Tata Motors Introduces Its All New Electric Tata Curvv Concept Model

Tata Motors Introduces Its All New Electric Tata Curvv Concept Model

Tata Motors, the eminent homeland automaker of India again comes up with the concept model of its next electric beast to the brand lineup. On 6 April 2022, Wednesday Tata introduced the concept version of the all-electric Tata Curvv in India. And, this revelation was followed by the issuing of the teaser material on the current model by the auto major on 3 April 2022, Sunday.

The company reports that this mid-size SUV will be out primly as an electric model due to the increased demand for electric vehicles and later its petrol and diesel versions will also be available. And, these models will be engineered with the company’s new second-generation architecture that is specialized for electric vehicles. Hence, it will be equipped with larger batteries, efficient and rapid charging capability, and also claims a certified range and better performance along with the brand’s iconic design language.

Tata Curvv Electric Concept Coupe SUV unveiled in India, to get upto 500 km battery range

The Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, Shailesh Chandra came up with the point related to the launch that this vehicle based on the concept version will be out in two years from now and expected to hit the road for the customers in the year of 2024. The onlookers of its first look noted that this Tata Curvv will obviously stand apart from Tata’s other coupes and to be precise, much better than Tata Nexon EV. Also, its customized engineering and cutting-edge technology are expected not to stoop down by the toughest rival with Hyundai Kona Electric and MG ZS EV, etc. 

Tata Curvv Electric Suv Concept Unveiled In India

Tata Curvv looks longer than the subcompact Nexon EV as Curvv is with a length of 4.3m and a wheelbase of 50mm. Along with this, Tata Motors has also revealed its properties like its futuristic driving range of around 500km and amplified output of power owing to the fact that it holds a larger battery. Its pointed contour and chiselled body frame look like the Tata IMPACT 2.0 but stand out with an extra muscular design language. Its exterior styling is highlighted with lifted ride height, rough side cladding, front and rear fenders with bigger offsets, etc. The thickset enclosed panel is bordered with shiny slim DRLs with a triangular headlight design and the subjacent part of the bumper is with engraved pattern. This LED headlight follows the same pattern of other coupes of Tata and the Daylight Opening has also imbibed the classic graphics depicted in other SUV compacts. The rear portion of Tata Curvv is lit up with connected taillights where Tata flashed a unique style, and also in the case of wheels, the company has equipped aero blade 3D technology in which the wheels are with ultrathin and axial inspired airflow design, hence increases the airflow across the surfaces in addition to an aerodynamic airstream.

In Tata Curvv big panoramic glass sunroof is also mounted on the roof and it helps to incorporate the rear roofline with the angular shoulder line where the aforementioned muscular architecture trait could be evidently seen. The inner cabin is spacious enough with needed legroom and headroom also cargo space without much congestion.

More information about the inner cabin and its features in Tata Curvv electric are not available other than the self-supported screens operating for infotainment purposes and as an infotainment cluster. The electric automobile admirers are hopefully expecting more highlighting features and drastic positive differences with practical applications in the production model.

Tata Motors has already been in an admired position in the Indian auto market where it shares a market of 90% in the Indian electric car space only. The company sold 19,000 electric vehicles in this fiscal year which is a massive turnover while comparing to the previous year’s estimation of 4200 units. Hence, they are anticipating the same or more market response towards this model as it is even coming up with specialized architecture.


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