb (29.5 kg) battery pack, is detachable when needed and weighs a significant portion of the Anthem. The method for removing the battery from the bike is pretty brilliant because, after being unlocked, it lowers down and rolls smoothly inside an apartment or office building thanks to built-in wheels.

Ryvid Anthem Features

Features in Ryvid Anthem

The Ryvid Anthem electric bike has features including keyless ignition and LED lights. Additionally, it boasts a 4.9-inch TFT display that shows information such as the bike’s speed and battery life. There is also a USB connector available, which you may use to charge your phone or other electronic devices.

Riding Modes and Range of Ryvid Anthem

Ryvid Anthem Range & modes

This electric bike has two riding modes that may be adjusted depending on the rider’s preference: Eco and Sports. The top speed of this electric bicycle is 120 kph. Additionally, it has a mileage of 120km (km) on a full charge.

The CEO of the company stated that this bike’s special frame design allows for customization in a variety of ways. It features numerous mounting locations for the suspension and head tube. Additionally, in the event of a defect, it is easily reparable. If a part is broken, it can be readily replaced.

Battery of Ryvid Anthem

The 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery of the EV can be charged in three hours using a 220V outlet or in six hours using a 110V outlet. The swingarm of the Anthem is a single-piece die-cast structure with embedded cooling fins for maximum efficiency, housing the fully enclosed motor and belt drive. Additionally, greater longevity and reduced maintenance are provided by enclosing the motor and belt drive. A 4.7:1 ratio is used to convey the 53 ft-lb of torque from the motor to the road, resulting in a final drive torque output of up to 250 ft-lb. Utilizing regenerative braking technology also allows for the recovery of dynamic energy.

Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle

Price of Ryvid Anthem

The cost of the Ryvid Anthem electric bicycle is $7,800. (approximately Rs 6.23 lakh). On August 14th, 2022, this bicycle will be made available for purchase in the US market. It will be put up for sale the following year.


Only 1,000 Launch Edition Anthems will be available when they go on sale on August 14th, 2022, according to Ryvid. According to Ryvid, deliveries won’t begin until the summer of 2023, giving the firm plenty of time to distinguish itself from the competition in the US-based electric motorcycle market. In the EV motorcycle market, which is now dominated by brands like Zero Motorcycles and Harley-LiveWire, Davidson’s receives a brand-new contender, one that not only has the foundation and the brains, but also an ingenious pilot product in the form of the Anthem.

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