Wolf Warrior X – Is This The Smoothest eScooter?

Wolf Warrior X – Is This The Smoothest eScooter?

The Wolf Warrior X was created when Kaabo introduced the sturdiness of a dual-stem front axle to the light-heavyweight category of scooters.

They apparently intended to create a cheaper, more compact Wolf Warrior.

What they came up with is a superior Wolf Warrior—as long as you weigh less than 99 kg.

The Wolf Warrior X and X Pro appear to sacrifice little but weight while offering remarkable range, speed, control, and comfort. For us, they also had a few surprises. When we compared the base-model X’s performance to that of the X Pro, the baseline displayed some startling behaviors (all of them good). You must view the data!

Acceleration of the Wolf Warrior X 

Wolf Warrior X  Design

From 0 to 32 km/h, the Wolf Warrior 11+ and Mantis Pro are the fastest of the bunch. However, the Xs are by no means sluggish. The Mantis Pro is outrun by the trim level X at 48 km/h at all speeds above.

The Wolf Warrior X is the first base model scooter that has a faster top speed and a quicker 0 to 48 km/h range than the Pro model.

The Wolf Warrior X really outperforms the Pro model in terms of speed and top speed. The base’s motor controller, which oddly has a spec at 10% greater amps than the Pro, accounts for most of the discrepancy.

Hill climb of the Wolf Warrior X 

On the 10% test hill, the Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf Warrior X base versions are in the top 10 quickest scooters.

Another surprise in this instance: the base model outperforms the Pro by even more than 0.5 seconds.

Maximum Speed of the Wolf Warrior X 

The Wolf Warrior 11+ has faster-arm-yanking quickness, but the X and X Pro provide all of the maximum speed you’ll ever need.

They both defeated the Mantis Pro with ease. Once more, the base-model Wolf X outperforms its older sibling, the X Pro, and unexpectedly approaches the top speed of the Wolf Warrior 11+.


Usually, reduced weight translates to less range. So you could anticipate that the X-Pro would have a lesser range given that it is 22% less than the Wolf Warrior 11+. But you’d be mistaken.

With 35% more bandwidth than the 11+, it defies convention once more. The maximum range per pound is 0. Directly, more range. The Wolf-X Pro has the fifth-longest range of the 77 scooters we’ve gone home on from the range-test circuit thanks to its large (1680 wh battery produced from LG cells).

Before it ran out of charge, it had traveled 65.8 kilometers in top-performance mode.

The Wolf Warrior X base model, which has a smaller (1260-watt) battery, outperformed the Wolf Warrior 11+ in terms of range.


The Zoom hydraulic brakes are included on each of the four comparative scooters.

Compared to the Wolf Warrior 11+ or the Mantis Pro, stopping the Wolf Warrior Xs required more hand strength, but oddly, this resulted in shorter stopping distances because it was simpler to determine the traction limit.

When stopping from 24 km/h, the Wolf X escooters outperform the comparison escooters and tie for the eighth-best braking distance ever.

Ride quality of Wolf Warrior X 

Ride quaility Wolf Warrior X 

Among the best-handling escooters ever produced is the Wolf Warrior X.

You might not be aware that the dual-stem structure of the Wolf makes for less wobble at fast speeds. Imagine an ice skater who has spread their arms widely. Compared to when they draw their arms in, they spin somewhat more slowly. A dual stem front end will typically have less rotational wobble than a scooter with a single stem because the more weight that is farther from the pivot point, the more force it will need to rotate left and right. There is also no front-to-back wobble thanks to the twin dual-clamp collars.

The handlebars are 99 centimeters from the deck, which is unexpectedly more than 3 cm higher than the Wolf Warrior 11+. This is a very comfortable height. This is excellent news because our preferred handlebars are typically about 102 cm in height.

Most shops provide Wolf Warrior X escooters with road tires as standard equipment. They provide good traction, and the scooter’s quiet motors and noise-free riding are made apparent by their quiet tread pattern.

Due to the split rims, off-road tires are also obtainable and reasonably simple to change.


The X and X Pro are difficult to throw into a trunk or carry upstairs because they weigh almost 32 kg each. That said, you can load up the X and X Pro by yourself without an SUV or Chuck’s excellent roll-it-in technique because they are 9 pounds lighter and more than a foot shorter than the WW11+.

The twin double-clamp folding mechanism on the X is faster and more user-friendly than the large wolf’s cool but complicated design, which makes the 11+ and King longer when folded. It takes nearly twice as long to fold and deploy as the Mantis’ clamp.


Wolf Warrior X Performance

The X is one of the finest ever escooters for night riding and the total package in terms of safety. The twin headlights on both versions are as brilliant as those on the 11+ and Wolf King, but also provide you with beautiful deck lighting with an app that allows you to regulate the light’s pattern, color, and speed. The front and rear turn signals are also extremely bright and function as warning lights. Although the software isn’t very user-friendly, browsing through the hundreds of presets is entertaining. A useful lesson is provided in the program if you wish to learn more.


Not only is the Wolf-Warrior X less expensive and simpler to live with than the Wolf Warrior, but it is also a better Wolf Warrior overall. Additionally, We believe it to be a superior Mantis Pro due to its excellent handling and suspension.

It’s difficult to discuss the Wolf X scooters without waxing lyrical. They are virtually as stable and have a similar top speed to a Wolf Warrior 11+, but have a greater range.

The Wolf X and X Pro should therefore be on your radar if they haven’t already, especially if you weigh under 99 kg.

Which do we prefer, the X or the X Pro? This is a simple one. Get the base model unless you require a range of 64 kilometers.

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