Tesla Model X Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

Tesla Model X Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

2021 Tesla Model X, based on Tesla’s iconic Model S Sedan is one of the demanding SUVs that comes along with its top-hinged rear doors. The model has managed to impress everyone with its solid battery capacity. The good thing about Model X is that it contains two electric motors providing on-demand all-wheel drive and performance-car acceleration.

Tesla Model X Review India

It is easy to handle as compared to other SUVs of this size. The additional feature of this model that can capture buyers’ attention is its option to add a third row of seats for family-trips. Just like other Tesla’s models Tesla Model 3, the Model X also comes loaded with a high-tech infotainment system and driver-assistance, and the all-new cabin is stylish and comfortable enough in this luxurious model. 

The exterior of the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is Tesla’s electric vehicle being promoted as one of the fastest SUVs that are readily available across the globe. It is one of the safest SUVs ever built by the company. It is a seven-seater that can travel up to 475km on a single charge. The Model X is fast charging and can go from 0 to 97kmph in just 2.9seconds.

Tesla Model X Exterior Review

No doubt, Model X is fast. It doesn’t contain any gear changes, engine vibration, or noise so you can drive it smoothly. The exterior is brilliantly calibrated, so it can easily move around with town traffic. It moves well to give you confidence even on busy streets.

Built from robust material, chassis, restraints and battery-charging technology leave no chance of injury.

Interior of Tesla Model X

The dashboard dominated by an HD 17 inches touchscreen controls most of the functions including the AC, audio system, suspension, and sat-nav. Its super-miniature design with only a few physical buttons on the entire dashboard will mesmerize you at the first instance.

Tesla Model X Interior India

The nearly buttonless interior design of this model is classic and royal. The best thing about Model X is its windshield/glass roof that runs seamlessly from front-seat passengers to the base of the hood giving an uninterrupted view of outside beauty.

Tesla’s Model X stands amongst the most tech-infused luxury vehicles available in the market today.

Most of Tesla’s experience holders love Tesla for two things – it’s amazing acceleration and its self-driving feature. Both of these are salient features. The Long-Range variant comes with plenty of space at the back for kids to enjoy their crisps and drinks. Above this, is the space that allows you to get down on your knees to clear all the mess later.

The last two rows of the passenger’s seat can be folded flat to expand trunk space.

The engine of the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X comes with two electric motors—one located at the front axle and one at the rear—ensuring all-wheel-drive capability. Its standard Long-Range Plus model can go from 0-to-60-mph in just 4.4 seconds. Its high-performance model provides a 341-mile range and can reach zero-to-60-mph in 2.6 seconds under its Ludicrous Mode.

The standard version comes with a large battery that can support up to a 371-mile driving range; the top-spec Performance model supports up to 341 miles. Tesla’s Superchargers are well-located across the country so you can drive your Model X without worrying about charging. Charging your Model X at home from a 240V or 120V connection may be slower, but is an easy option for buyers. Tesla does offer in-home charging devices for them. 

Safety of Tesla Model X

Most customers look for the latest technical features rather than luxury, toughness, and the Model X is one of the choices worth considering. Auto-pilot, semi-autonomous driving mode of Tesla utilizes sensors, cameras, and radar systems to identify and detect people, objects inside and out of the car. Big thanks to the top-hinged doors that made this feature a possibility. This model received a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The key safety features of this car include a Standard automated emergency braking system, a Standard lane-departure warning system, adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode, and much more.

Model X support features like maps and navigation with real-time traffic information, the latest safety technologies such as collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking; LED fog lights, dynamic LED turning lights, automatic keyless entry, glass panoramic windshield (in production), automatic keyless entry, and much more.

Tesla Model X Review

Pricing of Tesla Model X

The expected price of this luxury car is Rs.2 Cr. The company is planning to launch it in January 2022.


If you are thinking that an electric SUV could become your future family car, you are on the right track. Tesla is the pioneer in developing electric cars from scratch and still leads rivals like Audi, Jaguar, and Merc. They may be built better and are more familiar to the buyers, but Tesla is leading the race.

Tesla’s Model X is a fun and comfortable family car with space for everyone and a personality that can turn heads while you are on the go. One more thing-the charging network – Tesla has a huge network for charging its vehicle that you can buy it and leave your worries of charging it from station to station. Tesla Model X is a very good car. We won’t say it is cheap but is definitely a family-friendly car.

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