Tesla finally enters India, Registered Tesla’s India office in Bengaluru, India

Tesla finally enters India, Registered Tesla’s India office in Bengaluru, India

Tesla is being in Indian News for the last few days. It is saying that the coming of tesla in India, will be a boom for Indian development. Not sure about what is tesla and what is it all about?

Let’s have a detailed look at tesla and its market:

What is Tesla:

Tesla is an American Electric Vehicle Company, which also works in the field of sustainable and clean energy, and is based in California. Since 2008, Elon Mask is serving as the CEO of Tesla, who firmly believes that the main purpose of Tesla is to accelerate the world to sustainable energy and transportation, which could be done by solar powers and electric vehicles. 

TESLA Registered in Bangalore, India

Tesla has become the world’s best selling electric passenger car run by battery, surpassing 1 million productions of cars, in 2020. It is also become one of the biggest global suppliers of battery energy storage systems, installing some of the largest battery plants for storage across the world and supplying 1.65 GWh of battery, in 2019 itself. 

Tesla’s Strategic Goal: 

It solely works on creating super affordable electric vehicles in mass, and they started executing their long term goals with the manufacturing of premium sports car and then moving toward mainstream vehicles such as sedans. 

Types of Tesla Electric Vehicles:


Tesla Roadster is an amazing example of the bland of creativity and high-end technology. It is tesla’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV) which is an electric sports car, manufactured using lithium-ion battery cells. It was a boom in the vehicle industry because it can travel to more than 320 km in a single charge. 

Another considering fact about the launch is that this car was launched into orbit, where it is carried by a Falcon Heavy rocket through a test flight in 2018.  

Tesla Roadster Model

Roaster owes stunning internal as well as external dimensions, with three electric motors, two in the back and one in the front. Even at the highest speed, it is designed to cut all the frictional forces and air resistances using its fantastic aerodynamic design. 

The glass roof is removable, manufactured using the highest power plaid performance technology. Almost 3000 cars were sold in the first month of manufacture itself. 

  1. Model S – Luxury Sedan

It is the second model launched in the market by tesla. It is a five-door all-electric liftback sedan, owing to an EPA range of 647 km, more than any other electric battery car available in the whole world. This model of tesla became the top-selling electric plug-in vehicle in the complete world in 2015 and 2016. 

Tesla Model S Luxury Sedan

It consists of some of the most advanced functionalities including ludicrous plus mode and auto-piloting mode. Superchargers and auto raising suspensions are also available. Parking became easy with its advanced parking sensors mode.  Auto-pilots and over-the-air updates are also available, making it one of the most amazing sedan cars for people, at a very affordable price.  

  1. SUV, the Model X

Model X by Tesla is one of the safest SUVs one can ever buy. This expansive car is having a spacious sitting with the largest glass panoramic windshield ever, produced for any car. Up to 7 adults can easily sit in this car, comfortable. It is a mid-size luxury SUV, by Tesla. 

Tesla Model S - SUV

SUV Tesla came into the market in 2016, and within a year, it became the world’s best selling plug-in electric cars. In 2018, this model by tesla made a Guinness world’s record for “heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle.” 

The performance of this model goes from 0 to 97 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. This Tesla Model X autopilot SUV owes adaptive air suspension facility as well as quickest acceleration facility, which leads to much easy to use electric vehicle car for normal people. 

  1. Model 3 Sedan

It is an electric 4-door fastback sedan by tesla. It is having two versions, the first is the standard plus version, covering 423 km and another is the long-range version, covering 568 km. It is a phenomenal car that carries full self-driving hardware, where the software will get updated automatically, as per the functionality requirements. 

 Tesla Model S - Sedan

In March 2020, the Tesla Model 3 became the world’s largest best-selling car in the electric category, continuing it in 2018 and 2019. 

This car has ultra-high-strength steel coverage and a solid center of gravity, making it one of the models that can achieve easy structural rigidity. The material used to make this car is a blend of aluminum and steel to increase the safety of the occupant. This car offers great impact protection. 

  1. Model Y crossover

Model Y is an electric compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) manufactured by Tesla. It is the model that is based on the Model 3 Sedan, itself. This car offers an optional third-row seat for passengers to provide them comfy. 

Tesla Model Y Crossover

This car is less expensive as compared to other models by SUV. This model by SUV is the first car using a heat pump instead of electric resistance for cabin heating. In cold weather, model y is the most energy-efficient car, than tesla other models. 

The new heat pump known as octovalve, is one of the most significant changes in this model as it became a part of the cars’ thermal management system. 

Why Tesla?

Tesla offers the highest degree of vertical integration to its customers. Not only the company builds vehicle components for sale, but it also builds proprietary stations, where the tesla customers can charge their vehicles. Integration vertically, makes tesla one of the most auspicious parts of the automobile industry, since it is still very rare in the automobile industry. It makes tesla different from all other automobile firms. 

Tesla in India

Elon Musk shows his trust in India while setting up a research and development (R&D) center in Bangalore, India. The operations here will start soon. Tesla, the Indian Unit will be having three directors, which will help India to lead their journey towards green mobility. 

Though Banglore is finalized for the R&D center in India, by Tesla, the team is also in touch with four other state governments including Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. It is also been said that the Tesla Model 3 will be launched first in India, than any other place. 

How will the Tesla launch affect India?

India is now focussing on increasing the promotion of the use of electric vehicles in India. It has been seen that the ramped-up is being done for charging the infrastructure for increasing use of electric vehicles, plying on the roads. With tesla, entering here, it will be a vast change in India as people will move to electric motors now since the prices will be low.

Coming of tesla in Bangalore, leads to the opening of millions of jobs for Indian which ultimately affect the employment rate in the country. Not only this, but many investors will divert to India, helping India become more developing in terms of technology and infrastructures. 

Tesla in India is undoubtedly the most amazing news we have heard so far in 2021.

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