TVS iQube S Electric Scooter – Price, Features, Specs & Battery Range

TVS iQube S Electric Scooter – Price, Features, Specs & Battery Range

The all-new TVS iQube S electric is built to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and riding enjoyment. When you combine this with TVS ‘known build quality, you have an e – a scooter that is simply the finest. The TVS iQube electric scooter comes loaded with all-LED headlights, a TFT instrument cluster, and smartphone connectivity. Navigation help, geo-fencing, mileage, charger health,  travel analytics, and Overspeed alert are just a few of the features offered. The normal model has a 5-inch monitor, but the TVS iQube S has a 7-inch display with a 5-way controller on the left handlebar.

Design of TVS iQube S electric

As far as design is concerned, the scooter takes a unique approach, and this aspect is typically dependent upon one’s test. The TVS iQube has a much more attractive design expression and appears modern, though a little curved. More efficiency than style is emphasized by the rounded edges and cuboid-like shape. The TVS iQube S electric, also, has aesthetic elements including an eye-catching LED lighting system, a small windshield fitted into the front bonnet, and other decorations to complement the overall style.

TVS iQube S electric Review

Battery and Charging of TVS iQube S electric

The TVS iQube is able to drive 75km to 100km in the basic and S editions, respectively, thanks to its newer and improved power pack. On a full charge, the elevated S model provides an array of 145 kilometers. In addition, the S model comes with a 1.5kW rapid charging feature.

The TVS iQube S electric model features a 3.4 kWh TVS Motor-designed battery that provides a practical 100 km on-road range per charge. The base version of the TVS iQube has a 3.4 kWh TVS Motor developed a battery that offers a functional 100 km on-road range per charge and a 5″ TFT with turn-by-turn navigation support.

In the regular and S variants, the motor is connected to a 3.04kWh battery power pack with a promised range of 100km in real-world conditions. The ST variant, on either hand, receives a  larger 4.56kWh power pack with a guaranteed real-world distance of 145 kilometers. TVS  provides regular and S models with inbuilt charging stations rated at 650W and 950W,  respectively, capable of charging the battery pack from 0 to 80 % in 4.5 hrs or 2 h 50 mins,  based on the charging. The ST model comes with a 950W or 1.5kW charger that can charge the power pack from 0 to 80 percent in 4 hours, 6 minutes, or 2.5 hours, depending on the charger.

Speed and Performance of TVS iQube S electric

The TVS iQube is the latest model from the manufactory, with revised parts and a new electric engine that, according to TVS, has enhanced power delivery and enhanced the Eco feature. The 4.4kW engine in the iQube keeps on executing well, including a 0-40 race of only 4.2 secs. The basic and S models feature the latest 32.kWh power pack, which replaces the earlier 2.2kWh power pack. These two models have a maximum speed of 78 kilometers per hour. The S model, with its greater 5.1kWh power pack, has a top speed of 82kmph.

TVS iQube S electric speed

A 4.4kW (peak) electric hub motor drives the TVS iQube, producing 140 Nm of peak power at the wheel. 3kW and 33Nm are also the units of power and torque, accordingly. The regular and S varieties, according to TVS, can reach a high speed of 78 kilometers per hour, while the  ST can attain a max speed of 82 kilometers per hour. All variations require 4.2 secs to accelerate from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour. There are two riding modes on the iQube: Eco and Power.

SmartXconnect Function of TVS iQube S electric

The TVS SmartXonnect function helps to control media from your cell phone by pairing it with the display unit. It also shows the condition of the battery, calls, texts, connection state, and navigation, along with other things. Not only that, but it also has related features like Live Gps Tracking, Collision Warning, and Anti-robbery Alert.

Other features of TVS iQube S electric

The TVS iQube S electric has two forms: Power and Economy, as well as a Q-assist (backward) option to help riders. For the MID, the basic model has a 5-inch thin-film transistor display, while the larger S model has 7-inch displays. The TVS iQube S electric will also be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing individuals to engage with their scooters through smart home devices. TVS company’s in-house smart vehicle system is also available for important vehicle operations and conditions. Apart from the conventional speed, speedometer, headlamp, and direction lights, the display offers a wide range of details such as battery capacity, clock, calendar, mileage, and driving styles.

TVS iQube S electric Features

Colours: Your ride should be vibrant and lively as you are! TVS Qube S is offered in four pioneering fresh colours: Lucid Yellow, Copper Bronze, Mercury Grey, Mint Blue.

Service suggestions: Rider’s safety is companies’ priority. There is no compromise on your and your vehicle’s safety. To ensure iQube S maintenance, Smart features like TPMS and service reminders have been developed.

Under-seat storage and built-in USB charger port: iQube S has been manufactured by acknowledging practicality and everyday needs. Along with a secure seat for your +1, 17-litres of storage space with a built-in USB charger port has also been provided.

Innovative Graphics: iQube S comes with a 7-inch TFT display and brand-new graphics which are easy to navigate. To navigate every feature smoothly, a five-way joystick has also been manufactured.

Price and availability of TVS iQube S electric

Mercury Greyish Shiny, Minty Blue, Luminous Yellow, and Metallic Bronze are the shades offered for the iQube S. While the price range is up to 1.08 lacs for this variant.


The TVS iQube S electric scooter has a good performance and features, which makes it one of the best in its category. The scooter has an attractive design, which makes it look stylish. The new electric scooters have a 7-inch TFT touchscreen with a clean UI, infinity theme customization, voice aid with TVS iQube Alexa ability, intuitive music player control, OTA updates, rapid charging with a plug-and-play carry along with charger, and vehicle health.

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