SemaConnect – EV Market may find the bloom which is Missing

SemaConnect – EV Market may find the bloom which is Missing

Aren’t you surprised by the EV market today? The answer should go in both ways but this is something which can change your mindset about the upcoming electronic technology in the market.

We are talking about the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities in the North American market with over 12000 active charging stations – SemaConnect. Founded in 2008 by Mahi Reddy (his sixth successful company) now aims to serve it’s electronic charging technology in India.

SemaConnect, based in the Indian market, the company has made EV chargers in India for over 10 years now, for the export market.

SemaConnect - EV Charging Technology

When asked about the EV chargers that will be deployed, we got the following information.

  • The Series 4 – This is a new flagship product for the commercial segment which include cellular and wifi modules, also fulfills the durability requirements for the weather conditions. With a compact design, it is a 7.2kw AC level 2 charger which can work as a multi use product.
  • The Series 6 – This is the best seller across the years for SemaConnect. Made with a rugged aluminum body, it is supported by thousands of installations. Again, this a multi use product too.
  • The Series 7 and 7Plus – This series comes with a dual port charger station which is designed for the fleet market. Comes with faster charging and for the people who drive their vehicles for a longer period of time. It’s a 7.2kw charger. The company promised to launch 7plus in Q3 which is a 80 Amp charger and other specifications being similar to series 7.
  • The Series 3 – This is a ⅔ vehicle charging solution expected to launch in Q3. This could be the best product for the unique use cases prevalent in india. The company already got some handful enquiries for this product.

SemaConnect Series 7 Smart EV Charger

With advantages for the Indian market, there could be some aspects on which every company should come up with core solutions. Today, the main drawback will  be the infrastructure. As there are many industries growing up by huge margins, EV technology can face the problem of building up an empire in the market.

Where the company wants to add a volume to the charger density by offering these products with extensive market acceptance and features like wireless technology, OLED screen, app for the drivers, LED lights etc.

But what about those systems which are being built for the export market, which require a high level of power and are really expensive? Certainly, they are and that’s why it can be the drawback.

What can we expect? If we go through the sources, by 2025, the EV demand will touch 4 million vehicles, growing to almost 10 million by 2030.

And at this point of time SemaConnect entering the Indian market can shape a huge demand for the industry. If the charging solutions ride the wheel on the right target, there will be a boom as it could be a highly scalable, affordable and easily accessible technology India could ever see.

But what SemaConnect has done in the past few years, we can hope for better ideas in the Indian market. While the CEO himself said about big plans and solutions to cater the Indian motifs, which includes cost effective solutions to provide the 2 and 3 wheeler segments.

Not to forget about the several Indian manufacturers also in the talks for this charge point device, SemaConnect will definitely hold the ends to be the future technology for EV market in the upcoming time.

And EV can definitely rule this decade by the economic and sustainable changes. When pollution changes the graphics of this country, we need to find a suitable change and just like the digital market and gadgets ruled this decade, EV can be the next gem for the country.

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