Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter – Design, Features, Performance & Price

Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter – Design, Features, Performance & Price

Yamaha has launched NEO electric scooter with a removable battery design promoting both smarter, short-distance urban mobility and carbon neutrality. Yamaha Electric NEO is an e-scooter with a simple yet stylish body and highlights the smooth and swift performance.

The Yamaha electric scooter was unveiled with a stylish look. Yamaha has designed dual headlights for this. The scooter’s primary benefit is that it has a dual battery setup in addition to the removable battery function. The Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter also uses a lot of standard model parts. In the front, there is also support for an LCD. In the European market, Yamaha has already introduced its new electric scooter Neo and it is predicted that in India Yamaha Neo electric scooters will be launched soon. It contains a replaceable battery that is ideal for charging, besides its appealing style. It is expected that Yamaha will launch their new electric scooter in April 2022.

Body and Design of Yamaha Electric Neo

Yamaha Neo Electric Design

The Yamaha Electric Neo has always been known for its simple, unique yet attractive, and universal styling. The latest electric model has been launched with a smart new shape having an upright style, minimal upfront, and rear overhang to impart this new scooter a distinctive feature of its own. The style of the scooter remains simple, with a casing composed of panels with the simplest design and slightly curved lines.

The front end is characterized by two round LED headlights. The compact body features softly rounded forms that enhance the relaxed feel and reveal the easy-to-ride character of this ultra-quiet, zero-emissions scooter. Surrounded by white rings that give a fresh and contemporary look, the new full LED twin-eye headlights are inspired by the iconic face of the original Yamaha NEOs.

Performance of Yamaha Electric Neo


A distinctive feature of the Yamaha electric NEO scooter is quick, precise, and controllable acceleration. The new NEOs have been designed to get optimum running efficiency in diverse riding conditions and is equipped with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) as well as a Motor Control Unit (MCU) that are designed to extract the full performance from the 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion-battery and the direct-drive electric motor.

Yamaha NEO’s engine is placed in the rear wheel hub and has a maximum power of 2.06kw, which allows a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. The Yamaha NEOs is featured with the latest Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) for maximum efficiency. This compact direct-drive design minimizes the need for gears or belts and ensures strong acceleration, smooth running, and extremely quiet operation.

Battery and Charging of Yamaha Electric Neo

The Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter’s most prominent feature is its changeable battery or twin battery arrangement. A 50.4V lithium-ion battery powers the scooter. The charging of the Yamaha electric Neo takes 6 hours at home fully. Weighing just 8 kg and located below the seat in the center of the chassis is a lithium-ion- battery that provides high power output to the rear wheel.

Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter with Removable Battery

Drivers can increase their range by using two batteries. When one’s charge is depleted, you can switch to the other. When completely charged, a battery may travel up to 36.5 kilometers. Similarly, a driver can acquire a range of 60 kilometers from this scooter if he uses two batteries. Yamaha guarantees almost full battery efficiency over 1,000 cycles/10,000 km.

Weighing 8 kilos, the battery is delivered with its portable charger and fully recharges from 0 to 100% in 8 hours on a domestic outlet and in 4 hours from 20 to 80%. Drivers will have access to a 26-liter under-seat storage compartment. On the other hand, using two batteries will result in less storage under the seat.

Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter Performance

Speed of Yamaha Electric Neo

The new Yamaha Neo electric scooter is driven by a DC motor that produces 2.03 kW of power in standard mode. On the other hand, this scooter can environmentally generate 1.53 kW of power.

Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter Features

The Yamaha Neo’s top speed is 40 kilometers per hour in regular mode. This scooter can reach a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour in eco mode.

Other features in Yamaha Electric Neo

Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter Features

The smart key and LCD instrument cluster are two more notable characteristics of the Yamaha Neo electric scooter. Both can be accessed using a smartphone. Instrument cluster, battery condition, route tracking, calls, message alerts, and so on may all be seen. The scooter has 13-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights with DRL, and 135mm of ground clearance. The Yamaha Neo electric scooter is under 90 kg in weight.

Efficiency and smoothness are improved by eliminating gears and drive belts. It also reduces the Neo’s sound output to just 55 decibels at a distance of 23 feet. Wheel removal for maintenance, including installing new rubber, is made easier by a single-sided swingarm that houses the motor control unit. The electric scooter is also connected via the Yamaha My Ride application which allows you to receive your notifications on the meter, export your driving information or follow the technical information of the scooter.

Yamaha Electric Neo Scooter Wheels

A parking location function is also available. Yamaha electric Neo with a magnificent battery unit delivers sufficient power and torque to allow good acceleration while maintaining optimal control thanks to the control unit integrated into the swinging arm. The accelerator response has been worked to be precise, smooth, without unexpected accelerations or the “ ON/OFF ” effect.

Price of Yamaha Neo Electric Scooter:

The Yamaha Neo e-scooter model will be released in India around November 2022 and is expected to cost one lakh rupees.


Yamaha Neo is an e-scooter with a modern “high-tech” style. The new generation Yamaha electric NEO scooter with the removable battery is the ideal one for riders of all ages and sizes as it features a relaxed and upright riding position. It seems to be proved the smartest choice for riders with its simple twist-and-go performance, agility, and high levels of ease and comfort.

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