Uber And Arrival Collaborate On Making An Electric Car For Ride-Hailing Industry

Uber And Arrival Collaborate On Making An Electric Car For Ride-Hailing Industry

Arrival and Uber will come together to make an electric vehicle that will be primarily built for ride-hailing. This electric vehicle will be coming by late 2023. The vehicle will not be exclusive to Uber and will be available to the public.

The electric vehicle will be affordable to the public. This affordability would make this EV one of the most appealing cars to ride-hailing drivers worldwide.

What is  Arrival?

Sometimes you may not know who Arrival is or what they do. Arrival is based in the UK. They come from Banbury in Oxfordshire. Arrival is a company that provides zero-emission mobility solutions. Arrival also has the backings of KIA and Hyundai.

Currently, they have 2 vehicles coming to production, The Arrival Bus, and the Arrival Van. Together with these two vehicles, they also provide digital products to customers. The final design of the Arrival Car is expected to be released by the end of this year, 2021.

More About The Car

Interior of The Arrival Car

As mentioned before, this car will be made by both Uber and Arrival. This car will be primarily targeted at ride-hailing drivers. The car is called the Arrival Car and is expected to enter into production by Q3 2023. It will cater to the needs of the professional drivers and the passengers.

  • The Arrival Car will be designed to be affordable and specifically intended for the use of ride-hailing. This car will be designed by Arrival with the partnership of Uber drivers.
  • Invitations will be sent to the Uber drivers to take part in the designing process of the car. This decision from Arrival allows the upcoming car to meet the needs of the drivers,
  • Using Uber’s relations, Arrival and Uber will try to branch into various markets all around the world, including the United Kingdom and the European Union.
  • The Arrival Car will focus on driver comfort, safety, and comfort because a typical ride-hailing vehicle covers almost 45,000 to 50,000 kilometers per annum.
  • The Arrival Car will also provide a premium experience for the passengers who will be riding in the cars.

What Is The Need For A Specific Vehicle For Ride-Hailing?

As the world progresses, we are going to a future, where we are using public transport or ride-hailing services more because normal commute has become expensive and time hogging. Just as an example, in cities, millions of commuters take public transport or ride-hailing services to go to their offices or perhaps even for some shopping.

Uber Arrival Partnership

At the moment in the world, there is an estimation of 30 million drivers or more who work in the ride-hailing industry. As you can imagine, these many numbers of cars will inversely affect the environment through emissions.

At this juncture, having an electric vehicle for ride-hailing is desirable, and if the car is tailored for the needs of a ride-hailing driver, drivers would buy it more. This car in turn improves air quality and makes the world a greener place to live. Moreover, at the moment, in the majority of parts of the world, the power of charging an EV is less than filling up gasoline vehicles, and also applies in terms of maintenance and servicing.

The partnership of Uber is a direct result of the commitment of Uber to becoming a fully electric mobility platform in the UK by 2025 and by 2030 in North America and Europe. This plan of Uber’s is nicknamed Uber’s Clean Air Plan. This Plan was introduced in 2019. More than £135 million has been raised to support drivers to take the leap from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles.

Currently, Uber is encouraging its drivers to apply for EV assistance under their Clean Air Plan. This encouragement might lead to a clean-up of the urban transport system and provide a huge market for future EVs.

Uber Arrival EV Car Ride Hailing

The Overall Plan

The Arrival Car will be a part of Arrival’s Bus and Van. This collection of electric vehicles provides cities with a whole system of zero-emission transportation system. This chain will allow cities, which are developing and developed, reach their standards for sustainability and cleanliness. Of course, this ecosystem will allow the city atmosphere to become cleaner.

As for Uber, the Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, sums it up perfectly,” As our cities open up we have an opportunity to make sure that urban transport is cleaner than ever before. Uber is committed to helping every driver in London upgrade to an EV by 2025, and thanks to our Clean Air Plan more than £135m has been raised to support this ambition. Our focus is now on encouraging drivers to use this money to help them upgrade to an electric vehicle, and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve this goal.”

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