Ultraviolette F77 – Unexpected Specs, Design And Price Range

Ultraviolette F77 – Unexpected Specs, Design And Price Range

An electric motorcycle that promises to bring excitement to a genre that advertises smart and environmentally friendly as its core virtues?

Theory Of Its Time!!!!

The Ultraviolet Team is a little bit crazy about jet fighters, and some of them even worked in that field. F22, F35 are names that are lovingly pronounced and spell the F in F77. The first 7, just like in fighter jets, represent the generation of the craft and indicate that six other motorcycles were developed and archived, but that led to the birth of the motorcycle we see here.

The second 7 bows to the seventy amps of current flowing through its veins. Interestingly, each of the first 100 motorcycles will be collector’s editions with special designs and materials that pay tribute to the iconic aircraft.

Does It Fly And Roars Like An F22?

It’s electric, so passers-by only hear the howling of the electric motor when they fly by. However, when the Xring chain hits, the driver hears a metallic noise. Even after a few minutes of driving, the most expensive belt drives look very attractive and are better suited for a smooth and quiet electric drive.

Face Value!

If you talk about the F77, damn it. In the pictures, it looks a little strange, but in the flesh, there are no such problems. The lines and scoops on the molded panels look great. However, in order to adjust the preload on the shock absorber, the seat and side panels must be removed, but the Ultraviolette team says the problem will be fixed before production. Also, the Apache-sourced switchgear is replaced by a similar bespoke setup which helps open and closes the motorized battery compartment that opens under the “tank”.

The face is dominated by the sleek interior headlight with chunky LED daytime running light elements that create its signature look, and the F77’s KTM RCEsque vibe isn’t an invention of your imagination as the chassis geometry is actually shared with the RC. The sharp rake and trail, as well as the compact wheelbase, give it the pointed section of the tail that uses split LED taillights. So it’s handsome and has a promising genetic time to move forward!

Laser-Sharp Ultraviolette!

One would expect an electric vehicle to feel heavy and a little bulky. The claim that each bike is a kilogram lighter than the KTM, the wide handlebars, and the 49:51 weight distribution that is sloping backward seems to make sense. The F77 moved a bit when it encountered some bumps while leaning back that some drivers consider playful and others jittery, but Ultraviolet intends to tweak things even more.

Design Of Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette F77-4

The ​racer guys will note that a little extra boost is needed when slapping the F77 from side to side. That thrust is necessary at the top of the transition, almost like the bike needs a gentle reminder to fall. The F77’s gazebo frame is designed differently to accommodate the battery and motor, which made it longer, resulting in a shorter swingarm. However, this trend is likely due to a lower center of gravity. If this sounds confusing, think about how high CG adventure bikes handle it and vice versa. Does it make sense now?

That’s a trait, and that strange growl also underscores another very crucial aspect of the F77 -which makes driving feels completely natural., sitting in the pit lane, but the F77 immediately calms you down on the track. The throttle calibration was buttery smooth and the torque provided by the engine was satisfactory for it to go through corners quickly.

Electrifying Performance Of Ultraviolette F77

The 33PS output of the F77 and the curb weight of 158 kg put it on the grass of its distant cousin, the TVS Apache RR310. Ultraviolette claims that it takes 2.9 seconds and 7.5 seconds to get to 60 km / h or 100 km / h, which is fair in RR territory. Long open straights, the DC motor’s inherent weakness becomes apparent as the torque drops significantly as it crosses its sweet spot of 7000 rpm and works its way up to the 9000 rpm mark. They openly wave as they pass. Ultraviolette says they are aware of the power deficit and would consider increasing the power to 30 kW before launch.

Ultraviolette F77 models

Specifications Of Ultraviolette F77

There are three modes on offer: Eco, Sport, and Insane mode. The sensible mode is supposed to make the throttle response sharp and urgent. In the end product, the driver will also be able to change the amount of regenerative braking set by the engine to mimic engine braking. At the moment we just had to rely on the strength and felt that some Byre brakes slowed down when entering a curve.

Ultraviolette F77-front view

However, the ABS was not activated, as calibration and tests were still pending. Interestingly enough, as an electric motorcycle, traction control is a possible addition to the list of features from launch! Then there is connected technology that lets you check your travel details, change travel modes, and even check the charge status from your phone.

Scope And Range Of Ultraviolette F77

The 130-150 km range of the Ultraviolette would certainly have been reduced in the event of an impact on a test track, but we were unable to track consumption as the batteries on the test bikes were frequently changed to ensure top performance. 0 to 100 percent charge in 1.5 or 5 hours with a standard or quick charger. The good thing is that the removable batteries can be charged at home and you can purchase additional batteries to swap out if needed. However, the prices for the batteries have not yet been determined.


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