Svitch XE Fatbike – Best Folding Electric Bicycle

Svitch XE Fatbike – Best Folding Electric Bicycle

Svitch is a brand-new player in the bicycle market. This Svitch is an Indian company that specializes in electric bicycles that fold up. Two models have been released by Svitch. Here is a detailed preview of the Svitch XE folding electric bicycle.

Design of Svitch XE Fatbike

The Svitch XE that was available for a test drive had a fully blue frame with white serving as the text’s secondary color. The shining finish on the gloss paint job was neatly applied. The frame of this foldable bike was made with straightforward welds and levers for effortless folding and opening. A bottle cage, a mobile phone holder, and a combination lock that is attached to a holder on the tube are just a few of the extras that are packed inside the handlebar. The blue strip LED rear light on the saddle post and the front adjustable white LED light fixed to the fork are both functional safety features.

Svitch XE Fatbike Foldable Electric Bicycle Design

The foldable frame for the Svitch XE is composed of 6061 alloys. Since electric bicycles tend to be heavy, the Alloy makes sure the weight is under control. With the help of a sturdy metal lever, this frame folds down from the center, and the handlebar does the same. Without using a tool, it is simple to open and close these levers. Shorter riders may easily and safely mount and dismount thanks to the low top tube, while riders between the heights of 5′ and 6’4″ can find their ideal riding position thanks to the adjustable seat post and handlebar.

A bicycle with both front and rear suspension, the Svitch XE has complete suspension. The front suspension fork operates smoothly and contributes to reducing the majority of road surface vibrations. The rear suspension, which is located behind the saddle on the rear triangle of the frame, prevents the saddle from being completely affected by road vibrations.

Svitch XE Fatbike Foldable Electric Bicycle

Battery and Motor of Svitch XE Fatbike

The 9.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery that comes standard with the Svitch XE powers the company’s brushless DC rear hub motor. This battery is shielded from theft, the elements, and outside damage by being securely tucked away inside the top tube of the frame. A key that can be found outside the top tube at the bottom can be used to unlock this battery, which is locked within. Folding the frame and unlocking the lock make it simple to remove this battery. Controlling the amount of power provided by each pedal from the battery is made easier by the five different pedal assist settings. Just on the left side of the frame, there is a battery charging port. Additionally, the battery may be taken out and charged individually.

The right-side grip’s simple-to-use throttle enables the rider to move without using the pedals. The speed, trip meter, assist levels, and battery level is all displayed on the backlit, black and white LCD screen on the handlebar. This battery can go 35–40 km in throttle mode and 40–50 km in pedal assist mode on a single full charge. Due to the various riding circumstances and rider weight, these mileages will vary. The vehicle’s top speed while using only the throttle is 25 km/h, but it may go faster when using the pedal assist. A typical Indian plug takes 3.5 to 4 hours to fully charge this battery from empty to full.

Svitch XE Fatbike Electric Bicycle

Brakes and Steering of Svitch XE Fatbike

Mechanical Disc brakes of the Tektro brand are used at the front and rear of the XE to provide stopping power. Tektro brakes, which are part of the performance line, offered strong stopping power on the test trip.

This bike’s handlebars were the ideal length for a comfortable riding position and simple maneuverability. Smooth and simple to handle, the right-hand grip throttle made accelerating a breeze. This handlebar has a foldable design and a height adjustment.

Wheels and Saddle in Svitch XE Fatbike

A set of 20″ x 4″ fat tires power the Svitch XE. These Chaoyang tires have a lot of tread and roll quickly, making them ideal for both smooth and bumpy roads.

Svitch XE Electric Bicycle

When riding on rocky roads, the wide, well-cushioned stock saddle from Svitch kept the rider from getting sore.

Price of Svitch XE Fatbike

The Svitch XE comes in at Rs 59,990.


Without using any tools, you can easily fold and open this alloy folding-type frame. Powerful 9.6Ah battery with helpful 5-level pedal assist and rapid throttle acceleration. The Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes were strong and swiftly brought this bicycle to a stop at a speed of 20 to 25 km/h. It’s helpful to have the assortment of stock attachments that came with the cycle. The Svitch XE is a capable folding Alloy Electric Bicycle that costs Rs. 59,990 (as of November 6, 2019). It is great for commuting and leisure trips.

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