Tata Motors To Redistribute Tata Xpres T By Lithium Urban

Tata Motors To Redistribute Tata Xpres T By Lithium Urban

On Monday, 25th April 2022, Tata Motors signed an MoU ( Memorandum of Understanding) with an electric vehicle-based urban transportation service provider named Lithium Urban to extend the facility of employee transportation. On the basis of this partnership, Tata Motor’s all-time championing electric sedan, Tata Xpres- T will be redistributed by Lithium Urban counting 5000 units across the country. Even though Tata Motors had already unveiled Tata’s ‘Xpres’ label by July 2021, it aims only for fleet operators. However, this big step put forward by Lithium Urban will surely resonate with the second advent of Tata Xpres T owing to the targeting of this enterprise towards sustainable mobility.

Thus, this long term collaboration with Lithium Urban is a delighting matter for Tata Motors as Lithium Urban has always kept an eye on accelerating sustainability by bringing up solutions to market spaces that are enthusiastic, consumer-friendly, and responsible, thence they found the Indian market, where Tata Motors stands at a zenith rank, to back up the nation’s electric mobility mission. Such a partnership is not at all a novelty for Tata Motors as it has already joined hands together with other Tata group companies like Tata Motors Finance, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power, and Croma to improve the rapid takeover of electric vehicles based on its EV ecosystem labeled, ‘Tata UniEVerse’.

Tata Motors To Deploy 5,000 Tata Xpres T Electric Sedans With Lithium Urban

The Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, Shailesh Chandra commented “Targeted at mobility services, corporate and government fleet customers, the Tata Xpres T EV offers an optimal battery size, captive fast charging solution, which will ensure outstandingly low cost of ownership in addition to safety and passenger comfort, making it a comprehensive and attractive proposition for fleet owners and operators. This MOU is a big leap toward faster adoption of EVs in the shared mobility space and we are delighted to take forward our long-term partnership with Lithium Urban Technologies, which is on the path to providing mobility solutions with a focus on sustainability and supporting India’s e-mobility mission.”

Tata Motors To Supply 5,000 Tata Xpres T Electric Sedans With Lithium Urban 

As follows, deliveries of 5000 Tata Xpres T will be carried out in phases and will come to an end by next year. Tata Xpres T comes in two range variants, 213km and 165 km which are ARAI certified ranges under test conditions. It is loaded with a high energy density battery pack with a capacity of 21.5kWh and 16.5kWh respectively that could be juiced up by both fast charger and a normal charger that would be a 15A charging port. In the case of rapid charging, the charge will strike 80% in just 90 and 110 minutes. This battery will run a 72V three-part AC induction motor that puts out a power of 39bhp energy and with a torque rate of 105Nm.

Tata Xpres T is specially engineered with an all-black theme also Harman sound system, an automatic local weather-controlling setting, and a semi-digital instrument cluster. It is also packaged with two entrance airbags, ABS integrated with EBS, zero tailpipe emission, single-speed automatic transmission, and Eco sport driving modes in which all these elements are endowed as basic properties across the models. Thus, Tata offers us an electric beast that defines its all-inclusive and fine-tuned technical aspects exclusively for fleet owners and operators. In between, both the passengers and the driver gets the utmost safety coupled with spacious comfort owing to its superlative battery size and rapid-charging capability. We can consider this significant move as Tata’s tread towards achieving 87% of market share in the fiscal year 2022 and also to roll out 24,000 electric vehicles on the roads that is segmented for both fleet operators and personal customers.

The Founder and CEO of Lithium Urban Technologies, Sanjay Krishnan remarked about this association, “Our relationship with Tata Motors dates back to 2019 when we placed the first order for 500 vehicles. We are delighted that Tata Motors has brought to market a portfolio of vehicles that cater to the entire application spectrum of Corporate and Business travel needs. The order of 5000 vehicles is indeed a momentous occasion for Lithium, Tata Motors, and the entire EV ecosystem. It is a testament not only to the demand for Lithium’s services but also the quality of the products from Tata Motors.”

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