Velotric Discover 1 – Is This eBike Worth The Price?

Velotric Discover 1 – Is This eBike Worth The Price?

A multifunctional commuter e-bike can be a game-changer. Yes, it’s transportation, but it’s also enjoyable, excellent for fitness, and a terrific way to decompress. The Velotric discover 1’s entrance into the undoubtedly competitive commuter industry. Velotric is a relatively new manufacturer of e-bikes. We will examine what makes the Velotric Discover 1 such a good value and why any buyer might want to consider it in our review. This is why the race for the best value in the sub-$1500 price range of e-bikes is fierce.

Frame of the Velotric Discover 1


The low step 6061 aluminum frame of the Velotric Discover 1 serves as a wonderful unifying element. The sleek, attractive metal frame not only looks excellent but also positions riders in an upright position that is cozy and simple to sustain for extended periods of time.

During the testing on the Velotric Discover 1, There was no flexing from this frame, which also seems strong. Given that the frame has a low step and no top tube for added support, this is fantastic to observe.

Tires of Velotric Discover 1

For something like the Velotric Discover 1, the unbranded gumwall 26″ x 2.4″ tires are the best option. They are wide enough to provide lots of grips and make it simple to maintain balance. The greater air volume also softens the impact of sidewalk cracks and harsher roadways.

During the course of the assessment, they drove the Discover 1 more than 100 kilometers without experiencing any flat tires. According to their experience, flats shouldn’t happen frequently if you keep the tires inflated to the proper PSI. They maintained the front and rear tires at 35 PSI.

Ride Quality, Comfort, and Handling in the Velotric Discover 1


Choosing a bike that fits is the single most crucial factor in feeling comfortable on it. A bicycle that is either too big or too tiny will make riding uncomfortable since it will either cram the rider into a tight space with insufficient leg extension or reach, or it will urge the rider to reach too far. When a bike fits properly, the user feels more secure and balanced while riding it, which improves handling as well.

A new company’s impressive commuter, the Velotric Discover 1, is available in both a regular frame and a step-through version.

Motor, Battery, and drivetrain of the Velotric Discover 1


The characteristic that immediately sticks out when compared to other bikes in this price range is a potential range of up to 60 miles in PAS 1 and up to 45 miles on the throttle. According to Velotric’s website, they don’t believe that users will endure lengthier journeys; rather, the benefit they see is charging simply once a week, which is a point that sells itself to anyone who has ever neglected to charge their phone overnight.

The Class 2 e-bike has a 20 mph top speed and a throttle in case someone gets tired before getting home.

Hills shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the 500W brushless hub motor’s great acceleration and the impressive 65Nm of torque it generates.

It has a stroll mode to assist someone up a hill if they are having trouble. The 7-speed gearbox has gears that are low enough to handle slopes and strong enough to attain and maintain a speed of 20 mph. The Shimano Tourney shifter isn’t the most ergonomic, but it functions adequately, as we’ve observed on similar cycles.

Brakes, Safety, & Warranty of the Velotric Discover 1


Mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors are featured on the Velotric Discover. Hydraulic disc brakes are less necessary for smaller wheels; we prefer hydraulic discs for 27.5-in. or 700C (an even larger size) wheels, but mechanical disc brakes are acceptable for 26-inch. wheels. Having said that, hydraulic discs provide a more comfortable feel and provide superior braking power in addition to more responsive modulation.

Anyone who rides a bike to work is probably going to have to ride at night, thus lights are important for keeping you safe.

Although the Velotric Discover 1 has front and rear lights, the website doesn’t specify how bright they are. The Velotric Discover 1 comes with a one-year guarantee on all parts and labor, just like the majority of direct-to-consumer brands. It’s a very regular warranty for the direct-to-consumer market, but it’s less than what we usually see with bike shop brands.

Price of the Velotric Discover 1

The Velotric discover 1 comes in at $1299


It’s simple to enjoy riding the Velotric Discover 1. The curb appeal of this bike is strong because to the sleek frame design, fantastic colors, frame mounting for fenders, racks, and baskets (including mounts in the head tube for a front rack or basket), and the well-integrated battery.

Every e-bike manufacturer occasionally experiences battery problems. We recognize that as a fact of life. We are cautious when we read consumer reviews in which they claim to have been mistreated. All of the unfavorable customer evaluations are also concerning.

Although the majority of consumers are unlikely to experience a problem, if one does arise, an acceptable solution can be difficult to find. A company’s reputation will improve or deteriorate based on the quality of its customer service.

Although it seems like a fantastic bike at an even better price, we’d feel more comfortable recommending it if the company had a more positive track record of resolving customer difficulties.

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