Tesla will share their Supercharging network with other EV brands

Tesla will share their Supercharging network with other EV brands

Tesla might introduce an amazing feature that will prove to be beneficial for all-electric vehicle users. Tesla’s Superchargers were installed in 2012 and till now, all of it lies under the brand only. The current count of Tesla’s Supercharging network is around 25k globally.

Earlier it was like, Tesla’s Supercharging network was only available for Tesla cars which means that the person who is owning Tesla will be only able to use and enjoy the Supercharging network provided by Tesla. These Supercharging networks are considered the biggest assets owned by the company.

Tesla to open Superchargers

But now there are rumours about it that Tesla might open up their biggest assets (i.e. the Supercharging network) for other brands too from next year. We all know that if it happens then it’ll be a very good initiative as the network could be utilized by other brands EV as well. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has also hinted many a time about the same. For now, we can think of two ways by which the facility can be provided:

  1. through the opening of the network to all.
  2. through agreement with certain manufacturers to charge also their EVs.

Practically, the first option is not feasible because it would not make sense that Tesla will be investing in the infrastructure of other brands EV as the charging business is quite challenging to be profitable at. The second option also seems quite difficult as other manufacturers and brands don’t want to support Tesla’s charging system, as it can lead to publicity of Tesla over their brands.

Thus, it leaves behind only the small and minor manufacturers to use the charging system provided by Tesla. Thus, it can be concluded that it’s not in Tesla’s interest to open the Supercharging network to other local brands and remove the issue of long-distance journeys as this would really pull down the other brands a lot.

Not all but some Superchargers may be publicly available by 2022 Tesla might open ‘some individual’ Supercharging network for all EVs (CCS Combo 2 connectors), according to some reports from Sweden and Norway.

Tesla to open Superchargers for other EVs in Norway

The reason behind opening those specific Supercharge stations might be public funding and fulfillment of other requirements. People aren’t sure, as of now what exactly the company would do but at least in Norway it will get materialize by the end of 2022.

The main issues associated with opening the network for all EVs are:

  • cost of the system (authentication and payments)
  • new charging software to handle communication with other EVs

Maybe, just in order to get some subsidies, it might turn up all to Tesla to handle the hassle and extra expenses, or maybe, it might turn out to be successful as we have seen many stations like that were a single site installed chargers work for various networks.

The German Federal Minister of Transport requested Tesla to make the Supercharging network available for the other EV brands in Germany.

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