Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion – Charming Specs, Price, Design

Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion – Charming Specs, Price, Design

Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

Volkswagen wants to bring all-electric versions of the most important models onto the market piece by piece. No power conversion of an existing model, but an explicit electric car. The manufacturer has now confirmed an electric car in the format of the VW Passat will follow in 2021. It is named as ID.Space Vizzion. Like the Passat, the future series version of the ID.Space Vizzion will start as a sedan and estate 5


At 4.96 meters, the station wagon breaks the boundaries of the middle class and towers over the current Passat by a full 19 centimeters. It’s also a bit wider, but almost as high as the popular mid-range model from Wolfsburg. In addition to the station wagon version  shown  at the LA Auto Show in California, there will also be a notchback version of the Space Vizzion. VW is thus meeting Chinese and American tastes. The car will be big, strong, modern and vegan.

Interior Design Of Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

A material called AppleSkin is used in the interior of the electric Passat station wagon study. It is an artificial leather with organic components. Volkswagen uses leftovers from apple juice production and wants to use the material to replace leather and plastic elements. This should reduce the CO2 emissions in the production of new cars. With a wheelbase of almost three meters, an interior is created that would fit into the luxury class.volkswagen_id_space_vizzion_interior


However, it is unlikely that VW will actually build a five-meter station wagon. We can expect a shorter body in the 4.80 meter range in the production version – Passat format. VW shows its most modern side and dispenses with all buttons. Only the bare essentials can be seen on the speedometer. Communication is also carried out through a long  light strip in the dashboard . It reports dangers, prompts you to change lanes or indicates that the on-board electrical system and engine are activated. Light strips pointing outwards can, in turn, make contact with other road users.

Exterior Design Of Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

The dynamic appearance of the VW ID.Space Vizzion underlines the extremely deep, contoured front hood and the black front splitter below the bumper, which is stylistically continued in the strikingly designed side sills and in the rear diffuser. With the optically flat roof line, the electric station wagon appears very sporty. The focus on aerodynamics also characterizes the surfaces of the side section and the design of the new light alloy wheels in 22-inch format.


The wheels, which are designed with five aero flaps in the style of a turbine, are integrated flush into the wheel arches and offer hardly any surface for the airstream to attack. Instead of classic door handles that oppose the wind, the VW ID.Space Vizzion illuminated touch surfaces that dim up as soon as someone approaches with the vehicle key or a mobile key on their smartphone. Volkswagen integrated an elegant aluminum application into the lateral line of the roof as a typical future style element of many ID models.

Engine And Battery Of Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

The concept car has a 205 kW / 279 hp electric motor on the rear axle , which also generates a powerful 550 Nm maximum torque. There is also a lithium-ion battery with a gross energy content of 82 kWh. In addition to the 205 kW rear engine, the VW ID.Space Vizzion can be equipped with an electric motor at the front , which mobilizes 75 kW, 102 hp and 150 Nm.volkswagen_id_space_vizzion_interior

The combination of both engines results in a system output of 250 kW / 340 PS. The rear axle provides propulsion as standard. As soon as necessary for driving dynamics reasons, the system can distribute the power of the all-wheel drive between the front and rear axles in a fraction of a second.

In conjunction with the all-wheel drive, the VW ID.5 Space Vizzion sprints from 0 to 100 km / hr in just 5.4 seconds. The top speed is limited to 175 km / hr. The range of the study, albeit with rear-wheel drive, is up to 590 kilometers according to the new, practical WLTP cycle. The charging time of the battery up to 80 percent is only about 30 minutes on a fast charging station with 150 kW direct current.

Features And Specs Of Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

Volkswagen shows the VW ID.Space Vizzion as a new generation of the fully digitized cockpit, which is being introduced into series production for the first time. The large classic cockpit in front of the driver no longer exists. Instead, there is only a narrow mini display behind the steering wheel with standard information such as speed and the battery charge level. All information relevant to driving is concentrated in an ideally visible AR head-up display.


The system displays pictograms such as turn arrows in the field of vision exactly where the driver actually has to turn and shows many things more clearly than today. The classic gear lever is also omitted in the VW ID.Space Vizzion. Instead, gear changes are made via a new multifunction steering wheel, in which the right lever on the steering wheel becomes a gear knob.

Price Of Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion

VW wants to offer the electric station wagon in Europe and North America. When the VW ID Space Vizzion goes into series production, it will take over much of the study. Details regarding the price range are not revealed

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