Segway GT2 – A High Performance eScooter

Segway GT2 – A High Performance eScooter

It’s understandable why the Segway GT2 is the company’s top-of-the-line model. It is beautifully constructed, well-designed, and equipped with a variety of functions that make it ideal for both pleasure and commuting. Additionally, the dual-motor GT2 is a terrific option if power and speed are your main priorities.

What about the translucent dashboard that resembles a fighter jet’s heads-up display? Or Boost mode, which we can only compare to a double espresso in the morning when you’re feeling drowsy. That and a bag of chips are what this scooter is. The main drawback is the significant 287,928 price tag. One of the priciest scooters available is this one. However, the GT2 is absolutely worth the price if you can afford it.

No, it isn’t constructed like a tank! It has a polished appearance, much like an heir to a throne who was schooled privately. To put it mildly, the scooter has a luxury design, and wow, does she look good traveling down the street?

The components come together perfectly to create a scooter whose performance is both bold and lovable. You can explore some challenging tracks thanks to the dual adjustable suspension, torquey engines, and self-healing tires, and the potent dual disc brakes will bring you to a secure halt as soon as you need them.

The Segway GT2 Electric Scooter isn’t the quickest or has the most range that we’ve ever tested, but it’s also not the slowest either. Although the GT2’s tested top speed of 67.3 km/h means you won’t reach 60 mph, you won’t lose out on the rider’s rush. The battery also has a range of roughly 32.9 miles, which is sufficient for a respectable roundtrip. Remember that riding cautiously will offer you a little bit more range.

Is the Segway GT2 suitable for Bulky Riders?

The Segway GT2 electric scooter’s motor is strong enough to support riders weighing up to 149 kg, which is a respectable weight limit. The deck is wide and long to enable comfortable riding postures, so bigger riders will also benefit from more legroom, And in the event you were curious, you might be capable of moving your feet in the middle of the ride.

Segway GT2

The large battery capacity offers enough juice to sustain both light and heavy riders during their trips. In fact, as long as the user is within the acceptable weight range, the scooter doesn’t lose far too much power traveling up hills when it has an adequate charge.

Acceleration of the Segway GT2

Despite not having the fastest acceleration ever tested, the Segway GT2 scooters offer exceptional acceleration. The speed on both GT2 beast scooters is surprisingly smooth when you start from a complete stop, but it quickly increases as you gain speed.

Design Segway GT2

According to Segway, the GT2 electric scooter accelerates from 0 to 48 km/h in 3.9 seconds; nevertheless, in our tests, the scooter reached 48 km/h in 4.1 seconds. Not bad at all considering the GT2 finished fourth behind the NAMI BURN-E, Wolf King GT, and Apollo Pro Ludicrous, the three quickest scooters we’ve ever tested.

The GT2 electric scooter would perform better if the throttle was more sudden.

Top Speed of the Segway GT2

Although we have ridden at a higher speed, we have no complaints about the top speed. The GT2’s manufacturer claims a top speed of 70.0 km/h, however, we were only able to push it as far as 67.3 km/h. The maximum speed claimed by Segways is likely attainable under more ideal circumstances. By switching the dial adjuster to either Walk, Eco, Sport, or Race, you can also set a top speed limit.

Speed of Segway GT2

We also learned during the range test that the GT2’s acceleration decreased noticeably below 30% battery. However, despite the performance decline, the scooter still managed to travel uphill at 48 km/h at a 30% speed. We should also mention that at this point, the experiences in Race and Eco modes were comparable. The GT2 was maintained till the battery level fell to 10%.

Hill Climb of the Segway GT2

The GT2 excels at climbing hills. I used it to climb our standard, 60-meter test hill with a 10% slope. With a performance that was almost identical to the Dualtron Thunder II, the GT2 was indeed the fifth-fastest scooter to ever ascend our test hill. The scooter made an average ascent to the peak while traveling at top speed from a standing start.

Range of the Segway GT2

Range of Segway GT2

Although the GT2’s promised range is a little exaggerated, we still got good enough economy during the range test. It should be remembered that manufacturers commonly cite range figures for cautious speeds and nearly ideal conditions.

The GT2’s advertised range is, but our test results in Race mode and with Boost always on were. The range of the GT2 is significantly lower than that of the Wolf King GT or the BURN-E and more in line with that of light-to-heavyweight scooters. Of course, operating in Sport or ECO mode will give you greater range, but in order to maintain consistency, every scooter we test for the range is driven in its quickest mode while being driven in a realistic-looking manner.

Price of the Segway GT2

The electric scooter comes in at $4000.

Ride Quality of the Segway GT2

There are a few reasons why the GT2 seems like a strong contender for the greatest electric scooter we’ve ever experienced in terms of ride quality.

To begin with, we adore the twist throttle. Every bike in the world uses them for a good reason. The GT2 throttle feels simple to use and straightforward. At the start of the journey, there is no dead zone, and the answer is prompt without feeling abrupt. When you start the GT2 from a complete stop, the acceleration is remarkably smooth for a powerful scooter, but it quickly picks up speed as you go faster.

Once you’re moving, the mid-range speed is so powerful that it could seem a little jittery, for instance, if you’re trying to go perfectly. But fortunately, reason number 2, the BEST Cruise Control EVER, takes care of this issue! It instantaneously goes on with a simple thumb tap, and any braking or throttle input makes it turn off. One press will quickly keep your exact current speed even if you’re cruising with no throttle applied.

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